Deadpool is Protecting Wenatchee, Washington

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Real life super heroes is nothing new but one do gooder is dressing up as Deadpool and patrolling Wenatchee, Washington.  But, like his comic book version, the real world Deadpool seems to have some issues doing good.  A newspaper followed up with the super hero after seeing a flyer of his.  From The Wenatchee World:

“I tried to help a woman out of the rain the other day and she didn’t really want to take my umbrella,” he said. “I think she was kind of intimidated.” But this Deadpool is not going too far out of his way. “Should I witness a crime in progress or one that just occurred, I will do my civil duty by calling the police and placing the criminal under citizen’s arrest until the police have arrived. I only mean to help the community, not to stir up more trouble than I seek to relieve. The police have enough trouble without a superhero taking the law into his own hands.”

Unlike some other police departments, the Wenatchee police are fine with his doings, as long as he follows the law himself.

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