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It’s new comic book day, what are you getting?  I had my picks yesterday, so hopefully I’m right on a few of them.  If you missed it, yesterday was #comicmarket and as always the discussion was lively.  We’ll have some fun stuff later on about that….  But, in the mean time, here’s the news you might miss.

Around the Blogs:

The Rock Station 99x – Man Dies, Leaves $1 Million Worth of Comic Books Behind – A great find and makes me wonder what my collection might be worth some day.

Comic Book Resources – “Buck Rogers” Flies Again at Hermes Press – There’s a lot of people who look at this series with nostalgia.

MTV Week – Interview: Mark Sable And Paul Azaceta Bring Us Taliban Zombies in ‘Graveyard of Empires’ – I can’t wait for this series.

Bleeding Cool – The First Walking Dead Novel To Feature The Governor – Am I going to have to read books now?!

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund – Chief Justice Roberts and the First Amendment – A good look at Justice Roberts and why he’s good on the First Amendment.

The Mary Sue – Real-Life Superheroes Vow to Protect Women From the Long Island Serial Killer – Nice to see people coming together for this.

Graphic Journos – Introducing Matt Bors – The new website adds a new contributor.

Mashable – New Nook Color Is Perfect for Comic Books — & Graphicly Delivers Them [PICS] – There’s a new toy to read your digital comics on.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Blogomatic 3000 – The Boys, Vols. 7 & 8

Seattle PI – Buffy Season Eight Volume Five: Predators And Prey