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It’s a new week, so what releases have you excited this week?

Around the Tubes

Nine Panel Layout – Comic Books and Representation: A Self Audit – An interesting read.

The Mary Sue – Impressive Series Of Batman Graffiti Found In Abandoned Building – Some amazing artwork here.

DC Women Kicking Ass – Paul Dini Tells Kevin Smith about Hollywood’s Fear of Girl Cooties – Huh.

Kotaku – Tea Party Facebook Group Posts BioShock Image Satirizing Tea Party – Ha!

Kotaku – Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 are being removed from Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network stores – Boo

Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – Brain Boy #0

Political Power Prepares Readers for the Next Breed of Politicians

With the election of 2012 in the past, Bluewater Productions had you covered with all of the background information you needed about the candidates, their running mates, and beyond, with their popular biography comic series Political Power.

A special edition has been released and is a retrospective of the 2012 election. Political Power: Election 2012, a collected edition of the popular subjects of the election. Check out the stories of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and the Tea Party Movement in one new graphic novel. Political Power: Election 2012 also contains never seen before images. Features a cover by David T. Cabrera.


Muslim Hating Right Now Targets Batman

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Batman and Robin on MuslimsRight-wing website The Astute Bloggers has rallied the hate of the right, this time focused on Batman.  In a recent issue Batman heads to France to recruit his latest franchisee in Batman, Inc. The latest recruit just happens to be a Muslim Algerian.

From the website Alvin Greene writes:

I knew it was only going to get worse at DC Comics: in his continuing efforts to form Batman Inc, Bruce Wayne recruits an Algerian Muslim living in France, in Clichy-Sous-Bois, where the Muslim riots grew out of in 2005, over the death of 2 delinquents who electrocuted themselves by stupidly entering a power station, and the blame was laid upon at least 2 policemen who weren’t even at fault and didn’t even know they were there. How about that, Bruce Wayne goes to France where he hires not a genuine French boy or girl with a real sense of justice, but rather, an “oppressed” minority who adheres to the Religion of Peace.

The blogger claims this is a sign of DC’ Comics’ false conservative credentials and that the comic book publisher is going down hill.

The blog says it promotes “Universal Human Rights.”  I guess those rights doesn’t include anyone being able to grow up and be Batman.

This comes on the heals of general hate from the right when it comes to Muslims in comic books.  The previous target was the comic book series The 99.

White Supremacists vs. Thor

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Thor and HitlerIt looks like the upcoming Thor movie from Marvel comics is getting some attention by the Council of Conservative Citizens (aka white supremacists).

The ranting and raving is over actor Idris Elba, who you might know from The Wire, who portrays one of the Asgardians.  I guess talented African American actors can’t play fictitious mythical comic book characters.

Check out the call to hate below:

Kyle Rogers sent a message to the members of Council of Conservative Citizens.
Kyle Rogers
Kyle Rogers December 15, 2010 at 10:45am
Subject: Boycott Thor by Marvel Studios
Marvel Comics has a long history of promoting the extreme left-wing that goes all the way back to the 60’s. Just last year, the comic book company declare war on the TEA Party movement.

Now Marvel has taken their anti-white, radical campaign even further. They cast a black man as a Norse Deity in their new movie Thor, coming out May 6th, 2011. Even though Marvel co-produces an explicitly pro-black (and anti-white) cartoon for BET, they don’t think white people should have anything that is uniquely their own. Not even their own mythology and folk tales!

CofCC webmaster Kyle Rogers has launched a new website called http://www.boycott-thor.com and a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boycott-Thor2011-by-Marvel-Studios/180374758655178

Visit these sites and click the “like” button on the facebook page.


Um, yeah…. feel free to report the group to Facebook for inciting hate and racism.

(h/t to Larry Handlin for the heads up)

Teaparty – Tea Titans

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Mad Magazine has decided to take aim at the Tea Party with it’s Tea Titans parody.  The latest super group is made up by Sarah Palin, Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell, Carl Paladino, Rand Paul and Sharron Angle.

If this is what’s protecting us, we’re doomed and shit out of luck.

Tea Titans

World Net Daily Continues Right’s March Against “Muslim” Comics

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the 99In what shouldn’t be a shocker, right wing website World Net Daily continues the march against comic book characters with Muslim roots.  This follows Family Security Matters who began the right wing drumbeat against the comic book series and soon to be animated show the 99.  Most recently the right leaning and Fox tie-in the New York Post also ran an article.  The story has also been picked up by various right wing and Tea Party blogs.

The article goes on to quote Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide.

These are not the types of heroes you want your children to have.  These heroes, at their core, because they represent values contrary to humanity, at the core these heroes are more villain than hero.

Baehr however shows his true feelings about Islam later on in the article:

With all due respect to President Obama and contrary to his opinion, the Muslim faith is known for its lies about Christians and Jews, lies about the Bible, lies about Jesus and His apostles, violence, warrior mentality, abuse of women, slavery, persecution of non-Muslims, and terrorism against peaceful civilians, from the alleged founder of the faith, Mohammed, down to the present day.

Cause the right wing isn’t lying or distorting facts now about Islam and Christianity has never committed atrocities in it’s name.  The article refers to the President as a “Muslim,” and as a whole is full of shit in what the comic book series actually depicts.

But lets look at “Dr.” Baehr and his organization.  It states as it’s goal:

…to redeem the values of the mass media of entertainment, according to biblical principles, by influencing industry executives and artists and by informing and educating the public about the influence of the entertainment media and about how to train their families to become media-wise, so they can choose the good and reject the bad.

Nope, no slant or agenda there.  It’s completely on the up and up.  Wikipedia gives a good rundown of this moral upstanding hate monger.  Other websites have also chronicled his less than ethical dealings.

Baehr also drops this genius nugget:

A small percentage, he said, are very likely to be influenced toward the violence that is inherent in Islam – it’s admonitions to “kill infidels” and the like.

Lets think about that for a moment.  If all media that causes people to kill is banned, there goes the Bible and the entire Christian movement.  Pretty sure the Crusades, Inquisition, murder of Abortion doctors in the name of God and hate crimes to begin with would make a strong enough argument.  This is the same line of thinking that ruins the fun for the rest of us when a couple of idiots take things too far.

Baehr worries this will convert and create home grown terrorists, I guess we need to lock down all religions then, since they’ve all created their own nutcases throughout the years and ages.  He acknowledges at least that “not all kids [who watch] are going to become violent.”  Just like not “all” Christians kill abortion doctors.  But since there’s a few….

Family Security Matters pipes in with some “facts”:

In the Islamic world, cartoons have a more sinister purpose. In Iran, on Al-Quds Day, Iranian TV schedules are filled with cartoons about evil Israelis with red eyes, shooting and murdering innocent doe-eyed Palestinians. For older kids, the heroes fight back, and even get martyred in the cause of Allah. Al-Quds day, named after the Arab term for Jerusalem and initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1983, is a time for Iranian media to reinforce Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic propaganda.

That in fact is true, but for those who actually know anything about the 99, it was created in opposition to a radical Imam and it’s goal is to teach tolerance and combat the hate.  It’s the antithesis for what these right wing hate mongers are raging against.  Instead of finding an ally in helping combat the radicalization of the Middle Eastern youth, they’re alienating a fine upstanding individual.

We don’t deny there’s cartoons and comics being used to indoctrinate children.  There are on all sides.  White Power movements use comic books and music to warp impressionable minds, just like Hamas has.  But you can’t lump in all “Muslim” comics with other material that’s clearly reprehensible.

Adrian Morgan of Family Security Matters, which is a think tank, wondered, “Are we going to see a**-kicking Christian superhero nuns called Faith, Hope and Charity … sending Satan into Hell? It’s doubtful!”

Again this lie is repeated over and over.  Warrior Nun, Magdalena, Davey and Goliath are just some of the examples of Christians kicking ass.  There’s many more but three debunks this and puts the whole argument in doubt.

There’s so much worries about Shariah-compliant Muslim superheroes – “including one who fights crime hidden head-to-toe by a burqa.”  As you can see from the cover above that the series clearly shows the subjugation of women and forces them to cover up.  Nevermind there’s been a burqa wearing comic book character for years in the X-Men’s Dust.  On the cover shown above we see three women with no covering at all.  Where’s the outrage from the Islamic radicals?

This is the perfect example of the rage and hate that pervades the right, and if nothing else interesting to see it make it’s way through their media machine.

Again, expect this to hit Fox News any day now.  And we’ll keep fighting the misinformation and outright lies.

WND Exclusive 


Islamic kids cartoons praised by Obama draw terse warning



‘These are not types of heroes you want your children to have’



Posted: October 16, 2010
10:40 pm Eastern 

By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

New Shariah-compliant Islamic cartoon “superhero”

A coming series of “superhero” cartoons promoting the tenets of Islam under the title of “The 99” – which has been praised by President Obama – is drawing a terse warning from an expert who has analyzed media impact on people for decades.

“These are not the types of heroes you want your children to have,” Dr. Ted Baehr, chief of MOVIEGUIDE®,” told WND today. “These heroes, at their core, because they represent values contrary to humanity, at the core these heroes are more villain than hero.”

Get the latest reports on what Hollywood is doing, subscribe to “MOVIEGUIDE,”

Reports already have circulated about the plans by The Hub, which formerly was Discovery Kids, to produce the series featuring characters portraying the 99 attributes of Allah, at Family Security Matters and others.

(Story continues below)

The New York Post ran a column describing plans for the Shariah-compliant Muslim superheroes – “including one who fights crime hidden head-to-toe by a burqa.”

“These Islamic butt-kickers are ready to bring truth, justice and indoctrination to impressionable Western minds,” the report said.

That’s the problem, according to Baehr, with the Middle East cartoon that reportedly is being picked up and scheduled for a launch early in 2011 by Hasbro toys and Discovery Communications.

A preview of the program has been posted online:

Baehr’s organization said the program includes “hair-hiding headscarves” that are “mandatory for the five female characters, not including a ‘burqa babe’ called Batina the Hidden.”

“Curiously (or not so curiously considering his track record), President Obama, who was raised as a Muslim by his stepfather in Indonesia but supposedly converted to Christianity, praised this work created by Kuwaiti psychologist Naif al-Mutawa, saying at an April meeting with Arab entrepreneurs, ‘His superheroes embody the teachings of the tolerance of Islam.'”

That message also is online:

Adrian Morgan of Family Security Matters, which is a think tank, wondered, “Are we going to see a**-kicking Christian superhero nuns called Faith, Hope and Charity … sending Satan into Hell? It’s doubtful!”

More Muslim Super Hero Hate

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Tea Party and RacismAs if it’s a shock, this morning we brought you the story of some good being done with the introduction of a handicap Muslim super hero.  No sooner did this good news break than some pre-brain hate monger decides to shit all over it.

The WordPress blog “Muslims are Terrorists” on Sunday ran a I’m sure well researched and not at all biased article about the future super hero.  From the blog that pretty much sums up the thoughts of the author:

I can see his powers…

He can kill jews faster than a speeding bullet

Rape a dozen little girls in a single night

Behead non muslim with his bare hands

Um, yeah…. This is on top of another right wing blog, AmericanNation.info running the previously covered hate post against The 99.

Tea Party Nut Takes on the 99

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the 99Over at Patriot’s Corner, a right wing/teabagger website, “PatriotUSA” takes on the comic book series The 99 and it’s “stealth jihad.”  In an article largely ripped directly off from Family Security Matters, the blog is concerned that the “muslim potus” is crossing the line by “government sanctioning of religious cartoons” to indoctrinate the impressionable youth.

While the blog is right that some nefarious organizations do use comic books and cartoons to indoctrinate the youth, I think this nutcase is a bit off.  Lets break it down on why this person is crazy (overlooking the birther statements) and why he hopefully hasn’t had children to pass on the crazy.

A comic book is something that a child (or adult) elects to read. Pages must be turned, text must be read to make sense of the pictures. Animated cartoons do not require such deliberate behaviour on the part of the viewer. They are there, they move, they have a soundtrack with music, the characters speak, and no-one has to turn the pages

Well, lets start with the above.  I’m pretty sure turning on the television, finding the channel, looking up the time the show is on, these all qualify under deliberate behavior.  Hell, it might be easier to read the comic.  I mean, if it’s difficult to “turn the pages,” it’s a wonder this person can turn on their computer and type on their blog.

Now, onto the 99.

The new media outlet, called The Hub, will officially start airing on October 11, with veteran broadcaster Margaret Loesch running the schedule. And on the schedule of The Hub network will be an animated series called “The 99”, which will bring to life the Islamic cartoon superheroes. This is the first time that I am aware of where a religious cartoon series has been broadcast and aimed at the general viewing public.”

Well, there’s a lot of issues here.  Lets begin with the television network which is being brought to television by Hasbro.  In the beginning of his rant, PatriotUSA claims we need to watch out for the “government sanctioning of religious cartoons” with our tax dollars.  Last I checked, Hasbro was a toy company.  I’m sure they get tax breaks, but aren’t the Teabaggers pro-capitalism?

Next lets go into the whole “religious cartoon” part.  I’m going into the way back machine to a show called Davey and Goliath.  While it wasn’t a cartoon, it was a stop motion animation show aimed at children and created for the Lutheran church by Clokey Productions between 1960 through 1975.  The show aired on some ABC stations and generally had the characters dealing with important topics and overcoming them through their belief and faith in God.  So there goes that whole argument that this upcoming show is a first.

The article then goes on to link to Family Security Matters and their article on The 99 written by the organization’s editor Adrian Morgan.  The organization is a right-wing organization on the hawkish side of things. Dr. Naif al-Mutawa is the creator of the comic book series.  He created it after seeing anti-Western hate up close.  Family Security Matters goes onto praise the comic series:

I am sure Dr. Al-Mutawa is well-intentioned, and his comic books are – of themselves – not designed to promote archaic intolerance. Some of the superhero characters are female, and these do not always wear hijabs (headscarves). In Muslim countries and Muslim homes in America, this is perfectly acceptable, and can not be seen as a bad thing.

Their issue begins with President Obama’s praise for Al-Mutawa.  They claim there should be a separation of church and state.  I hope they are equally outraged at each year’s prayer breakfast, as well as the religious doctrine that drove the previous administration.  The writer seems to miss the fact the President was praising him for doing good in his society and helping to bridge the west and Islam.  The things this same writer at times recognizes and praises.

They continue to cite the recent episode of the censorship of South Park for it’s depiction of Mohammed.  If you can’t make fun of a religion’s leader, why be able to show it in a good light is their point.  Now the humor of this is they themselves by calling for the show now to be shown is censorship.  A bit of a catch-22 and hypocrisy if you ask me.

In Kuwait, the Ninety-Nine has been seen as educational and instructional, and has not been criticised. But it does seem strange that Islam – dressed up in the form of cartoon superhero characters – should be presented on the screen.

Are we going to see ass-kicking Christian superhero nuns, called Faith, Hope and Charity, whooping sinner’s butts and sending Satan into Hell? It is doubtful.

Hmm, actually we do.  There’s numerous comic book series that deal with this.  Anyone remember Warrior Nun Areala or how about the current Magdalena?  The lesson with that statement?  Don’t make stupid comments like that without basic research.

This disparity is one of the worst things affecting society at present. Christianity and Judaism do not get featured in mainstream media, but Islam is not only depicted in all strands of the media, it is being promoted by a president who seems to have forgotten what he swore to uphold when he entered office.

Again, as show by those two comics, and I can go on for a while with more examples, that’s not the case.  There’s numerous vocal Christian characters, Jewish characters (did you know The Thing was Jewish!?) and characters of all faiths and backgrounds.

There are some Christian movie-makers and animators, whose work goes out on cable or on DVD. Would these people’s work be endorsed by the president? Would their handiwork be broadcast in Kuwait?
Everyone is equal under the law. The separation of Church and State was a principle designed to ensure that peoples of all faiths were similarly treated as equals under the law. There is too much bias in America and the West, where Islam can be promoted, but it can never be criticized. This breaks the contract that was established more than two hundred years ago – in the First Amendment – to protect everyone’s religious rights.
Again the lack of actual facts is astounding.  The right, and numerous backers of this organization, espouse the United States is “Christian” founded on “Christian” principles.  The last President leaned heavily on faith based programs and evoked religious imagery.  But, it seems why actually base your final argument on facts when it’s clear that the rest of your article is a work of fiction to begin with.

Sarah Palin is a Zombie

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Rotten #7 from Moonstone by Mark Rahner, Robert Horton and Dan Dougherty out this week has one zombie who looks a bit like a certain Republican politician.  Judge for yourself below.

Rotten #7 Sarah Palin

The same issue also takes a dig at Teabaggers and Bill O’Reilly.  The O’Reilly lookalike rouses a mob of folks to protest against a visiting Charles Darwin.  The panel is also a bit insulting to the faux Teabaggers referring to them as “troglodytes.”

Rotten #7 Tea Party(via Bleeding Cool)

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