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Actionverse Begins!

This week sees the release of Actionverse #0 from Action Lab Entertainment. It’s the first official team up of three of Action Lab’s creator owned superheroes, and the comic publisher has revealed the main covers for its next event!

Actionverse, a six issue weekly miniseries uniting the companies multiple superhero characters in a multiverse spanning story. The series will unite the characters from Molly Danger, Stray, Midnight Tiger, The F1rst Hero and the hero who helped launch the company five years ago, Virtue of the series Fracture. Written by Anthony Ruttgaizer, Jamal Igle, Shawn Gabborin, Vito Delsante, Ray-Anthony HeightSean Izaakse, who have been collaborating for almost two years is the largest independent crossover event of it’s kind. Each issue will sport an issue #1 but connect into a single storyline.

Actionverse #0 is in stores now with the Actionverse miniseries scheduled to launch in Spring 2016.

Molly Danger goes bi-monthly in 2016

Molly_Book_1_colors_rgb.flat_VH1 copyThe time has come. Former Supergirl artist and Molly Danger creator Jamal Igle has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund production of a bimonthly Molly Danger series. Igle, a 27-year veteran of the comic book industry launched the Molly Danger series three years ago with a Kickstarter campaign for the first book, raising $50,000 dollars. Igle is now looking to produce a six issue series. This comes on the heals of an attempt to fund book two and an audio edition failed to meet its goal.

The bi monthly series will begin shipping in July 2016 and will keep the same format as the first oversized hardcover. The Hardcovers will continue with Book Two as a 9×12 graphic album and each six-issue story arc will be collected as a comic sized trade paperback. The series will also be available digitally on Comixology.com utilizing their guided view technology.

Molly Danger is the story of Molly, a 10-year-old superhero who has been 10 years old for over two decades. While loved by the public and a virtual star, she’s lived a sheltered and protected life until a new member of her support team, Austin Briggs and his stepson Brian enter her life. The picks up after the first book ended, as the mysterious creator of Molly’s enemies, the Supermechs, returns to wreck havoc in Molly’s hometown of Coopersville N.Y. Igle will once again write and pencil the new book, with inks by Juan Castro.

Incentives for the new campaign include signed copies of both the hardcover versions of Molly Danger: Books One and Two, a print set featuring artwork from Mike Norton, Mike McKone, Agnes Garbowska, Steve Ellis, Jim Califiore, and more, a six issue Comixology subscription for the series which will feature bonus material and even an opportunity to become a reoccurring character in Molly Danger the series and have your likeness drawn by Igle. Stretch goals are planned as well.

The campaign is live and runs until Monday, July 20th.

Wondercon 2015: Molly Danger returns in April!

At his spotlight panel at this years’ Wondercon in Anaheim, California, Molly Danger creator and Action Lab Entertainment Vice President, Jamal Igle announced the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign for the long awaited second book in the Molly Danger series.

The Campaign will officially launch on Friday, April 17th and run for 30 days. Igle will once again team with Action Lab Entertainment and The Audiocomics company to produce both the second graphic album as well as the accompanying full cast audiobook featuring Robin Miles, Lance Roger Axt and William Dufris.

Molly Danger Vol 2

Action Lab in May 2014


Writer(s): Pavel Balabanov
Artist Name(s): Pavel Balabanov
Cover Artist(s): Pavel Balabanov
Variant cover: Pavel Balabanov

As Bo Plushy’s showdown with the “Roswell” gang and their boss, the Serpent (a.k.a. Puppet Master) continues, things aren’t what they appear! Does the Puppet Master have the voodoo teddy gangsta by the strings? Or is it the other way ‘round? Come on, it’s Bo!

Features a painted cover variant by series creator Pavel Balabanov!

32 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC $3.99

BoPlushyGangsta_issue3_cover_solicit BoPlushyGangsta_issue3_cover_variant_solicit

DRYSPELL # 1 (Bi-Monthly)

Writer(s): Ken Krekeler
Artist Name(s): Ken Krekeler
Cover Artist(s): Ken Krekeler
Variant cover: Ken Krekeler

Tom Ferris lives in a world of costumes and wonder. Figures streaking across the sky, hurling themselves over rooftops at night.

They are commonplace. But Tom doesn’t notice that world anymore. His world is made up of spreadsheets, phone bills, software, coffee, collared shirts. Every night, he lies awake, wishing to be the man he once was.

Today, Tom gets his wish. And the world will never forget him again. Features a  “design” cover variant by creator, Ken Krekeler!

32 pgs./All Ages/ FC $3.99

DrySpell_issue1_cover_solicit DrySpell_issue1_cover_variant_solicit


Writer(s): J.D. Arnold
Artist Name(s): Tony Guaraldi-Brown
Cover Artist(s): Tony Guaraldi-Brown

The Original Animal Zombie Epic collected for the first time!  Follow the terrifying tale of survival as a mutated rabies virus turns animals great and small into bloodthirsty, rampaging beasts.Civilization crumbles, and only a small group of farmers and scientists stand between us and total extinction!

Collects the entire first volume of the critically acclaimed horror series!!

160 pgs./Mature Readers/ FC $14.99



Writer(s): Jamal Igle
Artist(s): Jamal Igle (p), Juan Castro (i), Romulo Farjardo Jr. (c)
Cover Artist(s): Jamal Igle (p), Juan Castro (i), Romulo Farjardo Jr. (c)

Offered again! She’s the hero you’ve been waiting for! Eternally child-like and inhumanly strong, Molly Danger has protected the citizens of the once sleepy town of Coopersville, New York for the past 20 years from the terror of the sinister Supermechs. But what secrets from her past threaten to destroy everything she holds dear when new D.A.R.T. recruit Austin Briggs becomes her pilot?

48 pgs./ All Ages/ FC $19.99

Molly_Book_1_colors_rgb.flat_VH1 copy


Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artist(s): Emily Martin and Soojin Paek
Cover Artist(s): Soojin Paek and M. Goodwin

Adrienne is the Princess who rescued herself and she is determined to save every girl left locked away in a tower by their parents. But when Adrienne meets Raven, The Pirate Princess, she’ll learn that she’s not the only princess with a plan of her own!

Join Adrienne, Bedelia, and Raven for the beginning of a new and incredible chapter in the story of princesses who can do their own rescuing.

Jump onto the Princeless bandwagon for only a buck!

32 pgs./ All Ages/ FC $1.00



Writer(s): Jeremy Dale, Ray–Anthony Height, DeWayne Feenstra
Artist(s): Jeremy Dale, Ray–Anthony Height, (i) Note Lovett
Cover Artists(s): Jeremy Dale, Ray –Anthony Height

Behold the Berserkers! Quinn and crew find themselves facing uncomfortable truths as sins of the past come back to reveal themselves. Fans old and new won’t want to miss the first look at what’s on the horizon for Quinn and Jack! And in Midnight Tiger, sometimes all it takes to become a hero is an unfortunate incident and a single split second decision. The origin of Midnight Tiger!

32 pgs./ All Ages/ FC Free



Writer(s): Jeremy Dale
Artist Name(s): Jeremy Dale
Cover Artist(s): Jeremy Dale

All three TPBs of Jeremy Dale’s hit series SKYWARD in one handy package!  Follow the adventures of Quinn and his dog Jack as they face off against fantastic, terrible threats, meet new curious allies, and find a new life amidst the invasion of their homeland.

Collects Skyward #1-9 in three volumes!

288 pgs./ All Ages/ FC $24.99



Writer(s): Dan Mendoza, Brockton McKinney
Artist Name(s): Dan Mendoza, Larkin Ford
Cover Artist(s): Dan Mendoza, Larkin Ford

Are you bold enough to take a ride with Janey, the Zombie Tramp?!? If you pick her up, she might just share the story of how she came to be the street walking dead!! Be brave so you can be ready for her all new series following this special issue! You also get a mind shattering sneak preview from the second volume of the coolest comic series you haven’t read yet… Ehmm Theory!

32 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC Free



Writer(s): Dan Mendoza
Artist Name(s): Dan Mendoza
Cover Artist(s): Dan Mendoza

Synopsis: Everyone’s favorite street-walking dead returns! Janey the Zombie Tramp makes a mysterious new friend and together they board an express train to more fetish, gore, cartoon grindhouse mayhem in the style that fans of the series have come to love!

Are Janey’s budding undead powers enough to see her through another deadly adventure on the…Taint Train of Terror?

Collects the entire second volume just in time for the all new ongoing series relaunch!

128 pgs./Mature Readers/ FC $11.99


Action Lab Entertainment in February 2014


Writer(s): Brockton McKinney
Artist Name(s): Larkin Ford, (colors – Jason Strutz)
Cover Artist(s): Larkin Ford

Gabriel Ehmm was doing just fine until the morning he woke up… dead! Now, along with his talking kitten, Mr. Whispers, the two begin the wildest ride of their un-lives. Ehmm Theory Volume One collects the critically acclaimed mind-melting adventure that features all that plus pint-sized zombie clowns, giant cybernetic crustaceans, and a super-team of the bizarre!

Special Notes: Collects the first four critically-acclaimed (Fangoria, Aint It Cool News) issues of the break-out hit series.

112 pages/ Rated Mature $9.99



Writer(s): JD Arnold
Artist Name(s): Tony Guaraldi-Brown
Cover Artist(s): Tony Guaraldi-Brown

1 in 5 variant ratio variant: John (Super Ugly) Williams

As the opening arc comes to close, can Drs Stohr and Friedman escape the overrun facility at Lakehurst? Will the Michaels be forced from their family farm? And a major character falls! The end is just the beginning for this zombie animal epic!

Special Notes: Features the series’ first variant cover, part of Action Lab’s Ugly Love variant cover month.

32 pages/ Rated Mature $2.99

10946492575_5036ecf6cb_o 10946652044_b501ac5d78_o

FRACTURE VOL.2 # 3 (of 4)

Writer(s): Shawn Gabborin
Artist Name(s): Chad Cicconi (p/i), Bill Blankenship (c)
Cover Artist(s): Chad Cicconi (p/i), Bill Blankenship (c)

1 in 5 variant cover by John “super Ugly” Williams. 1 in 5 variant cover by Bill Blankenship.

In this penultimate issue of FRACTURE volume 2, the path of Virtue takes unexpected turns, and the troubles of Jeff and his alter-egos ensnare unintended victims. Jeff seeks help yet again from the dubious Doctor Atomic, and an electrifying secret is revealed!

Variant covers by Bill Blankenship (Double Jumpers) and John “Super Ugly” Williams celebrating Ugly Love month!

32 pages/ Rated PG $2.99

10946650894_22a4793588_o 10946651524_fa5799ba43_o 10946734483_09cd0f9e02_o

JACK HAMMER #2 (of 4)

Writer(s): Brandon Barrows
Artist Name(s): Ionic
Cover Artist(s): Ionic

Private investigator Jack McGriskin is a magnet for trouble–and this time it’s a doozy. Businessman Eddie Newman is dead and Jack has suspects, but can he make the charges stick? And more importantly, can be live long enough to? Stalked by a super-powered killer, Jack’s time is running out! Variant covers by Brett Weldele (The Surrogates) and John “Super Ugly” Williams!

1 in 5 variant cover by Brett Weldele
1 in 5 “Ugly Love” variant cover by John “Super Ugly” Williams

32 pages/ All Ages $2.99

10946549576_f6d1e05e37_o 10946652754_6107ed1997_o 10946736233_e019412864_o


Writer(s): Jamal Igle
Artist Name(s): Jamal Igle (p), Juan Castro (i), Romulo Farjardo Jr. (c)
Cover Artist(s): Jamal Igle (p), Juan Castro (i), Romulo Farjardo Jr. (c)

OFFERED AGAIN! She’s the hero you’ve been waiting for! Eternally child-like and inhumanly strong, Molly Danger has protected the citizens of the once sleepy town of Coopersville, New York for the past 20 years from the terror of the sinister Supermechs. But what secrets from her past threaten to destroy everything she holds dear when new D.A.R.T. recruit Austin Briggs becomes her pilot?

  • Written and drawn by Inkpot award winner Jamal Igle (Supergirl, KISS, G.I.Joe)
  • All ages action adventure
  • Great for fans of Ben 10, The Powerpuff girls and Cardcaptor Sakura

48 pages/ All Ages $19.99 9″x12″ Hardcover Album



Writer(s): Josiah Grahn
Artist Name(s): Carl Yonder
Cover Artist(s): Carl Yonder

Once a pirate with a keen eye for finding wealth in unlikely places, Smitty now lives exiled from the sea. Landlocked, he has carved out a new niche as a “finder,” a man who, for a price, will utilize the same skills that served him as a treasure-hunting scoundrel to unearth any item, person, or secret. As his reputation and caseload swell, Smitty must contend with the gangster who all but rules his new hometown, a dangerous collection of local brigands and politicians, and the pall of threats from old enemies. Through it all his focus on what he values most-his own success-never wavers. Though his circumstances have changed, in his chest still beats the heart of a pirate!

Special Notes: Collects the first four issues of the quarterly Pirate Eye comic. An all-new cover!

128 pages/ Rated PG $11.99



Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): M. Goodwin
Cover Artist(s): M. Goodwin

Be there for the epic conclusion of the first Princeless story! Adrienne and Bedelia are in deep trouble with the city guards, but they’re not about to back down! Fisticuffs will be had! Hijinks will ensue! Stereotypes will be challenged! Princeless! Variant “Ugly Love” cover by John “Super Ugly” Williams! 1 in 5 variant cover by John “Super Ugly” Williams

32 pages/ All Ages $2.99



Monthly Ongoing
Writer(s): Jeremy Dale
Artist Name(s): Jeremy Dale
Cover Artist(s): Chris Giarrusso

The Runaway hit series continues! At last, the decision is made…WAR! From rising star creator Jeremy Dale (GI Joe, Marvel Kapow!), this issue also features a stellar homage

RETAILER INCENTIVE variant cover by Chris Giarrusso (G-Man, Mini Marvels)!

32 pages/ All Ages $3.99

10946551536_7b426c0864_o 10946654394_e51f135342_o 10946737673_e875ee2fd8_o

ZOMBIE TRAMP #3 (of 4)

Writer(s): Dan Mendoza
Artist Name(s): Dan Mendoza
Cover Artist(s): Dan Mendoza
1 in 5 variant ratio variant: John (Super Ugly) Williams
1 in 5 incentive cover / nude variant: Pavel Balabanov

Janey’s zombie powers continue to evolve, while the passenger body count continues to rise, as the Taint Train of Terror chugs on! It’s an express ride of sex, gore, and cartoon grindhouse mayhem! Comes with 3 covers: regular cover by series artist Dan Mendoza, Ugly Love variant cover by Super Ugly, and “nude” incentive cover by Pavel Balabanov (Bo Plushy Gangsta).

Special Notes: Comes with 3 covers, regular cover by series artist Dan Mendoza, Ugly Love variant cover, and “nude” incentive cover by Pavel Balabanov (Bo Plushy Gangsta).

28 pages/ Rated Mature $2.99

10946552056_a8a39bf1c3_o10946552326_bd4ac285e7_o 10946738883_cbe3da7532_o

Action Lab Continues Expansion With Digital Debuts in October!

Action Lab Entertainment, who found success with their Danger Zone line, is releasing their much buzzed about digital line of comics, expanding their offering of creator-owned titles.

Released in conjunction with ComiXology at New York Comic Con, the publisher debuted two new titles, and new installments. And now, Action Lab follows that up with more new titles debuting exclusively in digital formats, from multiple applications, each week this October!

Here’s the line-up!


Molly Danger: Comics legend Jamal Igle‘s Molly Danger is already one of the hottest books to hit stores this year, and now the story continues in the digitally-exclusive guided view format! Whether it’s read in the luscious over-sized graphic album format, or the amazing digital reconfiguration, Molly Danger is all-ages high adventure with a story and art that adult fans will enjoy and bring fun and excitement back to the superhero genre with a totally fresh take on the genre!


Vamplets: Quite possibly the cutest little undead ever, Gayle Middleton‘s MIDDLETON’S Vamplets has been one of the hottest new properties here at Action Lab and now this cartoon gothic tale from the designer of My Little Ponies continues in its digitally-exclusive guided view format on comiXology! See what all the EXCITEMENT is about as a young woman finds out her new babysitting job might be more than she can handle!


Bo Plushy Gangsta: What if Teddy Ruxpin listened to NWA!? The outrageous and hysterical Bo Plushy Gangsta from Action Lab’s Mature Readers line Danger Zone and Russian video game artist Pavel Balabanov answer that question, and put the baddest man on the streets into the body of a teddy bear! Bo’s outlandish street-level exploits are available EXCLUSIVELY as a DIGITAL DEBUT, in Guided View format, before they hits print this January!

BoPlushyGangsta1_cover_digital_finalItty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land: More irreverent humor from Action Lab: Danger Zone, Dean Rankine‘s Itty Bitty Bunnies will appeal to fans of Happy Tree Friends and Ren and Stimpy, and the crazy antics of these butt-naked drug-tripping cartoon critters will be available EXCLUSIVELY in Guided View digital format before they hit print in 2014!


Zombie Tramp: She’s got the looks, now she wants the BRAAAAAIIINS!, The cult hit cartoon grind-house comic series Zombie Tramp by Dan Mendoza, has found a new home at Action Lab: Danger Zone. Now you can get to know The Street-walking Dead in this new volume via digital outlets before the sequel series hits stores later this month!


Crimson Society: In a world where the children of the night and mankind live together in a fragile peace, one young werewolf wants nothing more than to be just a man… Mike Hunau‘s Crimson Society joins the DIGITAL DEBUTS beginning with a new zero issue only available from Action Lab: Danger Zone in digital first format, just in time for Halloween!


Scum of the Earth: Finally, the sci-fi grindhouse extravaganza Scum of the Earth by Mark Bertolini and Rob Croonenborghs rears its alien-stompin’, ass-kickin’ head as another amazing DIGITAL DEBUT entry from Action Lab: Danger Zone before it hits the stands!



Review: Molly Danger Book One

Molly DangerMolly Danger is the story of the world’s most powerful ten-year-old girl. A seemingly immortal, superstrong hero, Molly has protected the city of Coopersville for the last twenty years. Kept in constant isolation and watched closely by D.A.R.T. (The Danger Action Response Team), an organization created to assist in her heroic deeds and monitor her movements, Molly battles the Supermechs. Molly longs for a real life with a real family. Her life changes when D.A.R.T. recruits a new pilot, Austin Briggs. Briggs has his own motivations for joining the team; newly remarried, Austin is having trouble forming a relationship with his new stepson, Brian. Austin wants to use his connections to impress Brian, an avid Molly Danger fan. However, things change when Molly and Brian form a friendship of their own. She believes she’s an alien whose family died when their ship crash-landed on Earth and before the atmosphere could fully alter them. She also believes that she’s alone, the last of her kind. Everything she believes is wrong.

Molly Danger: Book One: Mighty is the beginning of a fantastic all ages series that features a strong female protagonist and a story that’s fun for both kids and adults. When I first saw this series posted to Kickstarter by creator Jamal Igle, it took me all of a few seconds to pledge to support it. Not only did the initial art shown look great, by Igle’s pitch was exactly the type of comic we should be seeing more of.

Having read it, I can say the comic has it all and sets up what I fully expect to be a fantastic franchise. The comic nails it in the excitement and fun, but still in the center of it all is heart. And that’s part of what’s so much fun and what’s solid about the comic. It’s a comic and story about family that you can share with yours without shame or worry. For as much action there is, there’s equal amounts of quiet moments where Molly isn’t a super hero, but just an ordinary girl. The comic excites and pulls at your heart-strings.

While the  main character is a girl, the comic is perfect for boys and girls with action and excitement that appeals to all. The character and first volume is so much fun I can’t recommend it enough. it’s an absolute must buy, and then share it after you’re done reading it.

Story: Jamal Igle Art: Jamal Igle
Story: Art: Overall: Recommendation: Buy

Pick(s) of the Week: Coffin Hill #1 and so many more….

COFFIN_Cv1_REV_823iqzml0v_Coffin Hill stars Eve Coffin, a rebellious, teenage lowlife from a high-society family with a curse that goes back to the Salem Witch trials.

Following a night of sex, drugs and witchcraft in the woods, Eve wakes up naked, covered in blood and unable to remember how she got there. One friend is missing, one is in a mental ward—and one knows that Eve is responsible.

After a stint as a Boston cop that ends in a bullet wound and unintended celebrity, Eve returns to Coffin Hill, only to discover the darkness that she unleashed ten years ago in the woods was never contained. It continues to seep through the town, cursing the soul of this sleepy Massachusetts hollow, spilling secrets and enacting its revenge.

Set against the haunted backdrop of New England, Coffin Hill explores what people will do for power and retribution. Noted novelist Caitlin Kittredge, author of the Black London series, brings a smart, mesmerizing style to comics. Artist Inaki Miranda brings his dynamic storytelling to Coffin Hill, following an acclaimed run on Fairest.


Top Pick: Coffin Hill #1 (Vertigo) – Witches are back. FX has American Horror Story: Coven, Lifetime has The Witches of East End, now Vertigo has Coffin Hill. I’m going to check out all three (yes, even the Lifetime show).

Batman #24 (DC Comics) – I THINK this book signals the end of the one-off villain origin issues. ‘Bout time. Looking forward to getting back to Zero Year.

Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol #4 (Titan Comics) – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, dinosaurs and a machine gun toting Albert Einstein, how are you not reading this?

Cryptozoic Man #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) – Comic Book Men‘s debut series. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out when lifelong comic fans become creators instead of consumers.

Star Wars #10 (Dark Horse) – Brian Wood kills it monthly with this series. It reminds me of the original Star Wars trilogy of my childhood.


Top Pick: Coffin Hill #1 (Vertigo) – Did you not read the description above? Vertigo is seeing a second (or is it third or fourth?) renaissance with amazing releases that have consistently entertained.

Death Sentence #1 (Titan Comics) – You can read my review here. The first issue knocks it out of the park.

Molly Danger Book 1 (Action Lab Entertainment) – Expect a review later today. Jamal Igle’s Kickstarted series is everything I hoped it would be… and that’s fun!

Rocket Girl #1 (Image Comics) – A teenage cop from a high-tech future is sent back in time to 1986 New York City. Sold.

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 (DC Comics) – The series sounds intriguing and a lot of what’s been said about the series has me wanting to check it out. Writer Charles Soule is talented and proven he can breathe life into series that shouldn’t work, so crossing my fingers.

TPB/Graphic Novel of the Week: Battling Boy Vol. 1 (First Second) – Expect a review this week, but this new series by Paul Pope is amazing.


Top Pick: Batman #24 (DC Comics) – It’s been a long month away from the regular DC titles, and I can’t wait to jump back in to Zero Year. Plus, this issue is double the size of a normal book, and while that does mean double the price, it also means double the fun.

Afterlife with Archie #1 (Archie Comics) – I never, ever thought I’d be interested in reading an Archie comic, but thanks to the involvement of Francesco Francavilla on interiors, I decided to give it a look. I’m glad I did, and you will be too.

Rocket Girl #1 (Image Comics) – I don’t know a whole lot about this series, but anything sci-fi is intriguing to me, and Amy Reeder is a brilliant artist that I’m happy to see working on an ongoing comic.

TPB/Graphic Novel of the Week: Lazarus Vol. 1 (Image Comics) – Unsurprisingly, one of the most vital and engaging new series in 2013 comes from two of the best creators working in comics, Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. Do yourself a favor and pick up this first volume so that you’ll be ready to jump in when it returns from hiatus.

NYCC 2013: Action Lab Goes Big

Action Lab is heading to New York Comic Con this week with convention exclusives, events and more. They’ll be located at booth #3126 and they’re bringing the convention excitement online too.

Action Labt and Action Lab Danger Zone are bringing a variety of exclusives to the show. Releases include a NYCC Exclusive Cover Variant for Jeremy Dale’s hit Skyward, the premiere of the space-spanning teens of Planet Gigantic with Planet Gigantic #0, Bo Plushy, Gangsta #1, and Con Exclusive Editions of “the streetwalking dead” Zombie Tramp and the retro-zombies of Night of the 80s Undead.


Timed for the convention, the publisher will debut their already announced digital series. Bo Plushy, Gangsta, Crimson Society, Zombie Tramp, Scum of the Earth, and Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land will all debut on October 10 the beginning of the convention.


Molly Danger Saves New York! Action Lab has partnered with legendary artist Jamal Igle to publish Molly Danger in a beautiful hardcover edition and to celebrate and at the same time benefit a good cause, they are partnering with Jim Hanley’s Universe to host a benefit signing party to raise money for the Hero Initiative during New York Comic Con! Great comics for a great cause, and get a signed copy of Molly Danger of your very own! Saturday October 12th at Jim Hanley’s Universe comic store in Manhattan! Plus Jamal will be signing copies of Molly Danger all con long!

BSxAu3_CMAAbqgn.jpg large

ACTION LAB is READY to ROCK your NEW YORK COMIC CON experience with great comics, con exclusives and signings and a brand new digital initiative! Come see us at BOOTH 3126!

Get the images here:  http://www.actionlabcomics.com/slide/new-york-comic-con-variant-exclusives-digital-debuts/

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