Phoenix Jones Vs. Drunk Racist… Fight!

Phoenix Jones is probably one of the most well known real life super heroes out there, operating in Seattle, Washington. Jones recently took on some drunken racists which was caught on the video above. Jones had called 911 in hopes of defusing the situation. But, the aggressive individual he faced followed him home wanting to fight. Jones acknowledged there was a chance of serious injury to his opponent, as Jones is trained in martial arts. “He is certain a jury would have exonerated him since the men agreed to fight.”

Police had hoped the folks would have gone their separate ways, and had to defend their handling of the situation. SPD Sgt. Sean Whitcomb explained why officers didn’t step in.

I can guarantee you that if our officers would have gone in there to get that party moved along, and if they would have refused, there probably would have been some sort of forced response there. Then the conversation would be second guessing officers for being too heavy handed with people that have been drinking.

I’m not going to second guess the officers who were out at the scene and who had a much broader perspective of everything else that wasn’t captured by that phone camera.

City ordinances prohibit any “unwanted physical contact as assault, and fighting in public is unlawful if it creates substantial risk of injury to a bystander or damage to someone else’s property. In this case, they were on the sidewalk with little threat of harm to anyone else.” So feel free to fight in Seattle as long as you don’t injure bystanders or the surrounding property.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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