More Muslim Super Hero Hate

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Tea Party and RacismAs if it’s a shock, this morning we brought you the story of some good being done with the introduction of a handicap Muslim super hero.  No sooner did this good news break than some pre-brain hate monger decides to shit all over it.

The WordPress blog “Muslims are Terrorists” on Sunday ran a I’m sure well researched and not at all biased article about the future super hero.  From the blog that pretty much sums up the thoughts of the author:

I can see his powers…

He can kill jews faster than a speeding bullet

Rape a dozen little girls in a single night

Behead non muslim with his bare hands

Um, yeah…. This is on top of another right wing blog, running the previously covered hate post against The 99.


  • sounds like to me it covers muslims pretty much Killing jews, raping children and beheading people…yep that would be a muslim

  • I kill muslims for fun

    Youre obviously a muslim yourself or a sympathizer… I hope they cut your head off, then well see if you stil defend them!

    • 1) Raised Jewish, don’t practice anything now.
      2) You sound like a very open minded individual.
      3) It’d be hard to defend anything without a head, think about it….
      4) A real American wouldn’t hide behind a fake name and email.

  • Christians during the crusades are so many other numerous horrific times of war

    Christianity like all other religions who have had their dark periods, has evolved and become more humane, unlike pigslam, that is just as murderous now as it was 14 centuries ago!

    • Uh huh, cause people never kill today because of their “Christian” beliefs. Abortion doctors are safe, certain recent wars have no religious overtones, certain minorities aren’t shunned and oppressed by the Church and people don’t commit hate crimes toward them. Those pious individuals have absolutely evolved and have little children to keep them busy now.

    • As someone who grew up in Apartheid era South Africa, I’d like to bluntly say, you’re totally full of shit… There the Christians did wonderfully humane things. Like strap troublemakers to poles and kill them with dynamite, as one example. They’d then methodically collect all the pieces to blow up, over and over and over again… and feed whatever was left to livestock. A very gentle way to destroy evidence and ensure there could be no burial.

      I live in North America now, and rest assured I’ve encountered groups which remind me of that, who seem to only be kept in check (and some have said as much) by the threat of government agencies.

      I’ve also known some exceedingly kind and wonderful Christians as well, which shows how painting an entire religion with a brush is foolish and unfair. So it’s best to judge by individual and situational action.

      If you choose to be utterly blind/ignorant/selective of the sins in the world and then throw around ridiculous hateful terms like “pigslam”, which category do you think you’d fit in?

  • Edgar B. Jones

    um….before you blast the cruasades, you might want to read why they happened The Crusades happened when they did, because the Muslims had taken the holy city of Jerusalem in the seventh century

    So the muslims started it, as they always have started it!

    • You know the Crusades were also waged against pagan Slavs, pagan Balts, Jews, Russian and Greek Orthodox Christians, Mongols, Cathars, Hussites, Waldensians, Old Prussians, and political enemies of the various popes. Try again.