Review – Wildcats Version 3.0 Year Two

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Wildcats Version 3.0 Year TwoI never really got the original Wildcats series, I remember it being kinetic and all over the place, but the art and characters were pretty cool.  With that being said, I was skeptical when I received Wildcats Version 3.0 Year One in the mail a few months ago.  I was blown away.  Here was a brilliant mix of the traditional action comic book, but also a mix of political and corporate intrigue.

The second trade paperback of the series, Wildcats version 3.0 Year Two, picks up where the first left off.  However, it dives a lot more into the Wildcats lore with a pretty hefty side story featuring the Coda.  It’s an ok side story, but the main focus is the political and corporate storyline.  Jack Marlowe continues to build the Halo corporation.  They have now moved into the automotive and entertainment sectors.

What’s fascinating is the political aspect of the book.  What would happen if someone presented the ultimate solution to energy that occurs in this book?  Corporate and oil interests would of course flex their political muscle.  Washington would do everything they could to shut it down.  As rightfully pointed out in this comic series, an unlimited source of energy that’s able to power everything would fundamentally change the world and nations would rise and fall.

But, there’s a subtler theme about corporate altruism.  Can any corporation really be out for the greater good?  Is it possible with so many people they need to support?  Or the investors or stock holders that need to be kept happy?  It’s an interesting question and one I’m hoping the next volume looks at even more.

These first two volumes have it all, they’re both an absolute buy.

Plot:  While a war with Coda rages, Halo and Jack Marlowe must battle corporate interests, big oil and the United States government.  There’s so much going on here but Joe Casey handles it all  masterfully.  There’s a great mix of sci-fi, action and what’s most important, there’s reaching back into the deep history on Wildcats but presented in a way that new readers aren’t left in the dark.  I’m in love with this series and can’t wait to read more.  Rating: 9

Art:  There’s a whole lot of artists to give credit to.  Dustin Nguyen, Richard Friend, Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Sean Phillips, Pascal Ferry, Sandra Hope, Duncan Rouleau and John Dell all contribute.  With such a long list of artists you’d think there’d be some art issues but that’s far from it.  Like the first volume the art is solid and fits the book perfectly.  Rating: 8.75

Overall:  This second volume kicks up the action and intrigue from the first volume.  It remains so original and mixes everything I love, action, politics, great art and more.  The characters are unique much like the story.  I can’t wait to read the third volume.  Overall rating: 9

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 288 pages    Price: $24.99    Release Date: 3/8/2011

DC Comics and Wildstorm provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.