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Phoenix Jones Vs. Drunk Racist… Fight!

Phoenix Jones is probably one of the most well known real life super heroes out there, operating in Seattle, Washington. Jones recently took on some drunken racists which was caught on the video above. Jones had called 911 in hopes of defusing the situation. But, the aggressive individual he faced followed him home wanting to fight. Jones acknowledged there was a chance of serious injury to his opponent, as Jones is trained in martial arts. “He is certain a jury would have exonerated him since the men agreed to fight.”

Police had hoped the folks would have gone their separate ways, and had to defend their handling of the situation. SPD Sgt. Sean Whitcomb explained why officers didn’t step in.

I can guarantee you that if our officers would have gone in there to get that party moved along, and if they would have refused, there probably would have been some sort of forced response there. Then the conversation would be second guessing officers for being too heavy handed with people that have been drinking.

I’m not going to second guess the officers who were out at the scene and who had a much broader perspective of everything else that wasn’t captured by that phone camera.

City ordinances prohibit any “unwanted physical contact as assault, and fighting in public is unlawful if it creates substantial risk of injury to a bystander or damage to someone else’s property. In this case, they were on the sidewalk with little threat of harm to anyone else.” So feel free to fight in Seattle as long as you don’t injure bystanders or the surrounding property.

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Wanted: Sidekick

Craigslist, thank you for hours of entertainment…. Posted with no commentary or edits.

I am preparing to make my debut as Raleigh’s first masked Crime-Fighter/Caped-Crusader/Masked Avenger/Protector of Truth and the Innocent, and am in need of a sidekick. Perhaps you have seen my post in the N&O regarding this position opening. I need someone who is available nights and weekends, and who can supply their own costume. I have a car that will be the crime fighting mobile, as yet to be named (that name depends upon the name I chose for my crime-fighting alter ego). It would be cool if you could help out with gas money sometimes, though, if I happen to be short here and there. Discretion is a must as no one must learn of our TRUE IDENTITIES! If they are compromised, so will be our crime-fighting efficacy. This is more of an unpaid internship type situation, so if you’re looking to get rich, this might not be for you. Although I would not be surprised if we are presented the KEY TO THE CITY soon after our criminal-foiling commences. If you’re looking to fight evil in all its forms and be a beacon of truth and justice, then you have come to the right place. Please send a resume to this post in response. All serious applicants considered. Finalists will be granted a masked “face-to-face” interview in my secret lair, after which, if you are hired, you will learn my TRUE IDENTITY. This is not a sexual thing, although I think we should wear fairly tight-fitting costumes, as we will be scaling fire escapes and leaping from rooftop to rooftop, and will have enough to deal with having capes, much less baggy shorts or something of the like. I should mention that my costume so far consists of a kelly green cape, so that color is taken. You should be encouraged, however, to know that you will be free to pick your own color scheme and costume. I only ask that it semi-compliment mine. I will not discriminate on basis of gender, religion, race, or anything like that- but if someone is pretty buff it is a no-brainer that they will move to the front of the line. I will consider a skinny or out-of-shape person with the right attitude, however, as wonders can be done with a little neoprene padding under lycra! I look forward to perusing your resumes, and all reasonable applicant replies will get a response from me, Raleigh’s Avenger of Justice and Freedom as yet to be named!

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For our readers in the US, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  For those living abroad, HAPPY THURSDAY!  That is all….

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Real Life Superheroes To Set Up Homeless Outreach Project At San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – H.O.P.E. 2011

Official Press Release





SAN DIEGO, CA    With San Diego Comic-Con as the backdrop, 32 men and women who are commonly referred to as Real Life Super Heroes (RLSH) will take to the streets and help the homeless through H.O.P.E. (HOMELESS OUTREACH PROGRAM EFFECT) 2011 – an event organized to provide assistance to those in need.

At 11 A.M. on Saturday July 23rd, these 32 “heroes” will gather at 16th Street at the Garfield High School parking lot to begin the distribution of over 200 backpacks full of life essentials to people living on the streets.  These PACKS OF HOPE will contain donated items including:

1 Bottle Sunscreen

1 Roll Toilet Paper

1 Flashlight (crank recharge)

1 Emergency Rain Poncho

1 Pair Sunglasses

1 Baseball Hat

1 Toothbrush

1 TubeToothpaste

5 Razors

1 Can Shaving Cream

3 Pair Socks

1 T-shirt

1 Sleeping Bag

1 Comb

1 Mini First Aid Kit

1 Stick Deodorant

1 Metal Drink Bottle

In addition, a mobile “food shelf “ will be on site to help people in the area who may need food, but have little or no money to pay for it.

“This will hopefully be the first in a series of events to be carried out every summer in San Diego,” said RazorHawk – the organizer and one of the RLSH from Minnesota who comes to San Diego Comic-Con annually.  “Our goal is to have a number of similar outreach events happening throughout the country with the other RLSH Chapters at the same time we are doing this in San Diego and thus, creating a national event.”

The history of the H.O.P.E. event began during San Diego Comic-Con 2010 when a team of seven RLSH was brought together by a San Diego local hero – Mr. Xtreme to distribute food and water to homeless people in this neighborhood.  This small group of seven has now grown almost five-fold and will continue this mission of serving the needy once again during this year’s Comic-Con.

The inaugural H.O.P.E. 2010 event is featured in the award winning HBO documentary SUPERHEROES – A FILM BY MICHAEL BARNETT which will also be screening at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival on July 23 and will have its world broadcast premiere on HBO on August 8, 2011.

“We hope that by doing this event we will bring the issue of homelessness to the attention of as many people as possible,” adds RazorHawk.  “And hopefully through our efforts, we will be helping some of these good people in bad situations to exist a little more comfortably. I am a firm believer in Deeds Not Words!”

Deadpool is Protecting Wenatchee, Washington

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Real life super heroes is nothing new but one do gooder is dressing up as Deadpool and patrolling Wenatchee, Washington.  But, like his comic book version, the real world Deadpool seems to have some issues doing good.  A newspaper followed up with the super hero after seeing a flyer of his.  From The Wenatchee World:

“I tried to help a woman out of the rain the other day and she didn’t really want to take my umbrella,” he said. “I think she was kind of intimidated.” But this Deadpool is not going too far out of his way. “Should I witness a crime in progress or one that just occurred, I will do my civil duty by calling the police and placing the criminal under citizen’s arrest until the police have arrived. I only mean to help the community, not to stir up more trouble than I seek to relieve. The police have enough trouble without a superhero taking the law into his own hands.”

Unlike some other police departments, the Wenatchee police are fine with his doings, as long as he follows the law himself.

Real Life Superhero Zimmer Must Defend His Mother

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Zimmer Barnes, who as a hero goes by Zimmer, had to take time off from patrolling Brooklyn, New York to defend his mother who stands accused of a gun crime in Texas.  Attorney Carolyn Barnes is accused of shooting at census worker Kathleen Gittel at her doorstep.  Barnes had previously been arrested for assaulting a court officer after she tried to pass a multi-tool knife blade through X-ray machine at the Heman Sweatt Courthouse a few months earlier, as well as charges of bail jumping.

Zimmer doesn’t believe accuser Gittel, as she has “changed her story twice,” and when police searched hismother’s home, ammunition, bullet holes, casings, gun powder residue and a gun couldn’t be found.

Zimmer continues to defend his mother:

Kathleen Gittel alleges that she walked over a mile to get to Carolyn Barnes’ very rural residence, even going over a low water crossing and ignoring “No Trespassing” signs. However, she originally stated that the incident had occurred at 33 Indian Trail, an address in another town over, and her description of Barnes’ residence does not match its actual appearance.

Zimmer also has issues with the jail conditions:

While the conditions that lead up to Carolyn Barnes being detained in jail are troubling, the conditions inside the jail are even worse. Carolyn Barnes is in solitary confinement, shackled at the ankles and wrists. She is under 24 hour surveillance, including when she uses a toilet or shower. She is forbidden from making phone calls or having any visitors

Zimmer has also stated he’s not leaving until his mother is free.


(h/t Bleeding Cool)
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