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Mera: Tidebreaker

It’s new comic book day tomorrow! What’s everyone excited for? What do you plan on getting? Sound off in the comments below! While you decide on that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

CBLDF – Drama and This One Summer Named in Top 11 Most Frequently Challenged and Banned – Sigh…

Comicbook – ‘Preacher’ Season 4 to Be Final Season, Premiere Date Announced – Not too surprising.

Newsarama – Tenika Davis Joins Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy – Looking forward to this series.


The Beat – Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America
Mera: Tidebreaker

Mondo Reveals Statues for Preacher’s Jesse Custer and Cassidy

Based on characters from AMC‘s hit series Preacher, we’re thrilled to release two statues based on Jesse Custer and Cassidy! Both statues are inspired by original artwork by the incredibly talented Rory Kurtz, and the Mondo Exclusive versions of each statue includes an 18″x24″ screen print.

Jesse Custer Statue

Approx. 10” in height  Material: Polystone. Artists: Matthew Black, Mara Ancheta, Jason Wires Productions, Rory Kurtz. Expected to Ship 1st Quarter of 2019.
Regular Version – $240 (Payment Plan Available)
Mondo Exclusive Version – $250 (Payment Plan Available)

Jesse Custer is a small town preacher with a criminal past and a newly discovered superpower to command others to do as he says. When Jesse learns God is missing, he makes it his personal mission to find Him. He hits the road with his badass girlfriend, Tulip, and best friend Cassidy on a crazy search to either help God if He’s in trouble or to kick His ass. The Jesse Custer statue is based on a painting by artist Rory Kurtz, capturing not only the physical details of the character but painted to feature the dramatic lighting in the artwork as well. The statue depicts Jesse in repose, enjoying a smoke while brushing up on The Word, with a special coffee can hiding out behind him…

Cassidy Statue

Approx. 12” in height  Material: Polystone. Artists: Matthew Black, Mara Ancheta, Jason Wires Productions, Rory Kurtz. Expected to Ship 1st Quarter of 2019. 
Regular Version – $240 (Payment Plan Available)
Mondo Exclusive Version – $250 (Payment Plan Available)

Cassidy is a vice-loving vampire who’s proud to join his best friend, Jesse, on his search for God. The Cassidy statue is based on a painting by artist Rory Kurtz, capturing not only the physical details of the character, but painted to feature the dramatic lighting in the original artwork as well. The statue depicts Cassidy taking a breather from one nighttime activity and getting warmed up for another.

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here and we’re getting ready for a fun, geeky, relaxing weekend here at GP HQ. What fun things will our readers be doing? Sound off in the comments.

While you wait for the weekend to begin, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

Capeless Crusader – Marvel Movies and Star Wars Are Moving to Disney’s Streaming Service – Does this impact your viewing habits?

Newsarama – One Million Moms are Praying for Preacher’s Cancellation & Targeting Febreze & Verizon – And we’re praying for One Million Moms’ cancellation.

DC Comics – Breaking News: Titans Lands its Hawk and Dove – Who else is excited for this one?

The Beat – Drew Goddard will direct X-Force starring Ryan Reynolds – This’ll be an interested one!


Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – Go Go Power Rangers #2

CBR – Motor Crush #6

TV Review: Preacher S2E2 Mumbai Sky Tower

Preacher-PosterJesse, Tulip, and Cassidy track a lead from Heaven; the trio tries to learn more about the Cowboy’s identity and why he wants to kill them..

Preacher gives us a second episode in two days as the adventures of Tulip, Jesse, and Cassidy continues as they search for God which takes them to a familiar face.

The second episode does an excellent job of building upon the first explaining more of what we’ve seen and also keeping up the energy and craziness. One thing that has always stuck with me about the original comic series this show is based on is that so much of what is presented is over the top. Someone doesn’t get shot, their head explodes or jaw gets ripped off. That’s prevelant allowing the viewer to not take the show too serious. But, with that humor, there’s still a lot of depth.

This episode of course has characters on the journey that’s a search for God, but there’s some small nods like a sick child asking an angel his trick as to how he returns from being dead. There’s some interesting material to debate there. And moments like that are mixed in with long montages involving copious amounts of drugs and alcohol being consumed. There’s also some mocking gun culture in the beginning and the concept of folks being armed can stop a killer. For a show that has some puerile humor, there’s a lot to debate in this episode.

Of course the trio that anchors the show continues to shine with performances that are beyond fun and entertaining. There’s so much packed into this episode and the previous that this is probably one of the best season debuts I’ve seen of a series in a long time. It’s setup of what’s to come is done in a way that treats the audience intelligently and spread out throughout the two episodes. We get pieces of the puzzle that comes together by the end of the second.

Two episodes in and it’s already one impressive bloody debut and if it’s any indication what’s the come will be a wild ride that very well may push television. I’m beyond excited as the second season so far feels like it takes some of the best aspects of the first and giving us a cross country trip full of sex, violence, and insanity.



Overall Rating: 8.55

TV Review: Preacher S2E1 On the Road

Preacher-PosterJesse, Tulip, and Cassidy begin the search to find God; the trio realize that a killer cowboy from Hell is following them.

Preacher kicks of the second season with our trio taking a roadtrip with a goal of finding God. Though it’s been months since we last saw the series, it feels like it has been no time at all with slick violence, solid humor, and a direction that feels like it adhears a bit closer to the comics.

Full of humor Tulip, Jesse, and Cassidy, are a fun group that has a quirky tension about them and an interaction that feels super natural. That’s one of the things that has always stood out about the series, the fact all of the actors, no matter how small a role, feel like their interactions are natural in a way that’s rare in entertainment. There’s also a mission for the three that gives the series a bit more of a focus and direction and that direction is more like the comic series.

That’s something that I had an issue with when it came to the first season, the series veered from the comis which caught me off guard, but I eventually came to love the series. This first episode though gives us two aspects that are straight from the comics, the search for God and also the Saint of Killers who is on the warpath for the three.

The Saint of Killers brings the action and gives us a bloody surprise as his bullets fly and provides a style that feels like a Tarrantino film when it comes to the over the top violence. Heads explode. Jaws are blow out. Intestines are used to siphon gas. It’s over the top and slick.

Most importantly, it’s entertaining. Preacher feels like it hasn’t missed a beat at all and with the clear focus I’m excited to see where the series goes and what it mines for the second season. This is a hell of a start that gives us the beginning of what feels like one hell of a ride.

Overall Rating: 8.35

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What geeky things will folks be doing? Anyone seeing Logan? Sound off in the comments below!

While you wait for work or school to let out and the weekend begins, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

The Beat – A Year of Free Comics: Culottes by Pénélope Bagieu covers notable women in history – Free comics. Go read it!

CBR – Alex Ross Shares Superhero Image He Drew at Age 12 – This is pretty cool.

Comics Alliance – ‘Preacher’ Season 2 Adds ‘Game of Thrones’ Alum, Plus Herr Starr? – This could get interesting.

The Beat – 10 Comics That Sell Better As Books Than As Single Issues – An interesting list.


Around the Tubes Reviews

ICv2 – Skydoll: Spaceship Collection HC

Newsarama – Wonder Woman #18

NECA Shows Off 7″ Preacher Figures

NECA has revealed new action figures from Preacher, the hit AMC series based on the cult classic Vertigo comic!

The series follows a Texas preacher named Jesse Custer, who is inhabited by a mysterious entity that causes him to develop a highly unusual power: the ability to make people do his bidding with just a word. The assortment includes Jesse and Cassidy (a hedonistic Irish vampire who becomes Jesse’s best friend), both with authorized likenesses of their actors.

Each fully poseable figure stands approximately 6 3/4” tall and comes with character-specific accessories.

TV Review: Preacher S1E10 Call and Response

Preacher-PosterIn the first-season finale, it’s the day the entire town has been waiting for, as Jesse tries to follow through on his promise to get answers from Heaven.

Preacher wraps up it’s first season with a rather bizarre episode that has Jesse racing against the clock to get things settled before the showdown at his church.

Before that, we finally find out the deal with Carlos and the whole “Pulp Fiction” time of Jesse and Tulip. That may be the best part of the episode.

There is some sort of resolution as Jesse, and his congregation, get some answers from Heaven. It’s all rather a bit weird and feels like it’s just the beginning of the show. And that’s part of what’s odd about this first season. These ten episodes have acted as a decompressed version of the comic stretching out things quite a bit.

This finale isn’t bad in any way. The ending takes a shift that I rather enjoyed after first disliking it. Fans of the comic series should be satisfied. While this is a final episode of the first season, it feels like the beginning as Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip begin their real journey, whatever that might be.

The acting as usual is entertaining and everyone is talented enough to keep watchers entertained and wanting to come back for a second season. No one really jumps out, but everyone is really solid. What does stand out is everyone’s ability to bring humor in even serious moments.

Some will likely be unhappy with this finale as it isn’t a finale at all, it’s a beginning, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes us from here. The first season leaves things in a rather strange spot as far as where things stand, one that’s very different than the comics. For better and for worse.

Overall Rating: 8.15

TV Review: Preacher S1E9 Finish the Song

Preacher-PosterJesse is on the run, while those around him face life-altering decisions. Meanwhile, the Cowboy returns to Ratwater to exact his revenge.

Preacher stumbles in some ways with what might be the weakest of the episodes as it focuses heavily on the Cowboy, but waiting until the end of the episode to give an idea of who he is and why we should care.

The Cowboy’s story is one of destruction and revenge as he shoots his way across the land killing anyone that stands in his way. We find out who he is at the end and why we should care, but its taken so long to get here it’s rather frustrating its taken so long.

It’s a long winding way to get to a point in the comics that was much quicker and much straightforward. And that’s part of the frustration of this series is it decompresses a lot of the first comic arc and drags thing out. Instead of quick paced storytelling, it’s a much longer narrative. Some will like this approach more, and in some ways it works, but other times it fails. And that’s a big thing of the series, some of it works better than the comic and some of the comic works better than the television series.

There’s some shocking moments in the episode though, and it continues to be entertaining in so many ways, but just when you think you’re getting some sort of cathartic showdown, things slow down and get stretched out.

There’s just one more episode left and hopefully it pays off in some way with some sort of conclusion… to something.

Overall Rating: 7.6

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