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Marvel, We Demand Voting Transparency

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Over at the Marvel website, they’ve opened up a poll to allow people to choose which Deadpool title, Deadpool Corps. or Deadpool Team-Up should be canceled.  The problem is, according to one involved, the decision might already be decided.  Rob Liefeld was outspoken on his Twitter account.

His claim is that Deadpool Corps. was always planned to be a twelve issue maxi-series and that the vote has been decided.  He even went as far as saying so also on Twitter.

We voted and the results aren’t public.

Deadpool VotingHow does Marvel correct this and save face?  The easiest answer is to make the vote totals transparent.  That way, we the public can test the voting mechanics if they can be trusted.  With Marvel accused of such shenanigans you better believe the votes will flood in to attempt to get Deadpool Team-Up canceled.  Then we can see if they follow through.

The ball is in your court Marvel!  We want transparency (and a paper trail)!

You can vote here.

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