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Champions Adventures Is Bumped To Twice Quarterly

  On the heels of unexpected fan interest in their new Winter Wonderlass character, Heroic Publishing is planning to bump the frequency of their Champions Adventures comic book title up to twice quarterly. The change begins with issue #5, on sale in October. New issues of Champions Adventures are now scheduled to appear in December, January, March, and April.

Champions Adventures has proven to be something of a surprise hit for Heroic Publishing. Although nominally a reprint comic book, featuring classic mid-1990s adventures of Heroic’s flagship superhero team, the League of Champions, there was also room for five pages of new story material in issue #4. That bonus adventure, by writer Dennis Mallonee and artist James Webb, introduced the Winter Wonderlass.

And fan response has been so enthusiastic that more brand-new Winter Wonderlass adventures have been scheduled to appear in the pages of Champions Adventures, at least through issue #13.

The curious thing about the Winter Wonderlass is that even in the world of Flare and the League of Champions, she’s a fictional character. She doesn’t really exist. She’s just a character Icestar made up for a comic book story he pitched to the publishers of the official Champions comic book.

But if the Winter Wonderlass is just a fictional character, how in the world can she be having real-life adventures as New York’s favorite costumed heroine?

The mystery of the Winter Wonderlass will unfold in the pages of future issues Champions Adventures, with the cataclysmic conclusion tentatively scheduled for Champions Adventures #13, in autumn 2013.