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It’s a new week and there was definitely some interesting news when it came to comics yesterday.  While you were reading your work email that built up over the weekend, here’s the news you might have missed.  And remember, it’s Tuesaday so head over to Twitter and discuss #comicmarket with others who love comic books.

Around the Blogs:

Publishers Weekly – Digital Graphic Novel on CIA’s 1953 Iran CoupThis is definitely on the “to read” list.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund – How to Keep Customs From Seizing Your ComicsI’m also going with, don’t take comic books across the border.

The Beat – Comic-Con finally gets its SlamDance: TR!CKSTERCrossing my fingers I get accepted as “press.”

Bleeding Cool – Bryan Hitch Teases Creator Owned Comic For 2012It’ll be ever more interesting to see how creator owned plays out with the major publishers.

Kotaku – Batman Goes Multiplayer First-Person Shooter with Gotham City ImpostorsAnother comic book related video game to look forward to.

Kotaku – Before Playing Gotham City Impostors Read Batman: ImpostorsDC’s knocking it out of the park when it comes to comic books that tie into video game releases.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

The Comics Journal – Stigmata

Kuriousity –Twilight the Graphic Novel (Vol. 01)

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