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Growing Up Farley chronicles Chris Farley’s childhood journey to superstardom

Z2 Comics has announced Growing Up Farley, a graphic novel about the comedy icon who stormed 30 Rockefeller Plaza to become Saturday Night Live’s breakout star of the ‘90s. Co-written by Chris Farley’s brother, stand-up comedian and actor Kevin Farley, the story provides an intimate portrait into Chris and Kevin’s youthful adventures—from their performances at Red Arrow Camp to sets at the Arc Theatre in Wisconsin, all the way to famed improv institution The Second City in Chicago. 

Kevin Farley joins co-writer Frank Marraffino and artist Ryan Dunlavey capture the Farleys’ late ‘70s/early ‘80s childhood in Maple Bluff, WI, exploring the unique family dynamic that fueled their creativity and adoration of physical comedy. 

After honing such characters as “motivational speaker” Matt Foley at The Second City Theater Group in Chicago, Chris Farley joined the Saturday Night Live cast in 1990, cementing a golden era of humor alongside Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, and David Spade. He’d soon ascend into the ranks of celluloid comedy legend through releases including Wayne’s WorldTommy BoyBeverly Hills Ninja, and Black Sheep.  

Z2 Comics presents Growing Up Farley in standard hardcover and deluxe hardcover editions, set to release Fall 2023. The deluxe hardcover will come with three art prints illustrated by renowned underground artists Craig Rousseau, Fred C. Stresing, and Ryan Dunlavey. Oversized platinum editions will come with an elegant slipcase, the art prints, a “Scotch Oil” trucker hat, a “Scotch Oil” pen, and a “Scotch Oil” ballpoint pen. The “Scotch Oil” company of Madison, Wisconsin was famously owned by Chris and Kevin’s father, Tom Farley, and employed many of the Farley family members over the years. Z2 Comics will also offer 100 super limited platinum editions signed by Kevin Farley. 

Growing Up Farley

Poppy and Z2 Comics unite again for Poppy Presents: Tit Tat

Z2 Comics has announced Poppy Presents: Tit Tat, the third collaboration between the musical auteur and publisher. Whereas the two previous graphic novels starred the breakout metal/punk/pop pioneer as the lead antihero, this new outing features an original story and characters created by Poppy

The graphic novel revolves around Lydia, a teenager with mysterious psionic powers. Her only tether to reality is her best friend—amateur rockstar Marigold Sykes, who’s barely better at navigating bullies and boy trouble. But when local girls start disappearing, can Lydia and her freak talents offer new hope? Or will her growing rage burn all bridges, leaving tears and regret?

Due in Spring 2023, the graphic novel reunites Poppy with co-writer Ryan Cady who collaborated with the musician on Poppy: Genesis 1 and Poppy’s Inferno, and Norzine Lama, who provided art on the latter sequel. Norzine also provides cover art.    

Z2 Comics and Poppy present Tit Tat in standard hardcover and deluxe hardcover editions, set to release Spring 2023. The deluxe hardcover will come with three art prints from Alexandria Walsh and Andrea Yewon. Oversized platinum editions will come signed by Poppy and come with an elegant slipcase, the art prints, a charm bracelet, and a personal letter written by Poppy. 

Z2 Comics has announced a New Executive Leadership Team

Z2 Comics has announced a new leadership team to help usher the publisher into the future. Previous CEO Josh Frankel has stepped down to pursue other ventures. Effective immediately, the new leadership team consists of the following: 

Sridhar Reddy: Publisher
Kevin Meek: Chief Executive Officer, Former CFO and General Counsel
Josh Bernstein: President, Former Senior Vice President
Aleksey Zelenberg: Chief Technology Officer, Former Data Scientist 
Courtney Menard: Creative Director, Former Director of Production

Sridhar Reddy, Kevin Meek, Josh Bernstein, Aleksey Zelenberg, Courtney Menard

Z2 Comics has evolved into one of the premiere publishers of comics and merchandise in the world, collaborating with the most innovative and iconic musicians and pop culture storytellers. The above promotions follow a series of announcements featuring new partnerships with Gorillaz, “Weird” Al Yankovic, Elvis Presley, Ice-T, and Tori Amos, with many more to be announced. The publisher’s catalog features collaborations with bands ranging from the iconic classic rock of The Doors and Grateful Dead to metal trailblazers Mötley Crüe and Anthrax to timeless entertainers like Cheech and Chong and beyond. Since 2020, Z2 Comics has grown from three employees to approximately 30. Former publisher Josh Frankel has resigned from the company.

Z2 Comics and melodic metal icons In Flames announce The Jester’s Curse

Z2 Comics has announced In Flames: The Jester’s Curse, a graphic novel celebrating the legendary Swedish melodic metal institution. The book expands the post-apocalyptic fantasy behind the quintet’s world, following the band’s grim mascot, Jesterhead, as he emerges from the Wasteland. He soon finds himself trapped in Dead Eternity—a distorted reality where worlds collide and nightmares thrive. The tortured figure attempts to recover his lost memories… but the devious Whoracle Queen wants him first.

Overseen by Blake Armstrong, the graphic novel features writing from ArmstrongBen Laverock, and Scott Bramble with art from Scott Dewey and Armstrong

Founded in 1990 in Gothenburg, Sweden, In Flames has spanned 13 LPs and 3 EPs to become one of the most prolific and innovative metal bands the world over. Consisting of members Björn Gelotte, Anders Fridén, Chris Broderick, Bryce Paul, and Tanner Wayne, the quintet has been nominated for three Grammis, Sweden’s most prestigious musical accolade, and have won two; netting the 2004 award for the Hard Rock/Metal Album of the Year for 2004’s Soundtrack to Your Escape as well as the same award for the LP Come Clarity in 2006. The band has sold more than 2.5 million records over the course of its career.

The group will release its 14th studio album, Foregone, via Nuclear Blast on February 10, 2023. In Flames is currently on tour in America with Meshuggah and will start their European run with At The Gates, Imminence, and Orbit Culture next month. 

Z2 Comics and In Flames present The Jester’s Curse in standard hardcover and deluxe hardcover editions. The deluxe hardcover will come with a print triptych by Blake Armstrong. Oversized platinum editions will come signed by In Flames with an elegant slipcase and the triptych art prints. Z2 Comics will also exclusively release the single “The Great Deceiver” in a crystal-clear 7-inch vinyl with etched B-Side, limited to 500 copies, as well as a limited-edition Jesterhead Action Figure. All of items are set to release in Spring 2023

NYCC 2022: Z2 Comics, Ice T, Chuck D, Czarface, and More!

Z2 Comics

Z2 Comics will storm New York Comic Con with a flurry of talent and panels spotlighting current and upcoming graphic novels. On Friday October 7th in Room 406.2, Z2 will kick off its programming with a panel celebrating the crossover between rhymes and sequential art with When Hip Hop and Comics Collide with Chuck D, Czarface & D.M.C. Join moderator Kory Grow of Rolling Stone as he interviews these musical icons about their foray into comic storytelling in worlds where wrestlers and superheroes traverse multiple realities, including deep dives into Czarface: A Czar Is Born and Apocalypse 91: Revolution Never Sleeps

The following day, iconic MC, actor, and pop-culture luminary Ice-T will accompany N.W.A.’s Arabian PrinceCoco, and Tommy The Animator for Death For Hire: Creating a New Comic Crime Mythology with Ice-T, Coco, Arabian Prince & MoreThe quartet will introduce their new multimedia crime epic, soon to span comics, animation, and music. 

All of these panelists will partake in signings at the Z2 Comics Booth—4131. (Check the full schedule below for details.) Other signings include:

  • Phillip Sevy (Artist, Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood)
  • Chris Miskiewicz (Writer, This Is Where We Fall)
  • Jazzlyn Stone & Liana Kangas (Writer/Artist, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: 40×40)

Z2 Comics’ full New York Comic Con 2022 Schedule

Friday, 10/7/2022

Z2 Comics Presents: When Hip Hop and Comics Collide with Chuck D, Czarface & DMC.
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM 
In the past decade, the worlds of spitfire rhymes and breakbeats have merged with the sequential art flow of panels and word balloons for a new era of hip-hop comics. This panel unites four hip-hop and rap icons who have crossed over to create stirring comic opuses. Join legendary MCs Chuck D (Public Enemy, Apocalypse 91: Revolution Never Sleeps), Esoteric and 7L (Czarface: A Czar Is Born), and DMC (Darryl Makes Comics) for a can’t-miss panel that spans worlds and media.


  • Esoteric & 7L of Czarface (Czarface: A Czar Is Born): 12:30 – 1:20 PM
  • Chuck D (Public Enemy, Apocalypse 91: Revolution Never Sleeps): 1:30 – 2:30 PM

Saturday, 10/8/2022

Z2 Comics Presents Death For Hire: Creating a New Comic Crime Mythology with Ice-T, Coco, Arabian Prince & More 
6:45 PM – 7:45 PM
Next year, Z2 Comics will debut Death For Hire: The Origin of Tehk City, a new graphic novel series set in the sprawling multi-media world of Tehk City. This brand new mythology will span comics, animation, music, and beyond, overseen by a murderer’s row of rap and silver screen icons including Ice-T, Arabian Prince, Coco Austin, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tracy Morgan, and more. Join Ice-TCoco AustinArabian Prince, and comic creator Tommy the Animator for a first look at this explosive new world of hustle and warfare.


  • Phillip Sevy (Artist, Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood) : 11:00 – 12:00 PM
  • Jazzlyn Stone & Liana Kangas (Creative Team, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: 40×40): 1:00 – 2:00 PM
  • Ice-T, Coco, Arabian Prince, Tommy The Animator (Death For Hire: The Origin of Tehk City): 5:30 – 6:20 PM

Alison Wonderland and Z2 Comics Announce Psychedelic, Role-Playing-Inspired Graphic Novel, Loner

Z2 Comics and singer/songwriter/producer Alison Wonderland have announced a new graphic novel, Loner. Z2 Comics co-founder Sridhar Reddy is co-writing the book alongside Wonderland; MinomiyabiAlex HeywoodKelsey RamsayBRÄO, and Taylan Kurtulus all provide interior art, with Alex Heywood on cover art. 

The project expands on the themes of isolation and redemption that punctuated Wonderland’s third full-length album of the same name, released last May. After enduring cataclysmic life shifts, Wonderland felt a deep lull that coincided with the global pandemic, ultimately allowing the musician to reflect and find empowerment throughout the following months. 

The Loner graphic novel witnesses the acclaimed DJ and musician channel those themes into a dimension-spanning, psychedelic personal journey of creation and loss. The project explores the waves of panic, grief, and forgiveness that come with the highs and lows of making something beautiful. Ranging from real-life conflicts of bullying and anxiety to otherworldly sci-fi dealing with metaphysical monsters, Loner also features a fully-playable fantasy RPG module complete with character sheets and map.  

Loner will be available in both softcover and hardcover formats. Deluxe editions include a hand-signed edition of the book, four prints, a limited edition CD of the album with exclusive art, and custom pair of Crocs shoewear. Loner will release in winter 2023. 


Ice-T, Arabian Prince, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Treach, and Z2 Comics Unite for New Gangster Graphic Novel, Death for Hire: The Origin of Tehk City

Z2 Comics has announced Death for Hire: The Origin of Tehk City, a new hard-crime graphic novel prelude to a massive IP universe that will span animation, music, toys, NFTs, and beyond. Created by iconic musician and actor Ice-T, founding NWA member Arabian Prince, and Award-Winning artist Tommy The Animator, the graphic novel introduces a brutal ensemble of pushers and murderers in a world where the line between anti-hero and arch-villain blurs quickly. Death for Hire: The Origin of Tehk City is edited by Z2’s Rantz Hoseley, with Josh Bernstein of Z2 Comics and Shannon Eric Denton of Monster Forge Productions serving as executive producers. 

Within these pages, crooked Mayor Chuck Davis (Ice-T), his deadly female assassin Rhonda Knuckles (Coco), and right-hand-man Maniac Max (Treach) navigate the savage law of the street. With his hands busy in everything from money laundering to hired hits, Davis tries to stay one step ahead of the competition in the Round Table Gang—Benny Tang (Ben Baller), Azul Michoacan (Emilio Rivera), and Vinny “Pipes” Roselli (Jeffrey Peterson)—who have controlled the black market undercurrent of Tehk City for years. But information comes at a price, especially when purchased from Pretty Black (Snoop Dogg), whose black market network feeds him intelligence from the furthest reaches of Tehk City. Davis and his crew will soon learn that grabbing power from the top dog can take you sky high or drag you to the grave. 

A murderer’s row of rap luminaries and pop culture icons will serve as the likeness and voices within the upcoming Tehk City animated series. In addition to iconic producer Dr. Dre providing an original score for the animated series, each rap artist will write and perform a custom theme for their character. The following talent will be involved and voice a character in the animated series:  

  • Ice-T as Mayor Chuck Davis
  • Coco as Rhonda Knuckles
  • Snoop Dogg as Pretty Black
  • Tracy Morgan as Thirsty Mike
  • Busta Rhymes as Killa Whale
  • Mike Epps as Louiie
  • Treach as Maniac Maxx
  • Arabian Prince as Kenyatta Prince 
  • Peter Scanavino as Slimm Roselli 
  • Roxanne Shanté as Officer Petty
  • Ben Baller as Benny Tang
  • Styles P as Barkim
  • Tone Trump as Bones
  • Emilio Rivera as Azul Michoacan
  • Tommy The Animator as Tommy Chrome
  • Shannon Eric Denton as Dropout

Death for Hire: The Origin of Tehk City is created by Ice-TArabian Prince, and Tommy The Animator, with a script by Gary Phillips and illustrations by Montos.

Death for Hire: The Origin of Tehk City will be available in standard hardcover and deluxe hardcover editions. The deluxe hardcover will come with movie poster art prints and collector’s cards. Oversized platinum editions will come signed by Ice-TArabian Prince, and Tommy the Animator and come with an elegant slipcase, classic movie poster-style art prints, collector card packs, an ultra-rare Mayor Chuck Davis foil card, and the first-ever Tehk City NFT collection featuring a Chuck Davis NFT. Death for Hire: The Origin of Tehk City will release in summer 2023

Z2 Comics and Jamie Hewlett Resurrect the Gorillaz Co-Founder’s Anarchic Comic in New Art Book, Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee

Following the releases of The Gorillaz Almanac and The Gorillaz Art BookZ2 Comics will once more collaborate with artist and design luminary Jamie Hewlett with Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee, a new oversized art book featuring the comic and show that serve as the kinetic missing link between Tank Girl and Gorillaz

Written and curated by Phoo Action co-author Mat Wakeham and featuring original designs by Hewlett, the book will present the full trajectory of what would become the cult sensation—from the Get the Freebies comic strip first presented in UK magazine The Face from 1996 to 1997, to the 2008 Phoo Action BBC pilot and beyond. 

Meticulously assembled by Wakeham with forewords that serve as an oral history of the evolving project, Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee shows the origins of Whitey Action, a cynical teen and potty-mouthed heroine, alongside Terry Phoo, a hapless kung-fu super cop. Born from counter-culture superhero chic and hyperactive pre-millennial angloism, the comic features the pair waging a two-person war against the mutant Freebies gang—led by an outlandish, hysterical crime boss with a basketball for a head.

For the first time, this book will collect the entirety of the 12-part Get the Freebies comic in English, alongside a cover piece from Hewlett—the first new official comic art of Terry and Whitey to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee will also include a never-before-seen introductory comic to a planned second season that was never produced, with a prose novel from Wakeham detailing the rest of the chapters. The novel will feature original illustrations from iconic comic artist Philip Bond. A treasure trove of unseen development and character artwork from Hewlett presents a definitive and exhaustive timeline of this underground masterpiece. 

Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee will come in a standard hardcover and deluxe hardcover with a clamshell cover. The deluxe hardcover will come with enamel pins, magnets, and embroidered patches. Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee will release in early Winter.

Z2 Comics and Nothing More weave a supernatural tale with Nothing More: Spirits Vol. 1

Z2 Comics has announced a collaboration with multi-GRAMMY nominated hard rock quartet Nothing More for Nothing More: Spirits Vol. 1, a graphic novel that will dive deeper into the mystical narrative behind the band’s upcoming LP of the same name, due October 14th via Better Noise Music. Writer Dan Watters and artist Christian Rosado join the band for a story that ignites in 1952 and spans decades, driven by four disparate souls as their spirit selves search for greater purpose. Their trajectories will weave through continents and neighboring lives, building off Nothing More’s arcanic Spirits Test and Spirit Types—an original system developed by lead singer Jonny Hawkins

Guitarist Mark Vollelunga proposed a deeper exploration to be revealed in the comic, debuting in late winter 2023

Z2 Comics and Nothing More present Nothing More: Spirits Vol. 1 in hardcover, as well as an oversized hardcover deluxe, and an oversized hardcover deluxe hand-signed edition. Ghonz provides cover art. Nothing More will offer an exclusive softcover “Tour” edition with cover art courtesy Christian Rosado at store.nothingmore.net. Deluxe editions include an ornamental octahedron as well as four (4) Spirit Art Prints and Spirit Cards representing the eight (8) Spirit Types.

SDCC 2022: Z2 Comics at San Diego: Major Lazer, Jason Derulo, Emily Hampshire, Last Podcast on the Left & More!

Z2 Comics

Z2 Comics is rocking Comic-Con International in San Diego with a flurry of talent and panels spotlighting its current and upcoming graphic novels. On Thursday, DiploWalshy Fire, and Ape Drums—better known as the globally celebrated electro-reggae epiphany Major Lazer—will introduce their new graphic novel, Year Negative One, alongside creative director/cartoonist Ferry Gouw.

On Friday, Schitt’s Creek breakout star Emily Hampshire will show an exclusive preview of her upcoming graphic novel, Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch, opening a door to an enchanting new world where the mundane and mystical collide in hilarious, charming, and touching ways. Also on Friday: the morbid, mischievous trio behind The Last Podcast on the LeftBen KisselHenry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks—will haunt the halls of the San Diego Convention Center with pages from The Last Comic Book on the Left, alongside contributor and famed actor David Dastmalchian (Count Crowley, Suicide Squad). Prepare to snicker and shriek. 

All of these panelists will partake in signings at the Z2 Comics Booth—2621. (Check the full schedule below for details.) Other signings include:
• Spencer Charnas (lead singer of Ice Nine Kills, co-writer Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood)
• Phillip Sevy (Artist, Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood)
• Charlie Benante (Anthrax, Pantera, Writer/Artist Anthrax: Among the Living)
• Carla Harvey (The Butcher Babies, Writer, Pantera: Vulgar Display of Power)
• Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner (Creative Team, Blondie: Against the Odds)
• Steve Niles (Writer, Dio: Holy Diver)
• Brittany & Brianna Winner (Writers, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: 40×40)
• Chris Miskiewicz & Vincent Kings (Creative Team, This Is Where We Fall)
• Jazzlyn Stone & Liana Kangas (Writer/Artist, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: 40×40)

And in a very special appearance, R&B megastar Jason Derulo will sign copies of his upcoming graphic novel, UZO, on Sunday.

Z2 Comics’ full San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Schedule below!   

Thursday, 7/21/2022

Z2 Comics: Major Lazer: Year Negative One
1:00PM – 2:00PM 
Room: 5AB

Major Lazer has been making the world smaller by making the party bigger since 2008, merging the worlds of dance hall, reggaeton, afrobeat, and beyond through the eclectic collaboration of DiploWalshy Fire, and Ape Drums. At the center of this collective stands the eponymous figure—a man defined by his lethal bionic arm and equally lethal beats. Discover Jamaica’s greatest hero in Major Lazer: Year Negative One, a new graphic novel written and drawn by Major Lazer art director Ferry Gouw. Join Major Lazer’s own Diplo, Walshy Fire, Ape Drums, and Gouw for an exclusive look into a world of vampires, zombies, and brawling club owners during this essential panel on the making of a modern cross-media action icon. Moderated by Ryan Downey (MTV, Loudwire). 
• Brittany & Brianna Winner (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: 40×40): 11:00 – 12:00
• Major Lazer: 2:15 – 3:15
• Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills) & Phillip Sevy: 4:00 – 5:00

Friday, 7/22/2022

Z2 Comics: The Last Comic Book on the Left with Ben, Marcus, Henry, and Special Guest David Dastmalchian, 10:30AM – 11:30AM
Room: 10

Ben KisselMarcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski have been filling our ears with laughs and shrieks for over a decade with The Last Podcast on the Left. This summer, their hilarious, obsessively-researched tales of the morbid and morose transcended mediums for The Last Comic Book on the Left, a chilling anthology filled with Last Podcast icons including Detective Popcorn, the Sandown Clown, and John Wayne Gacy. Join the trio and Last Comic writer/rad actor David Dastmalchian (Count CrowleySuicide Squad) for a hilarious panel filled with tons of heart—both metaphorical and literal. Moderated by Z2 Comics Publisher Joshua Frankel.

Z2 Comics: Emily Hampshire Conjures Magic with Amelia Aierwood
5:30PM – 6:30PM
Room: 24ABC

This autumn, actress Emily Hampshire will cast a spell of delight and whimsy over readers with Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch. The breakout star of Schitt’s Creek and the upcoming sci-fi series The Rig will jump from the screen to the panel in the charming tale of a black-sheep witch struggling in the shadow of her reality-show family. Join Emily as she shows an exclusive, enchanting preview of her upcoming graphic novel. Moderated by Nerdist Editor-in-Chief Amy Ratcliffe
• Steve Niles (Dio: Holy Diver): 11:00 – 12:00
• Last Podcast on the Left: 12:00 – 1:00
• Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills) & Phillip Sevy (Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood): 1:30 – 2:30
• Charlie Benante (Anthrax) & Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies): 3:00-4:00
• Emily Hampshire: 4:00 – 5:00

Saturday, 7/23/2022

• Last Podcast on the Left: 11:00 – 12:00
• Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner (Blondie: Against the Odds): 1:00 – 2:00
• Charlie Benante (Anthrax) & Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies): 2:00 – 3:00
• Chris Miskiewicz & Vincent Kings (This Is Where We Fall): 3:00 – 4:00

Sunday, 7/24/2022

• Jason Derulo (UZO): 11:00 – 12:00
• Jazzlyn Stone & Liana Kangas (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: 40×40): 1:00 – 2:00

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