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Review: Mr. Butterchips: A Collection of Cantankerous Commentary

Mr. Butterchips: A Collection Of Cantankerous Commentary

As incendiary as the news cycle is these days, it’s hard to imagine a simpler time. A time where discussing politics was an uncomplicated disagreement at best and not a blood sport. There was a time where right and wrong were varied along party lines but now the differences between liberals and conservatives are a solid moral line. The spread of misinformation just adds to this nightmare cycle of fake news and irrational pundits.

The liberal side has a few “loud” voices who often get held back by their moral compasses making them pause to take the “high road”. Bill Maher is considered one of the most vocal liberal voices who sees this line wider by the minute. Alex Schumacher also has as his Mr. Butterchips comic gives readers that rare unfiltered truthful yet comical view of right-wing derangement. In the first collected volume of Mr. Butterchips: A Collection Of Cantankerous Commentary, Schumacher gives an unvarnished yet comical look at the times we live in.

As one of the first comics in the collection gets into the ridiculousness of internet celebrity while another espouses the pressure of having a different relationship and going against societal norms. We find Butterchips in a different comic expressing the frustration most of America has with Donald Trump when he ran for president and how we didn’t have any strong choices, which where Schumacher gives a rather irreverent and interesting alternative. In another comic, he faces harassment when out with his girlfriend from a Trump supporter, where they spout a form of racism and xenophobia, for which the right-wing is most known for in present times. In one comic, Butterchips gives a sanctuary to Bees who have traveled thousands of miles and illustrates brilliantly how fogged your moral compass must be not to give respite to the downtrodden. One of my favorite comics is his tribute to Chris Cornell,  as Schumacher’s love for the singer rings true within the panels. Another one of my favorites is the impertinence of the “war on Xmas”, where Schumacher skillfully dissects how moronic the argument really is. The “Alt-Right Reaction Figures” dives into how outlandish and anachronistic these archetypes are, despite their very real existence. The “Pro-Life” cartoon is an excellent example of just how this argument is incredibly uninformed. The last comic, where Butterchips makes a trip to San Francisco is the perfect bookend, as it surmises what the character is about and how provides a voice to the voiceless. If you wished had someone like Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm in comics, then Mr  Butterchips is for you. As his irreverence will immediately remind you of Larry David and Ray Romano, his heart will remind you of Ricky Gervais and Billy Crystal, his relevancy will remind you of Dave Chappelle and Iliza Schlesinger and his spot-on comic timing will remind you of George Carlin and Robert Klein. Schumacher’s brilliance and timeliness of subject matter make this a  MUST READ  as he makes the reader laugh as much as he makes you think.

Overall, an excellent book which both pushes boundaries and pushes the reader to take inventory of their own belief systems. The stories are by Schumacher, are powerful, funny and relevant in more ways than most books. The art by Schumacher is simply gorgeous. Altogether, a book you will want to pick up and buy for your best friend, as this is that one in a million.

Story: Alex Schumacher Art: Alex Schumacher
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Mr. Butterchips Gets His First Collected Edition from SLG Publishing

Mr. Butterchips, the ill-tempered monkey with zero patience for right-wing alarmists, is getting his first collected edition with the SLG Publishing release of Mr. Butterchips: A Collection of Cantankerous Commentary!

Written and illustrated by cartoonist Alex Schumacher, Mr. Butterchips first appeared in the pages of Drunk Monkeys magazine in 2016. Beginning life as an homage to the underground comix of the 60’s and 70’s, Mr. Butterchips eventually took a hard left turn and became an ongoing political commentary following the 2016 presidential election.

Mr. Butterchips: A Collection of Cantankerous Commentary assembles the 45 previously published strips which appeared in Drunk Monkeys and adds a 22-page standalone acid trip of a story entitled “Psychotropic San Francisco Sojourn”. Also included in the collection are a brief history of the character’s genesis, a foreword by editor Kevin Ketner, and a gallery of pinups by artists like Keith Knight.

SLG Publishing To Release New Kevin Sacco Graphic Novel in August

The silent graphic novel Josephine, Kevin Sacco’s first work since his acclaimed The Plane Story, shows us the emotional journey of a young boy with a complicated family life as he discovers the realities of racial inequality during a journey from his comfortable  from his Upper West Side comforts to his nanny’s home/neighborhood haunts in Harlem. At the heart of this narrative is the bond the boy shares with Josephine—until a sinister plot twist casts a dark shadow on their relationship.

Josephine is a 132 page black and white graphic novel from SLG Publishing. Set for an August 2017 release, Josephine will have a $12.95 cover price and will be available at select comic book shops and through Amazon.com. It’s ISBN # is 978-1-59362-286-2

Alternative Press Expo Brings Independent Comics Back to San Jose

The original event for independent comics fans and creators returns to San Jose! SLG Publishing has announced that the Alternative Press Expo (APE) will take place September 23 and 24 at the San Jose Convention Center, further cementing its legacy as a celebratory tribute to all independent comics publishers and creators.

This year, APE is proud to host award-winning artist John “Derf” Backderf as its Featured Guest Artist. The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award winner is among the most widely read independent comics creators, and best known for his work on Trashed, Punk Rock & Trailer Parks, and international bestseller My Friend Dahmer, which is currently in development as a major motion picture. Backderf is the latest in a grand tradition of featured artists for APE, which in previous years has included Gene Luen Yang, Jimmie Robinson, Malachi Ward, and many more.

Exhibitor booth space is still available for APE 2017, with open registration tickets available.

Tickets for APE 2017 go on sale in June with weekend passes for $20, and day passes for $15. Teachers and librarians will be admitted free of charge when they pre-register for the event, and as always, retailers will retain free admission to the show.

SDCC 2015: Jhonen Vasquez SLG Publishing Booth Signing Schedule

250px-JTHM1SLG Publishing has announced Jhonen Vasquez’s signing schedule for San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Vasquez is an official guest of Comic-Con this year as he and SLG mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1. In addition to his signing there will also be a Johnny/Jhonen Vasquez Spotlight panel.

SLG Publishing is located at booth 1815 next to DC Comics.

Thursday July 9

SLG Booth Signing – 2:30-4:00

Jhonen Vasquez Spotlight Panel – 5:00 pm  Room 32AB

Friday July 10

Signing SLG Booth – 4:00-5:00

Saturday July 11

Signing SLG Booth – 6:00-7:00

Sunday July 12

SLG Booth Signing 4:00-5:00

Also appearing at the SLG Booth will be creators Aaron Alexovich (Serenity Rose), Drew Rausch (Haunted Mansion, Winchester), Crab Scrambly, Jef Bambas (Model A), John Hageman (Woodland Welfare Manifesto), Matthew Ritter and Adam Elbahtimy (Nova Phase).

Chip in and Help Save Slave Labor Graphics

slave-labor-graphics-300Established in 1986, Slave Labor Graphics (SLG Publishing) has put out some of the most iconic comics of the past 30 years like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, Milk & Cheese and more. Much of my reading list in high school was filled with their comics.

Times have changed and owner Dan Vado has turned to GoFundMe in hopes of raising $85,000 to help get the company back on it’s feet. He writes honestly as to where it’s at, and what lead to the situation:

Having weathered through three recessions and market downturns too numerous to count, SLG has long maintained an even keel through turbulent times. However the past few years a perfect storm of bad luck, bad economy and, yes, bad decisions have left the company on a terrible financial footing.

For a small business with a small staff, SLG maintains a fairly large footprint in the physical sense. Warehousing and storage account for a pretty large portion of the company’s budget.

Recently we were forced to relocate because our old building was being torn down. At the time I had a couple of choices, close up altogether or try and make a go of it somewhere else.
Not wanting to turn my back on a 28 year old business (which was struggling to begin with) I decided to try and keep going, adding a retail component to our storefront that we did not have before and add some other revenue streams to our gallery store as well as our publishing company like doing contract t-shirt printing and hosting live music. Sure, the smart thing to do was to just quit, but then publishing comics was never a really smart thing either, so go figure.

We had a line of credit, a couple of them, which I used to relocate with (this after a couple of different crowd-funding initiatives did not fund).

After running up our credit line during the move our bank decided to review our account and decided that the balance on the credit line was too high and, in their infinite wisdom, demanded immediate repayment in the form of a high-interest loan. This created a domino effect where, when reporting the change in my credit status to the various credit bureaus caused them all to cut my credit and in a couple of cases close my accounts.

Because of the nature of my businesses all of our debt was secured through personal guarantees and now I am in a spot where not only am I unable to get my business righted, but I have blown through all of my personal assets other than the home I live in to keep things going.

A simple bankruptcy for me is not an option as everything comes back to me anyway, so as much as this pains me to go this route I am asking for people’s assistance in helping me and my company get back on our feet. We are still in business right now, still trying to put out comics and are still running our gallery store and I am trying to keep both of these things running. However the revenue from comics publishing is not enough to keep us open AND pay down our debt.

We have exhausted all of the typical means of raising money, crowd-funding and sales eith pretty decent discounts being a couple of them. I am taking the GoFundMe approach because this is going to be an ongoing thing for the next couple of years. This isn’t something Kickstarter would touch anyway.

So, thanks for reading this and thanks for donating if you donate.

You can chip in now to help out, even $5 gets them to their goal.

SLG Announces a New comic from Gerry Alanguilan, creator of Elmer


I missed her, without even knowing her. Was that even possible?

SLG Publishing has announced a new comic novel Where Bold Stars Go To Die, written by Gerry Alanguilan, creator of the acclaimed Elmer: A Story About Chickens, and illustrated by Arlanzandro C. Esmena. The exquisitely drawn tale plumbs the depths of human dreams and desire, as the main character Daniel develops an all-consuming obsession with a long-forgotten sex starlet, a ‘Bold Star’, who were soft-core actresses – not porn stars or prostitutes – that had a  profound influence on Philippine culture and bled into the underground pulp Bomba Komiks of the 60s and 70s

Alanguilan’s affection for these maligned Bomba Komiks inspired him to create a Bomba-styled story with ‘depth, intelligence and substance’; which was also a  reaction against the 2009 Anti-Obscenity Bill, which attempted to censor all nudity in any Philippine media, regardless of the artist’s intentions. The artist, Arlan Esmena, a successful architect, vlogging partner and close friend of Alanguilan’s, passed away from cancer shortly after finishing the book, drew in a style reminiscent of classic pin-up art, Esmena’s ‘Bold Stars’ are alluring creatures who embody the earthy and ethereal qualities found in the most luminous of sexpots, paying homage to this distinctly Philippine phenomenon.

Together, Alanguilan and Esmera weave a tenderly-told story that casts a light on the uncharted territories of human longing for larger-than-life erotic icons, some of whom continue to ignite the most intimate of acts long past their prime; able to eclipse the finality of old age or death.   Where Bold Stars Go To Die is a lyrical exploration of nostalgia, impotent longing, and the power of fantasy to transcend the boundary between dream and reality.

Where Bold Stars Go To Die is a 72 page graphic novel coming in December 2013 from SLG Publishing, which also published Alanguilan’s acclaimed Elmer graphic novel. Going against policy, Bold Stars is being released as a print comic first before a digital release.

Where Bold Stars Go To Die is priced at $7.95 and has an isbn of 978-1-59362-281-7 and is set for a December 2013 release.

Review: Rebel Angels #1

turner-rebel-angels-1Did you ever wonder what Milton’s Paradise LostFoster’s Home for Imaginary Children, and Monsters, Inc. would be like if it were set during a revolutionary war in Hell? No, you probably haven’t, because why on earth would you?! If, however, that mash-up sounds appealing, then you might think about checking out James Turner‘s Rebel Angels #1 from Slave Labor Graphics.

Rebel Angels #1 is a 70-page comic that is, as best I can put it, quite singular. Although it’s advertised as a Paradise Lost and Monsters, Inc. mash-up, it’s more of a vulgar and absurd story about hellions and their personal lives than it is anything inspired by Paradise Lost. The only Milton inspiration in the comic is the rare quotes, and the fact that it’s set in Hell…as far as I can tell, it could just as easily (and wrongly) be called an Inferno adaptation.

I didn’t particularly enjoy Rebel Angels, except for the art. Turner’s script is charmingly fun to read, but not really captivating; I wasn’t incredibly engaged in the story. As such, it would work well as a comic for youngins, if not for references to anilingus and violent beheading and the like, so it occupies an awkward position between readerships. At least in my opinion, though I know plenty of adults who appreciate TV shows like Adventure Time, and I do like DC’s animated shows, but I couldn’t really jive to the script.

Turner’s art, however, is fantastic, a beautiful and strange blend of cartoonish animation a la Craig McCracken (Foster’s HomePowerpuff Girls) and an intense focus on architecture and background detail. Though I was not a huge fan of the story (in fact, I had a hard time being interested enough to follow the story), I would easily plaster a wall with the art from Rebel Angels #1.

James Turner’s Rebel Angels #1 is certainly a comic worth reading, if not to oogle at the art, and who knows, maybe you’ll be a fan of the story as well. It can’t hurt to pick up 70 pages of great, fun art for a solid price. It should be available soon on the SLG website, so check things out there if you’re interested.

Story and Art: James Turner
Story: 4 Art: 8 Overall: 6 Recommendation: Read

Slave Labor Graphics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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CBR – Dan Vado Discusses the Future of SLG Publishing A good read and great company to support.

Spinoff Online – Deadpool is ‘Like the Worst Relationship I’ve Ever Had,’ Says Ryan ReynoldsI want this movie with Reynolds!!!

Stash My Comics – Geek Cinema: Confessions of a Terrible Critic An interesting a funny read.

Deadline – Lakeshore Acquires Movie Rights To Graphic Novel ‘The Sword’I’m waiting for the complete bottom of the barrel to be optioned.

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CBR – Earth 2 #14

SLG Has Been Doing it For Years….

Earlier today we began to report on Image Comics‘ decision to go DRM free and the hyperbolic and factually incorrect reporting that went along with it. From the original Wired piece.

It has also essentially prevented the comic book readership (or at least, the legal comic book readership) from truly owning any of the books they buy. At least until this morning, when comic book publisher Image Comics announced at its Image Expo convention that it will now sell all of its digital comics as downloadable via its website for both desktop and mobile users, making it the first major U.S. publisher to offer DRM-free digital versions of comics.

Except that isn’t true and Dan Vado, owner of SLG Publishing spoke out about that on Facebook.

Dan Vado SLG Publishing DRMThat’s on top of DriveThru Comics which is a DRM free digital platform (though they do mark the bottom of PDFs with a unique identifier), 215 Ink, Archaia, Top Cow (an Image imprint) and the numerous other creators who have been doing this exact same thing for years.

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