And the Winner Is….

From NOI –

Wonder Woman!

The race was down to the wire, but we are prepared to announce that Wonder Woman will be the next Superhero Mayor of DC!

This has been an amazing race. The campaign teams of eight superhero candidates built interactive websites and dynamic graphics, wrote engaging emails that turned out a huge supporter base, created entertaining videos, and wrote successful field plans from scratch in five hours.  Our 53 BootCampers, from across the country, have met and surpassed our expectations.

We are thrilled to announce that over 6,000 people voted for their favorite Superhero. The BootCampers picked up blog coverage from NPR, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Roll Call and nearly 30 other blogs, and garnered endorsements from a wide support base across the country.

This BootCamp was a success of the larger progressive movement, one that should make us all proud of the next generation of progressive organizers.

The race was neck-in-neck. The second-place finisher was The Atom and third place candidate was the Green Lantern.

Thank you for your support!

— Judith, Heather, Zack, Anne Marie, Joy, Olivia, Lola, Santiago, James, Shayne, Nick and Kyra