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Review: The Sensational G-Girl #1

There is nothing like watching good old B-Movie. I never knew these films existed until my uncle introduced me to them when I was 13. The sheer joy of watching not so well-put together film is something to watch. It can be like watching a car crash or it can turn out to be a well hidden gem. My favorite movies were usually the action genre, the types of films the movie studios Canon excelled at making. Many of these films are lost to time but some live on in the memory its fans.

The genre lives on today. You can find examples in comics. Ed Brubaker’s books emulate that era as well as much of what Jason Aaron is doing at Image. Publishers like Heroic Publishing are focusing on the genre with one example being The Sensational G-Girl. In the first issue we meet a heroine which seems to follow the tropes but instead subverts them.

The first issue delivers numerous tales that looks at familiar stories like a hero waking up from a deep sleep to those where they learn how to use their powers and test their limits. There’s so much ground covered like the moment of coming out to your friends about your new found powers and even depth of the world of G-Girl as a whole.

The comic is an entertaining set of stories that will have fans wanting more of this superhero. The stories by Terrance Griep Jr. and Dennis Mallonee will most definitely have you entertained, as they more than understand their audience. The art by the creative teams sets new bars for excellence. Altogether, a set of stories that will have fans looking forward to more of G-Girl’s adventures.

Story: Terrance Griep Jr. and Dennis Mallonee
Art: Giancarlo Carracuzzo, Mauro Mandalari, Henry Martinez, and Daniele Nicotra
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy