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More Muslim Super Hero Hate

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Tea Party and RacismAs if it’s a shock, this morning we brought you the story of some good being done with the introduction of a handicap Muslim super hero.  No sooner did this good news break than some pre-brain hate monger decides to shit all over it.

The WordPress blog “Muslims are Terrorists” on Sunday ran a I’m sure well researched and not at all biased article about the future super hero.  From the blog that pretty much sums up the thoughts of the author:

I can see his powers…

He can kill jews faster than a speeding bullet

Rape a dozen little girls in a single night

Behead non muslim with his bare hands

Um, yeah…. This is on top of another right wing blog, AmericanNation.info running the previously covered hate post against The 99.

Tea Party Nut Takes on the 99

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the 99Over at Patriot’s Corner, a right wing/teabagger website, “PatriotUSA” takes on the comic book series The 99 and it’s “stealth jihad.”  In an article largely ripped directly off from Family Security Matters, the blog is concerned that the “muslim potus” is crossing the line by “government sanctioning of religious cartoons” to indoctrinate the impressionable youth.

While the blog is right that some nefarious organizations do use comic books and cartoons to indoctrinate the youth, I think this nutcase is a bit off.  Lets break it down on why this person is crazy (overlooking the birther statements) and why he hopefully hasn’t had children to pass on the crazy.

A comic book is something that a child (or adult) elects to read. Pages must be turned, text must be read to make sense of the pictures. Animated cartoons do not require such deliberate behaviour on the part of the viewer. They are there, they move, they have a soundtrack with music, the characters speak, and no-one has to turn the pages

Well, lets start with the above.  I’m pretty sure turning on the television, finding the channel, looking up the time the show is on, these all qualify under deliberate behavior.  Hell, it might be easier to read the comic.  I mean, if it’s difficult to “turn the pages,” it’s a wonder this person can turn on their computer and type on their blog.

Now, onto the 99.

The new media outlet, called The Hub, will officially start airing on October 11, with veteran broadcaster Margaret Loesch running the schedule. And on the schedule of The Hub network will be an animated series called “The 99”, which will bring to life the Islamic cartoon superheroes. This is the first time that I am aware of where a religious cartoon series has been broadcast and aimed at the general viewing public.”

Well, there’s a lot of issues here.  Lets begin with the television network which is being brought to television by Hasbro.  In the beginning of his rant, PatriotUSA claims we need to watch out for the “government sanctioning of religious cartoons” with our tax dollars.  Last I checked, Hasbro was a toy company.  I’m sure they get tax breaks, but aren’t the Teabaggers pro-capitalism?

Next lets go into the whole “religious cartoon” part.  I’m going into the way back machine to a show called Davey and Goliath.  While it wasn’t a cartoon, it was a stop motion animation show aimed at children and created for the Lutheran church by Clokey Productions between 1960 through 1975.  The show aired on some ABC stations and generally had the characters dealing with important topics and overcoming them through their belief and faith in God.  So there goes that whole argument that this upcoming show is a first.

The article then goes on to link to Family Security Matters and their article on The 99 written by the organization’s editor Adrian Morgan.  The organization is a right-wing organization on the hawkish side of things. Dr. Naif al-Mutawa is the creator of the comic book series.  He created it after seeing anti-Western hate up close.  Family Security Matters goes onto praise the comic series:

I am sure Dr. Al-Mutawa is well-intentioned, and his comic books are – of themselves – not designed to promote archaic intolerance. Some of the superhero characters are female, and these do not always wear hijabs (headscarves). In Muslim countries and Muslim homes in America, this is perfectly acceptable, and can not be seen as a bad thing.

Their issue begins with President Obama’s praise for Al-Mutawa.  They claim there should be a separation of church and state.  I hope they are equally outraged at each year’s prayer breakfast, as well as the religious doctrine that drove the previous administration.  The writer seems to miss the fact the President was praising him for doing good in his society and helping to bridge the west and Islam.  The things this same writer at times recognizes and praises.

They continue to cite the recent episode of the censorship of South Park for it’s depiction of Mohammed.  If you can’t make fun of a religion’s leader, why be able to show it in a good light is their point.  Now the humor of this is they themselves by calling for the show now to be shown is censorship.  A bit of a catch-22 and hypocrisy if you ask me.

In Kuwait, the Ninety-Nine has been seen as educational and instructional, and has not been criticised. But it does seem strange that Islam – dressed up in the form of cartoon superhero characters – should be presented on the screen.

Are we going to see ass-kicking Christian superhero nuns, called Faith, Hope and Charity, whooping sinner’s butts and sending Satan into Hell? It is doubtful.

Hmm, actually we do.  There’s numerous comic book series that deal with this.  Anyone remember Warrior Nun Areala or how about the current Magdalena?  The lesson with that statement?  Don’t make stupid comments like that without basic research.

This disparity is one of the worst things affecting society at present. Christianity and Judaism do not get featured in mainstream media, but Islam is not only depicted in all strands of the media, it is being promoted by a president who seems to have forgotten what he swore to uphold when he entered office.

Again, as show by those two comics, and I can go on for a while with more examples, that’s not the case.  There’s numerous vocal Christian characters, Jewish characters (did you know The Thing was Jewish!?) and characters of all faiths and backgrounds.

There are some Christian movie-makers and animators, whose work goes out on cable or on DVD. Would these people’s work be endorsed by the president? Would their handiwork be broadcast in Kuwait?
Everyone is equal under the law. The separation of Church and State was a principle designed to ensure that peoples of all faiths were similarly treated as equals under the law. There is too much bias in America and the West, where Islam can be promoted, but it can never be criticized. This breaks the contract that was established more than two hundred years ago – in the First Amendment – to protect everyone’s religious rights.
Again the lack of actual facts is astounding.  The right, and numerous backers of this organization, espouse the United States is “Christian” founded on “Christian” principles.  The last President leaned heavily on faith based programs and evoked religious imagery.  But, it seems why actually base your final argument on facts when it’s clear that the rest of your article is a work of fiction to begin with.

Yahoo News Covers Captain America/Tea Party Issue

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Yahoo news has decided to cover the uproar over Captain America #602 with a pretty even keeled look at the issue.  The story got me thinking about the line that implies the racist part:

I don’t exactly see a black man from Harlem fitting in with a bunch of angry white folks.

This piece of dialogue can be read multiple ways.  The first is the way that the controversy is about.  The dialogue implies that the protesters are racist.  A sign points that it’s a Tea Party protest, therefore Tea Party = racists.

But can it be read another way?  I’d argue yes.

Captain America and Falcon are in the mid-west and I think you can explain the line of dialogue in an even simpler way.  The fact that a guy from the big city and black won’t fit in with a crowd of angry white folks, who live in the mid-west, no racism implied.

It is possible people could read the comic and come away with completely different interpretations of that line.  Absolutely.  So we have a question.  What does it say about the reader and how they interpret the dialogue?

Captain America – Progressive. We Respond to Warner Todd Huston

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First most, we at this blog believe in free speech, no matter how wrong or heinous, it is guaranteed by the Constitution.  That’s a little document that this country is founded on (not to be confused with the Bible, which some folks thin).  Fox News, the Tea Party and some right-wing blogs have taken up arms against Ed Brubaker, Captain America and Marvel comics.  They’re decrying a sign in issue 602 of Captain America and one line of dialogue.  When the two are added together it implies racism.

One such person who’s screaming bloody hell is Warner Todd Huston, one of the bloggers at Publius Forum.  Taken from the website, here’s part of the where the name of this blog came from:

The name Publius was chosen as a paean to James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay who used the name as a pseudonym by which to pen The Federalist Papers, the famous defense of the Constitution that was originally printed as newspapers articles in New York. The articles were meant to convince New Yorkers that their state should sign onto the Constitution.

And here’s the irony and my issue.  A blog which takes it’s name from a man who defended the Constitution is attacking one of those things enshrined by that document, freedom of speech.  That folks is hypocrisy.  But there’s more issues with Huston’s blog post.  Let’s dissect it:

Sadly, this muscle bound hero that took on the whole Nazi army during WWII seems to be afraid of those American people who’ve joined the Tea Party movement. Not only is Cappy quaking in his little red booties, but he’s sure that the Tea Party folks are dangerous racists, too.

Captain America actually advocated for the U.S. entry into World War II a year before Pearl Harbor (nice little nugget of history).  However it isn’t Captain America that utters the dialogue that implies racism, it’s another character.  Also, Cap isn’t “quaking” about the protesters, it’s the militia group being lead by a rogue Captain America from the 50’s (long story).

Isn’t it wonderful that a decades old American comic book hero is now being used to turn readers against our very political system, being used to slander folks that are standing up for real American principles in real life — and one called “Captain America” at that?

Captain America is the personification of American values and progressive ideology, the definition of which can be summed up by “A person who actively favors or strives for progress toward better conditions, as in society or government.”

He fought against fascism in World War II before the United States entered the war, he embraced civil rights condemning racism, and recently he stood up against what amounted to the Marvel universe version of FISA and Patriot Act, two pieces of legislation that infringe on our rights.

This is a character that has fought for American ideals throughout his career and even stood up when he disagreed with the American government when he disagreed with it’s policy and felt it was working against American ideals.

In issue number 602 of Captain America, a new story line has begun called “Two Americas.” In it the current Captain (there have been a few of them, apparently) is on the trail of a faux Captain America that is mentally deranged and getting chummy with some white supremacist, anti-government, survivalists types going by the name of “the Watchdogs.”

Huston’s describes the group as white supremecist and anti-government.

In preparation for the infiltration, Marvel Comics depicts the two super heroes out of costume and observing from a rooftop a street filled with what can only be described as a Tea Party protest

Huston describes it as a “Tea Party” protest, at no times does Brubaker or Marvel.  In fact it’s described as an “anti-tax” protest in the comic book.

After this we find that the Captain’s plan is to send the black man into a redneck bar to pretend to be a black man working for the IRS and to get everyone all mad… because… well, you know that every white person is a racist that hates black civil servants, right?

Or how about Tea Partiers dislike civil servants and government in general?  There’s been violence from Tea Partiers which you can read about here, and here as some examples.  Huston himself implies violence is ok in a blog post he penned for RedState.com.  I’ve had friends who’ve been assaulted by Tea Partiers.

So, there you have it, America. Tea Party protesters just “hate the government,” they are racists, they are all white folks, they are angry, and they associate with secretive white supremacist groups that want to over throw the U.S. government.

In fact the Tea Party protesters do “hate the government.”  A simple Google search will show the myriad of signs that depict their sentiments.  In fact a few publicly advocate for an armed insurrection if they don’t get their way.  White supremacist groups are in fact encouraging members to engage in the Tea Party protests and get involved with the movement.

Nice going Marvel Comics. Thanks for making patriotic Americans into your newest super villains.

While I believe in the right for the Tea Party protesters to say what they want, and Huston to write what he wants, I also believe that Marvel has the right to print what they want.  That’s the essence of free speech and isn’t it’s defense, especially when you disagree, true patriotism?

Comic Industry Tweets Their Response to the Fox and Tea Party vs. Marvel

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The reaction from the industry was varied but seemed to mostly support Brubaker the person and condemn Marvel for caving in.  Below is some of the reactions.

Writer Mark Waid at http://twitter.com/MarkWaid

Mark Waid Tea Party Reaction

Writer Ron Marz had a few tweets at http://twitter.com/ronmarz.

Ron Marz tweetRon Marz tweetRon Marz tweet

Writer Gail Simone at http://twitter.com/GailSimone.

Gail Simone tweet

Blogger Caleb Andrew of ComicsAlliance.com at tweets at http://twitter.com/calebandrew

Caleb Andrew tweet

Fox and Marvel vs. Free Speech

Tea Bag the Liberal Dems Before They Tea Bag You!!

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Tea Party and RacismWe figured it was only a matter of time before this story blew up, and leave it to Fox News (the mouth piece of the Republican Party and primary cheerleader to the Tea Party movement) to once again take items out of the greater context and blow things out of proportion.

Fox has decided to cover Marvel comics’ Captain America #602 and particularly the Tea Party references throughout the story, particularly the above graphic from the series.

The brouhaha seems to be over a comment by the character Falcon that as a “black man” he wouldn’t be welcome in the Tea Party crowd, implying that the crowd is white and racist.  While the dialogue of the characters only describes the crowd as an anti-tax protest a sign that reads “Tea Bag The Libs Before They Tea Bag YOU!” is what a few are claiming ties the series to the Teabaggers, I mean Tea Party.  Ed Brubaker, the writer of the series, claims the sign was added by the letterer and Marvel (showing they have no balls and don’t stand behind free speech) has announced they will be removing the sign in future printings.

Never mind it’s a real sign from a real protest:

Tea Bag the Liberal Dems Before They Tea Bag You!!

Fox of course is just doing it’s journalistic job in pointing this issue out.  They aren’t taking sides at all or inflaming the issue.  From their article:

But the change may come too late to placate a chorus of critics who noticed the apparent jab at the Tea Party movement and who accused Marvel of making supervillains out of patriotic Americans.

I guess we can assume Fox backs threats of armed uprising (some might call this treason).  Here we have a “patriotic” American at a recent Tea Party protest.

We came unarmed (this time)

But Brubaker was adamant that he did not intend to imply that the group of protesters in the comic book were Tea Partiers.

“I was simply using them to show the mood in the country in various places outside Captain America and the Falcon’s usual home, New York City,” he wrote. “It’s very similar to other things we’ve done in the comic, showing leftwing protest crowds back during the election season in 2008.”

For anyone who has read Brubaker’s brilliant run on Captain America would know this has been the case.  In fact the month home foreclosures became national news, Brubaker worked them into his storyline.

Brubaker has received threats and harassment over the issue leading him to make this statement on Twitter:

Just FYI – insulting and threatening tweeters are blocked and reported.

You can find the tweets supporting or condemning Brubaker through this search.

Of course we’d never say the Tea Party movement is littered with loons, we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.  All are easily available in a simple Google search.

You can find more photos over at the Huffington Post.

Really the shame or anger shouldn’t be directed at Brubaker, it should go to Marvel and Fox News for caving on free speech.

It’s funny while Fox defends the Teabaggers, who claim they believe in the Constitution (you know the thing this country was founded on and guarantees free speech), they are all quickly to piss on it when it comes to speech they disagree with.  I call hypocrisy.

So let’s review:

  • Marvel and Fox are against fee speech
  • Fox supports armed insurrection
  • Teabaggers are pro-Constitution except when it comes to free speech they disagree with

Ok, discuss!