TV Review: Preacher S1E10 Call and Response

Preacher-PosterIn the first-season finale, it’s the day the entire town has been waiting for, as Jesse tries to follow through on his promise to get answers from Heaven.

Preacher wraps up it’s first season with a rather bizarre episode that has Jesse racing against the clock to get things settled before the showdown at his church.

Before that, we finally find out the deal with Carlos and the whole “Pulp Fiction” time of Jesse and Tulip. That may be the best part of the episode.

There is some sort of resolution as Jesse, and his congregation, get some answers from Heaven. It’s all rather a bit weird and feels like it’s just the beginning of the show. And that’s part of what’s odd about this first season. These ten episodes have acted as a decompressed version of the comic stretching out things quite a bit.

This finale isn’t bad in any way. The ending takes a shift that I rather enjoyed after first disliking it. Fans of the comic series should be satisfied. While this is a final episode of the first season, it feels like the beginning as Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip begin their real journey, whatever that might be.

The acting as usual is entertaining and everyone is talented enough to keep watchers entertained and wanting to come back for a second season. No one really jumps out, but everyone is really solid. What does stand out is everyone’s ability to bring humor in even serious moments.

Some will likely be unhappy with this finale as it isn’t a finale at all, it’s a beginning, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes us from here. The first season leaves things in a rather strange spot as far as where things stand, one that’s very different than the comics. For better and for worse.

Overall Rating: 8.15

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