Facebook Movie Watch

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It’s our seventh entry for our Facebook Movie Watch, where we see if movies drive the likes or the likes indicate the buzz a movie has. Below are the new counts and how much they moved.

Most of the films saw slow down in their growth rates compared to last week, except for Green Lantern which continued to build even after a mixed reception in reviews.

Thor – Opened in the United States May 6, already released globally.

Total gain for the week – 36,000

Total gain overall – 628,405

Priest – May 13

Total gain for the week – 9,898

Total gain overall – -24,220

X-Men: First Class – June 3

Total gain for the week – 72,175

Total gain overall385,022

Green Lantern – June 17

Total gain for the week – 66,884

Total gain overall309,696

Captain America: The First Avenger – July 22

Total gain for the week – 10,339

Total gain overall144,796

Cowboys & Aliens – July 29

Total gain for the week – 4,836

Total gain overall24,351