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Twilight Pops! in September

The sparkly vampiric phenomenon has made its way to Pop!

Edward, Bella, Jacob, and Jane continue their epic saga with a variety of figures: Edward, the lovestruck vampire, is available in his fetching gray pea coat, in his vampiric form (only at Barnes & Noble), in his wedding tuxedo, and glittery (only at Hot Topic).

Bella is available in her vampire form or lovely wedding dress. Jane comes in two versions of her Volturi garb: with her hood (only at New York City Comicon), and without her hood. The werewolf Jacob Black sports his classic shirt-free torso.

Collect the folks from Forks this fall! Twilight Pop!s are out in September from Funko.

NECA/WizKids Announce New Puzzle Strategy Game, Connect With Pieces

NECA/WizKids is taking puzzle gaming to a new level, announcing Connect With Pieces, an upcoming puzzle building platform and game combining strategy and challenge designed by Joel Weinshanker, president and COO at NECA and board game designer Mike Elliott.

Unlike traditional puzzle games, in Connect With Pieces there is more than one way to play for a varied experience. While the ultimate goal is to match all puzzle pieces in a way that garners the most points, Connect With Pieces requires strategy as each piece has five possible combinations, with most fitting in more than one location on the board.

For an added challenge, each piece is embossed with one of five special symbols, that when placed in a particular pattern will earn players bonus points or allow them to block opponents.

Connect With Pieces, available now nationwide MSRP $12.99 USD, is designed for all ages and incorporates themes from several popular franchises, including a Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Twilight edition available at launch.

Coinciding with the announcement, NECA/WizKids has also revealed an upcoming Connect With Pieces application for iPad, coming soon.

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It’s the last day of the year!!!  Here’s the news from the last 24 hours you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

The Beacon-News – Library a convenient spot for meeting comic strip creatorsI guess I need to hang out at more libraries.

Comics Alliance – ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Movie Toys Reveal Surprisingly Off-Road Racing-Based Plot Points!Um…


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CBR – Blackhawks #4

CBR – Captain America & Bucky #625

Graphic Novel Resources – The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation

Reading Comes From Writing – Twilight Graphic Novel Vol. 2

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The week is chugging along and previews for this week’s releases are starting to role in.  And while you wait for all of that, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

The ComiChron – Records abound in October sales; reboot titles held sales levels – Talk to me four months from now, we’re still in a bubble.

The Mary Sue – Susie Cagle Gives Personal Account of Occupy Oakland Arrest And It’s Not PrettySuch shit on so many levels.

The Beat – iVerse gets $4 million in private equity funding for Comics+ – Um, congrats?

Con Coverage:

MTV Geek – Ejen Chuang’s Awesome Cosplay Photos From Comikaze 2011

Around the Tubes Reviews:

CBR – Animal Man #3

Toonzone – Hellboy: House Of The Living Dead

CBR – O.M.A.C. #3

ICv2 – Psyren Vol. 1

Novel Society – Twilight Graphic Novel Volume 2

Upgrade To Real Vampires with IDW at Comic-con

Official Press Release

Exclusive “Sparkles for Blood” promotion offers fans free copies of 30 Days of Night graphic novels

[Sparkles for Blood Image]San Diego, CA (July 14, 2011)—IDW Publishing is daring fans to switch to a vampire franchise with some teeth! This year at San Diego Comic-Con, in an unprecedented promotion, fans can turn in any copy of a Twilight book or graphic novel at the IDW booth #2643 for a free copy of a 30 DAYS OF NIGHT graphic novel! IDW is vowing to help vampire fans get back on track with the undead the way they were always meant to be: bloody and terrifying.

“Real horror fans have watched vampires systematically turned into wimpy fodder for years now. It’s time to fight back” said Niles. “I’m happy to be working with IDW on the Sparkles for Blood event. Hopefully, working together we can put an end to this nightmare.”

IDW’s exclusive “Sparkles for Blood” outreach program is designed to help all fans of the undead get what they really want – bloody, vampire horror. Sprung from the twisted minds of Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith in 2002, 30 Days of Night graphic novels and major motion pictures offer vampires as the feral, animalistic creatures that stalked humans under cover of night that they really are.

“Recently, vampires in pop culture have started to swing back to the romanticized vamps of other literature and films before 30 Days of Night,” said IDW chief creative officer, Chris Ryall. “In some cases, they’re even being treated more as chaste immortal teenagers than as the murderous creatures that they are. ‘Sparkles for Blood’ will remind everyone that vampires are creatures of the night, not of the twilight.”

As part of the book-swap being offered to fans at Comic-Con, everyone who receives a 30 Days of Night graphic novel in trade for their sparkly novel will also receive information about the coming 30 Days of Night ongoing series. Written by 30 Days co-creator Steve Niles, with art by acclaimed artist Sam Kieth, this first-ever ongoing 30 Days of Night series kicks off very appropriately in October.

“We may need a forklift at the end of the show, for all the Twilight books,” says Dirk Wood, IDW’s director of retail marketing. “But it will be worth it. It’s time to start scaring people again.”

Every lapsed 30 Days of Night fan and sparkly vampire purveyor is invited to the IDW Publishing booth #2643 at Comic-Con to get back on the straight and bloody path. Steve Niles will be in attendance and signing at the IDW booth every day.

Suggested Wood, “Come swap out your Twilight books and get a needed blood transfusion in your reading habit.”

Visit IDWPublishing.com to learn more about the company and its top-selling books.

About IDW Publishing
IDW is an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. Renowned for its diverse catalog of licensed and independent titles, IDW publishes some of the most successful and popular titles in the industry, including: Hasbro’s The TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE, Paramount’s Star Trek; HBO’s True Blood; the BBC’s Doctor Who; Toho’s Godzilla and comics and trade collections based on novels by worldwide bestselling author, James Patterson. IDW is also home to the Library of American Comics imprint, which publishes classic comic reprints; Yoe! Books, a partnership with Yoe! Studio; and is the print publisher for EA Comics.

IDW’s original horror series, 30 Days of Night, was launched as a major motion picture in October 2007 by Sony Pictures and was the #1 film in its first week of release. More information about the company can be found at IDWPublishing.com.

Around the Tubes

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The weekend is so near and that just means last minute planning for those of us heading to San Diego Comic-Con 2011.  Have to say I’m very excited and hopefully we do you all proud as far as news.  Well, while you contemplate what you hope to see and hear, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Business Wirew – G4TV.com Teams with Graphicly to Give Fans Free Digital ComicsBe interesting to see how this goes.

Con Coverage:

Bleeding Cool – San Diego Debut: Octobriana

Bleeding Cool – San Diego Debut: Neil Gaiman In Hero Comics 2011

Kotaku – The Big Games and the Can’t Miss Events of Comic-Con 2011

CBR – Hero Initiative Announces Auctions for Comic-Con International in San Diego

Bleeding Cool – Trade In Your Copies Of Twilight For 30 Days Of Night At San Diego Comic Con

Bleeding Cool – San Diego Debut: Epoch #1 by Kevin McCarthy & Paolo Pantalena

Bleeding Cool – Marvel To Announce The Defenders At San Diego Comic Con

Bleeding Cool – San Diego Debut: Ties: A Chronicle Of Letters by Emily McGuiness

Culture Mob – Comic Con 2011 – 6 Days And Counting

MTV Geek – SDCC 2011: Animation Round-Up

Comics Alliance – The San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Worth Standing In Line For

Bleeding Cool – San Diego Debut: Echoes HC by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Rahsan Ekedal

The Mary Sue – Steven Spielberg to Descend on Comic Con to Promote Tintin

MTV Geek – Manga at San Diego Comic-Con

MTV Geek – See ‘Gantz’ and ‘Gantz II: Perfect Answer’ At SDCC

MTV Geek – Places You Don’t Want To Be At SDCC

Bleeding Cool – San Diego Debut: Stripperella #1 Actually Written By Stan Lee

Around the Tubes Reviews:

IGN – The Amazing Spider-Man #665

IGN – American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #2

IGN – Batgirl #23

IGN – Batman: The Dark Knight #3

IGN – Detective Comics #879

Mouth London – The Dylan Dog Case Files

IGN – Fear Itself: Spider-Man #3

IGN – FF #6

IGN – Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #2

IGN – Flashpoint: Deathstroke – The Curse of the Ravager #2

IGN – Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #2

IGN – Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #2

IGN – Ghost Rider #1

IGN – Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #3

CBR – Green Lantern #67

IGN – Green Lantern #67

IGN – Green Lantern Corps #61

IGN – The Incredible Hulks #632

IGN – Journey Into Mystery #625

IGN – Loose Ends #1

IGN – Mystery Men #3

IGN – The New Avengers #14

IGN – The Red Wing #1

IGN – Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Lost Suns #2

IGN – Superman #713

IGN – Ultimate Comics: Avengers vs. New Ultimates #6

IGN – Ultimate Comics: Fallout #1

CBR – Ultimate Comics: Fallout #1

ICv2 – Uncouth Sleuth

IGN – Wolverine #12

IGN – Comic Book Reviews for 7/13/11

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It’s a long weekend, and I hope everyone takes advantage and enjoys the BBQs, beer, nice weather and fireworks.  Now, here’s some articles for you to read to spend some of your extra time this weekend.

Around the Blogs:

CBLDF – CBLDF Applauds Ruling Invalidating Alaska Censorship Law!Been an awesome week for free speech. #winning

Comic Book Critic – Comics in the mid-1980′s and nowOne person’s reflection on their past comic book buying habits.

Illume – Comic Books Draw Up Muslim Super HeroesA pretty decent article with some of the recent history of Muslims and their depictions in comic books.

Con Coverage:

Bleeding Cool – Francis Ford Coppola Returning To Comic-Con After Almost Twenty Years

IGN – ThunderCats SDCC Exclusive Figure Reveal

Bleeding Cool – This Year, Twilight Will Not Ruin San Diego Comic Con

Kotaku – Toys R Us Brings Halo, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Toys To Comic-Con

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It’s a new week and yesterday’s news was short and pretty quiet. But, it’s Tuesday which means #comicmarket on Twitter. Hop onto the site and join in on the discussion.

Around the Blogs:

Examiner – ‘Twilight’ news wrap: ‘Graphic Novel: Volume 2’ release date announced – So happy this was announced, cause the first one was such high quality.

Con Coverage:

MTV Geek – Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con: A Look Back In Photos!

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Graphic Novel News – Ex Machina

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It’s a new week and there was definitely some interesting news when it came to comics yesterday.  While you were reading your work email that built up over the weekend, here’s the news you might have missed.  And remember, it’s Tuesaday so head over to Twitter and discuss #comicmarket with others who love comic books.

Around the Blogs:

Publishers Weekly – Digital Graphic Novel on CIA’s 1953 Iran CoupThis is definitely on the “to read” list.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund – How to Keep Customs From Seizing Your ComicsI’m also going with, don’t take comic books across the border.

The Beat – Comic-Con finally gets its SlamDance: TR!CKSTERCrossing my fingers I get accepted as “press.”

Bleeding Cool – Bryan Hitch Teases Creator Owned Comic For 2012It’ll be ever more interesting to see how creator owned plays out with the major publishers.

Kotaku – Batman Goes Multiplayer First-Person Shooter with Gotham City ImpostorsAnother comic book related video game to look forward to.

Kotaku – Before Playing Gotham City Impostors Read Batman: ImpostorsDC’s knocking it out of the park when it comes to comic books that tie into video game releases.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

The Comics Journal – Stigmata

Kuriousity –Twilight the Graphic Novel (Vol. 01)

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