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White Supremacists vs. Thor

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Thor and HitlerIt looks like the upcoming Thor movie from Marvel comics is getting some attention by the Council of Conservative Citizens (aka white supremacists).

The ranting and raving is over actor Idris Elba, who you might know from The Wire, who portrays one of the Asgardians.  I guess talented African American actors can’t play fictitious mythical comic book characters.

Check out the call to hate below:

Kyle Rogers sent a message to the members of Council of Conservative Citizens.
Kyle Rogers
Kyle Rogers December 15, 2010 at 10:45am
Subject: Boycott Thor by Marvel Studios
Marvel Comics has a long history of promoting the extreme left-wing that goes all the way back to the 60’s. Just last year, the comic book company declare war on the TEA Party movement.

Now Marvel has taken their anti-white, radical campaign even further. They cast a black man as a Norse Deity in their new movie Thor, coming out May 6th, 2011. Even though Marvel co-produces an explicitly pro-black (and anti-white) cartoon for BET, they don’t think white people should have anything that is uniquely their own. Not even their own mythology and folk tales!

CofCC webmaster Kyle Rogers has launched a new website called http://www.boycott-thor.com and a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boycott-Thor2011-by-Marvel-Studios/180374758655178

Visit these sites and click the “like” button on the facebook page.


Um, yeah…. feel free to report the group to Facebook for inciting hate and racism.

(h/t to Larry Handlin for the heads up)


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  • Racism has been scientifically proven to be an inborn biological trait in all humans, and it cannot be “educated” out of us, regardless of the silly hate mantras spewed from the mouths of “anti-racists” -so YES, boycott marvel and their chitty movie, but also boycott the mind reform attempts of the haters of Thors descendants.