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Warren Ellis says “Wildcats isn’t coming out”


In May, DC Comics announced a new Wildcats series written by Warren Ellis and featuring art by Ramon Villalobos, and color by Tamra Bonvillain. Now, that project “isn’t coming out” according to Ellis.

The series solicitations were recently canceled leading speculation of a delay but Ellis in his most recent newsletter writes something a bit more dire with blame seeming to focus on Villalobos’ schedule and missed deadlines.

From the newsletter:

Oh. yeah.  WILDCATS isn’t coming out.  There is hope that it will be resolicited at a later date, but, for right now, it’s cancelled.  As you know, I was two scripts into it, with chunks of other parts done and a full and lengthy treatment for six issues, so it’s kind of frustrating for me too. (RIP my bills.)  But, here’s DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee:

So there’s hope for the future of the title.  Maybe someone will want to draw my tired old man shit, who knows.

Villalobos Tweeted:

So, there’s hope we’ll eventually see the series with the original creative team attached. Better than a few issues out and long delays between issues.

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The Batman Who Laughs #7

We’re spending the day at Gen Con and you can catch all of that news over at our sister site BoardGameToday but we’re still rocking it here. So, while you wait for things to get rolling, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

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ComicBook – Aquaman Confirmed as Queer in Young Justice: Outsiders – This is awesome!


CBR – The Batman Who Laughs #7
Powers of X #1

Warren Ellis, Ramon Villalobos, and Tamra Bonvillain Team for Wildcats

Wildcats are back this August! Warren Ellis, artist Ramon Villalobos, and colorist Tamra Bonvillain team up for a new action-packed era. Ellis continues his reintroduction of the Wildstorm Universe and is taking the covert team on an all-new adventure in a six-issue miniseries. The first issue is out August 28.

“Saving the human race from the human race.”

-Warren Ellis

That’s the concept Ellis is working with as he puts together a team made up of people who have seen the worst in everybody and everything and yet still put themselves in jeopardy to do the right thing.

From the pages of The Wild Storm, the piratical covert team are here to stop humanity from destroying itself. The black-ops team features Grifter, Savant, John Colt, and Adrianna Tereshkova. They have discovered that the secret space program Skywatch has been performing medical experiments on abducted innocents for decades. Now, one of those experiments is about to explode—revealing a new threat and level of danger that no one could have prepared for. The covert team may have thought the world was strange before, but they had no idea. The stakes might just be too high!

Wildcats from Ellis and Villalobos builds on Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt’s 24-issue series The Wild Storm. That series debuted in 2016. The miniseries will channel the same breakneck energy and imagination, creating a thrilling new story for fans of WildStorm.

Wildcats #1 Main Cover by Jim Cheung and Tomeu Morey
Main Cover by Jim Cheung and Tomeu Morey
Wildcats #1 Variant Cover by Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn
Variant Cover by Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn

Review – Wildcats Version 3.0 Year Two

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Wildcats Version 3.0 Year TwoI never really got the original Wildcats series, I remember it being kinetic and all over the place, but the art and characters were pretty cool.  With that being said, I was skeptical when I received Wildcats Version 3.0 Year One in the mail a few months ago.  I was blown away.  Here was a brilliant mix of the traditional action comic book, but also a mix of political and corporate intrigue.

The second trade paperback of the series, Wildcats version 3.0 Year Two, picks up where the first left off.  However, it dives a lot more into the Wildcats lore with a pretty hefty side story featuring the Coda.  It’s an ok side story, but the main focus is the political and corporate storyline.  Jack Marlowe continues to build the Halo corporation.  They have now moved into the automotive and entertainment sectors.

What’s fascinating is the political aspect of the book.  What would happen if someone presented the ultimate solution to energy that occurs in this book?  Corporate and oil interests would of course flex their political muscle.  Washington would do everything they could to shut it down.  As rightfully pointed out in this comic series, an unlimited source of energy that’s able to power everything would fundamentally change the world and nations would rise and fall.

But, there’s a subtler theme about corporate altruism.  Can any corporation really be out for the greater good?  Is it possible with so many people they need to support?  Or the investors or stock holders that need to be kept happy?  It’s an interesting question and one I’m hoping the next volume looks at even more.

These first two volumes have it all, they’re both an absolute buy.

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Review – Wildcats Version 3.0 Year One

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Wildcats Version 3.0 Year OneI remember when Wildcats first came out so many years ago.  It feels like a decade since the last issue of the series I read (and wasn’t much of a fan of).  It actually might be a decade come to think of it.  But this latest version of Wildcats I can get behind.  Wildcats Version 3.0 Year One takes the super hero comic and brings a hell of a new twist.

Spartan decides it’s time to hang up the tights and do some real good as members of corporate America.  With gun-slinging Grifter by his side and a host of new recruits, he aims to tap a source of unlimited power and disperse it to the masses.

The Wildcats go from super-heroes to corporate gangsters in Year One of this beloved and critically celebrated series.

From what I remember of the series it was a lot of folks in spandex fighting aliens, most of it pretty typical and not really a whole lot of originality.  But, this third version of the series is beyond original.  Gone is the spandex, instead we have corporate raiders and Machiavellian machinations.

Do you want folks running around shooting big guns and women in skimpy outfits?  That’s there two, but there’s a lot more going on.  Along with guns blazing we have talks of mergers and stock holder meetings.

This is comics for adults and with the recent axing of Wildstorm by DC, I’m hoping a still get a chance to read the second volume in 2011.  But, for what it’s worth volume one is still very much worth the read.

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