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The Graphic Policy office is still standing after the 5.8 earthquake yesterday (we’re just outside of DC in Virginia) and I wish I could say the piles of comics, graphic novels and movies thrown about due to it.  That’s not the case, and is really just post convention chaos.  While I attempt to get things in order, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Von Allan Studio – Minimum Wage and the Prices of Comics – A very good article about the comic book market and a look at wages over the years compared to the price of comics.


The Huffington Post – Comic Books go to war- A Very Brief History of the War ComicAlways great to see articles about comic book history.

Education Matters – Schools need comic booksA good article about using comic books in the classroom.  Reading, no matter what it is, is good for children.

Bleeding Cool – Marvel Fires Some Of Their Marketing People – A lot of people reported this and this article seems to be the most likely scenario and even handed.

Con Coverage:

Bleeding Cool – Baltimore Comic Con In My Pants by Joshua Lazarus

The Beat – Baltimore Comic-Con Photo Parade

The Beat – Fun times in Baltimore, 2011 edition

Around the Tubes Reviews:

IGN – Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #1

Primary Ignition – We3: Deluxe Edition