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Review: The Sensational G-Girl #1

There is nothing like watching good old B-Movie. I never knew these films existed until my uncle introduced me to them when I was 13. The sheer joy of watching not so well-put together film is something to watch. It can be like watching a car crash or it can turn out to be a well hidden gem. My favorite movies were usually the action genre, the types of films the movie studios Canon excelled at making. Many of these films are lost to time but some live on in the memory its fans.

The genre lives on today. You can find examples in comics. Ed Brubaker’s books emulate that era as well as much of what Jason Aaron is doing at Image. Publishers like Heroic Publishing are focusing on the genre with one example being The Sensational G-Girl. In the first issue we meet a heroine which seems to follow the tropes but instead subverts them.

The first issue delivers numerous tales that looks at familiar stories like a hero waking up from a deep sleep to those where they learn how to use their powers and test their limits. There’s so much ground covered like the moment of coming out to your friends about your new found powers and even depth of the world of G-Girl as a whole.

The comic is an entertaining set of stories that will have fans wanting more of this superhero. The stories by Terrance Griep Jr. and Dennis Mallonee will most definitely have you entertained, as they more than understand their audience. The art by the creative teams sets new bars for excellence. Altogether, a set of stories that will have fans looking forward to more of G-Girl’s adventures.

Story: Terrance Griep Jr. and Dennis Mallonee
Art: Giancarlo Carracuzzo, Mauro Mandalari, Henry Martinez, and Daniele Nicotra
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Heroic Digital Comics Headed to ComiXology

The heroes of Heroic Publishing are headed to the #1 digital comics service. Heroic, the California-based publisher of Flare, Champions, and others has been publishing since 1987 and is best known for their line-up of self-assured, sexy super-heroines. Comixology is the leading distributor of digital comics in the United States, with a significant worldwide presence too. So far, titles including Alter Ego, Champions and Chrissie Claus have been approved for Comixology distribution. More of Heroic’s extensive library will roll out through Comixology in 2014.

The first Heroic comic available, Alter Ego #1 is priced at only 99 cents. Created by legendary writer and editor Roy Thomas, with co-writer Dann Thomas and artist Ron HarrisAlter Ego is the story of teenager Rob Lindsay, who finds a magic mask that transports him to a world where comic book super-heroes of the Golden Age are real. Drawing upon Roy Thomas’ experience a co-founder of comics fandom and as the top writer of characters of the 1940s at Marvel and DC, the landmark series celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2012 with a brand new issue (#5) which paid homage to the crime comics of the 1950s.

Heroic Publishing Announces 2013 Schedule

Heroic Publishing has released their publishing plans for 2013. Below you can find their release schedule for the upcoming year. This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

And if you’d like to know more about any of these upcoming comics, just visit their Previews page at www.heroicmultiverse.com/heroicpub/previews


Their flagship superhero title is penciled in as a bimonthly, which means they have six issues on the drawing boards for 2013. And, as a bonus, they’re looking to add a Champions Annual this summer.

Champions #59 will be available in February

Champions #60 is scheduled for April.

Champions #61 is scheduled for June.

Champions Annual #3 is scheduled for July.

Champions #62 is scheduled for August.

Champions #63 is scheduled for October.

Champions #64 is scheduled for December.


This companion title to CHAMPIONS isn’t just a reprint comic. In addition to classic adventures starring Flare and the League of Champions, they’re mixing in new material with the old. They’re in the process of getting seven issues ready to go in 2013.

Champions Adventures #7 will be available in Feburary.

Champions Adventures #8 is scheduled for April.

Champions Adventures #9 is scheduled for May.

Champions Adventures #10 is scheduled for July.

Champions Adventures #11 is scheduled for August.

Champions Adventures #12 is scheduled for October

Champions Adventures #13 is scheduled for November.


Comics’ shining goddess of light is scheduled to return to their own bimonthly magazine in the summer of 2013. Two of her classic artists, Mark Propst and Gordon Purcell, are already working on new story material. But this is still very tentative. The company just doesn’t want to commit to that bimonthly schedule until they know for certain that they’ll be able to sustain it. In any event, in the latter half of the year, look for these issues, and possibly a new Flare Annual.

Flare #41 is scheduled for July.

Flare Annual #4 is scheduled for August.

Flare #42 is scheduled for September

Flare #43 is scheduled for November.


If all goes well, the first nine-issue Infinites story arc will wrap up in 2013, with story by David Thomas and some fabulous artwork by Francesco Gerbino and John Anderson.

Infinites #6 is scheduled for March.

Infinites #7 is scheduled for June.

Infinites #8 is scheduled for September.

Infinites #9 is scheduled for December.


New issues of the League of Champions resume in spring with a brand-new artist. They’re starting with a quarterly schedule in order to be sure he has time enough to get each issue ready.

League of Champions #15 is scheduled for May.

League of Champions #16 is scheduled for August.

League of Champions #17 is scheduled for November.


The Liberty Girl is on tap to return in 2013, just in time for the 4th of July. And they’re hoping this time around to be able to sustain a regular quarterly schedule.

Liberty Girl #5 is scheduled for June.

Liberty Girl #6 is scheduled for September.

Liberty Girl #7 is scheduled for December.


America’s foremost Hispanic heroine, Daerick Gross’s Murcielaga She-Bat, will be back with four issues in 2013.

Murcielaga She-Bat #14 is scheduled for March.

Murcielaga She-Bat #15 is scheduled for June.

Murcielaga She-Bat #16 is scheduled for September.

Murcielaga She-Bat #17 is scheduled for December.


The G-Girl’s solo title is probably the iffiest book on the schedule. Because people love America’s newest superhero sweetheart, Billi Jayne Jensen, and didn’t want you to have to wait any longer to meet her, they are featuring several sensational G-Girl adventures in the pages of Champions. But the big one on the drawing boards is Sensational G-Girl #1, which they’ll get to you as soon as Mark Beachum has it ready. But don’t plan on seeing it until possibly as late as October.


Also in a holding pattern is the long-awaited “Return of Lady Arcane” story arc. The way things stand now, they’re not going to be able to launch that eight-part adventure until early 2014. But we are going to try to get two issues of WitchGirls Inc into print during 2013.

WitchGirls Inc #11 is scheduled for July.

WitchGirls Inc #12 is scheduled for October.


And yes, come November, in the pages of Adventures of Chrissie Claus #6, the secret origin of Santa’s li’l elfin granddaughter will at last be revealed.


Three new collections of classic adventures from Heroic Publishing are on the schedule, with more to follow later in the year.

Flare: Dark Justice will be available in January, featuring her adventures from FLARE #28-35.

Lady Arcane: The Magic Is Alive is scheduled for March, featuring our mistress of magic’s earliest solo adventures.

Eternity Smith: Book 1 is scheduled for May, featuring the original six-issue Eternity Smith story arc.

New Sensational G-Girl Adventure Now On Sale

The latest issue of Heroic Publishing‘s flagship Champions comic book is now on sale, featuring a brand-new adventure starring America’s newest superheroine sweetheart, the Sensational G-Girl, with a fabulous cover by comic book legend Mark Beachum!

It’s not easy being a pretty girl. Especially when you used to be a guy! That’s why Billi Jayne Jensen is willing to do whatever it takes to get back to being a guy. Even if what the naughty Black Enchantress says about what that’s going to take turns out to be true. Of course, before she does anything like that, she is going to get a second opinion. From Flare. And maybe even a third opinion from the marvelous Muchacho G. It’s a brand-new Sensational G-Girl adventure, by writer/creator Dennis Mallonee, introducing the fabulous artwork of Italy’s Alessandro Scacchia.

Also in this issue, for the first time in color, learn the untold secrets of Sparkplug’s past in “Almost an Origin Story,” by Lou Mougin, Henry Martinez, and Rob Lansley.

Heroic Publishing’s line of superhero comic book titles is available exclusively through the online Heroic Distribution web service, at http://www.heroicmultiverse.com/heroicdist

Your Chance to Appear as a Comic Book Character

Have you ever wanted to appear as a character in a comic book?

This is your chance to do exactly that!

As part of Heroic Publishing‘s fund-raising effort for 2013, they’re offering fans an opportunity to appear in a comic book alongside Flare, Liberty Girl, The Sensational G-Girl, or any other Heroic Publishing character of your choice.

The auction is on eBay, at http://www.ebay.com/itm/370705470127

The auction closes on December 11, 2012.

Win the auction, and you’ll not only get a chance to appear as a character in a comic book story, you’ll also have input into the type of character you want to be, and what the story should be about. Do you want to be a hero? Do you want to be a villain? Do you want to be a potential romantic interest? The details of how we do this will be all up to you.

Chrissie Claus Is Back for the Holidays

Chrissie Claus is back for her fifth annual Christmas adventure!

In Adventures of Chrissie Claus #5, it’s a Champions Christmas special, with a surprise visit from Santa’s li’l elfin granddaughter. And what a surprise it is! Because when it’s time for Icestar and his kid sister Icicle to make the Champions’ annual visit to the San Francisco Children’s Hospital, it’s Icicle herself who channels Chrissie! And the story Chrissie tells once they get there has a few surprises in it for Icestar, too! This classic Christmas treat is presented for the first time in color by Dennis Mallonee and Lou Manna.

Find out more about Chrissie Claus and Heroic Publishing‘s line of superhero comic book titles by visiting the Heroic Publishing website at www.heroicmultiverse.com/heroipub

Champions Adventures Is Bumped To Twice Quarterly

  On the heels of unexpected fan interest in their new Winter Wonderlass character, Heroic Publishing is planning to bump the frequency of their Champions Adventures comic book title up to twice quarterly. The change begins with issue #5, on sale in October. New issues of Champions Adventures are now scheduled to appear in December, January, March, and April.

Champions Adventures has proven to be something of a surprise hit for Heroic Publishing. Although nominally a reprint comic book, featuring classic mid-1990s adventures of Heroic’s flagship superhero team, the League of Champions, there was also room for five pages of new story material in issue #4. That bonus adventure, by writer Dennis Mallonee and artist James Webb, introduced the Winter Wonderlass.

And fan response has been so enthusiastic that more brand-new Winter Wonderlass adventures have been scheduled to appear in the pages of Champions Adventures, at least through issue #13.

The curious thing about the Winter Wonderlass is that even in the world of Flare and the League of Champions, she’s a fictional character. She doesn’t really exist. She’s just a character Icestar made up for a comic book story he pitched to the publishers of the official Champions comic book.

But if the Winter Wonderlass is just a fictional character, how in the world can she be having real-life adventures as New York’s favorite costumed heroine?

The mystery of the Winter Wonderlass will unfold in the pages of future issues Champions Adventures, with the cataclysmic conclusion tentatively scheduled for Champions Adventures #13, in autumn 2013.

Liberty Comics #7 Now on Sale

Liberty Comics #7 is now on sale, featuring stunning cover art by Rob Jones! Just love that retro look to it.

The Golden Age lives again when the Liberty Girl returns in two all-new adventures.

First, it’s a Rob Jones solo stunner when the Liberty Girl takes on the Imperial Japanese heroine know as Zero.

Also in this issue, in “A Tale of Malice,” by Wilson Hill and Franco Urru, it’s Christmas 1932, and the original Giant finds he has hand full trying to control the demon that lives within the soul of the woman he loves.

Finally, when a renegade sorcerer threatens New York City on the eve of World War II, America’s bronze goddess of freedom finds she has “Bigger Problems” to deal with in this new adventure by Peter Aitken, Craig Cermak, and Rob Jones.

Single copy purchases can be made directly from the Heroic Publishing website, at http://www.heroicmultiverse.com/heroicpub/previews/lx07.php.

Comic book retailers can make bulk purchases through the online Heroic Distribution webservice, at http://www.heroicmultiverse.com/heroicdist/preview.php?ic=lx07.

Dick Giordano Artwork in League of Champions #14

The League of Champions returns in September with issue #14, cover-dated October, featuring an all-new, book-length adventure that includes 8 pages of previously unpublished artwork by comic book legend Dick Giordano.

This all-new issue of Heroic Publishing‘s superhero team comic book picks up precisely where issue #13 left off. With Earth under threat of invasion by six powerful Lords of Chaos, twelve different Champions have split into six teams of two in order to face down the menace. And in the tradition of the classic superhero team comics of the 1940s, each chapter of this new League of Championa Adventure is drawn by an artist associated with one of the featured characters.

First, comics’ shining goddess of light, FLARE, teams up with the all-new GIANT to deal with the malevolent MOUNTAIN MASTER. This chapter is draw by Giant’s regular artist, Chris Marrinan, who in various issues of Heroic’s flagship Champions title was also one of the first artists ever to draw Flare.

Next, Heroic’s master of magic, DOCTOR ARCANE, teams up with the TIGRESS to take on the formidable FOREST FIEND. This chapter was drawn by the late, great, Dick Giordano, who before his untimely death was slated to be the Tigress’s regular artist. Sadly, Dick was able to draw only five Tigress adventures. This was Dick’s fourth Tigress tale. The first three appeared in Champions #37, Flare #35, and Champions #40. The fifth and final Giordano Tigress adventure is tentatively scheduled to appear in print sometime in 2013.

And to wrap up this issue, ICESTAR teams up with Flare’s electric little sister SPARKPLUG against the deadly DESERT DESPOT. This chapter is drawn by TERRY PALLOT, who was Sparkplug’s principal artist during her several-issue run as a regular back-up feature in issues of Flare.

The story will continue in League of Champions #15, and conclude is the super-sized Champion Annual #3, currently scheduled for a summer 2013 release.

Fans can order copies of League of Champions #14 direct from the Heroic Publishing website at www.heroicmultiverse.com/heroicpub

Heroic Publishing Unveils New Logo

New logos seems to be the “in” thing to do this year. Heroic Publishing‘s brand-new corporate logo, which has already begun appearing on the Heroic website at www.heroicmultiverse.com, will make its debut on Heroic’s line of superhero comic book titles beginning with issues on sale in October, cover-dated November 2012.

The first comic book to feature the new logo will be Champions #57. This upcoming issue of Heroic’s flagship title features a Paul Abrams cover and a brand-new adventure of the savage Tigress.

The new Heroic Publishing logo is designed to promote brand awareness across the company’s entire line of comic book titles. For the past several years, Heroic had been using a simple block “H,” overlaid with the words “Heroic Publishing.” According to publisher Dennis Mallonee, that design was elegant in its simplicity, but failed to give prominence to the company’s name. The new logo not only emphasizes the word “HEROIC,” the word itself provides a visual cue as to the company’s mission by breaking the boundaries of the elliptical design element that rests directly behind it.

And for more than a quarter of a century, breaking the boundaries of the traditional comic book superhero has always been what Heroic Publishing is about.

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