Yahoo News Covers Captain America/Tea Party Issue

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Yahoo news has decided to cover the uproar over Captain America #602 with a pretty even keeled look at the issue.  The story got me thinking about the line that implies the racist part:

I don’t exactly see a black man from Harlem fitting in with a bunch of angry white folks.

This piece of dialogue can be read multiple ways.  The first is the way that the controversy is about.  The dialogue implies that the protesters are racist.  A sign points that it’s a Tea Party protest, therefore Tea Party = racists.

But can it be read another way?  I’d argue yes.

Captain America and Falcon are in the mid-west and I think you can explain the line of dialogue in an even simpler way.  The fact that a guy from the big city and black won’t fit in with a crowd of angry white folks, who live in the mid-west, no racism implied.

It is possible people could read the comic and come away with completely different interpretations of that line.  Absolutely.  So we have a question.  What does it say about the reader and how they interpret the dialogue?