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Review: Locke & Key “Trapper/Keeper” S1E2

Locke & Key episode 2

In the second episode of Locke & Key “Trapper/Keeper” the Locke kids dig deeper into the mystery of the keys while dealing with their mom, Nina, who still has no idea that anything hinky went on with the mirror. Bode discovers the “head key” and takes a fun voyage around his mind to see lovely memories of his dad and they figure out that some keys don’t open doors with handles, some keys can open doors using your body as a keyhole. We also get to meet Lucas which means Bode gets a new friend and if this goes anything like the comics, he’s super important to the story.

WHAT WORKED: The siblings are really starting to work together, I also liked the slow intros of the new characters that are going to round out the stories. The show seems to be deviating a bit from the source material, which is to be expected, but they seem to be pulling it off flawlessly in a way that keeps source fans interested and on their toes and, allows new viewers to get immersed.

I thought that the acting, directing and writing were all spot on. The darkish colors in the production set against the brightness and hope that Bode seems to beam off of his ever-light face was visually brilliant and showed a literal light at the end of the tunnel. The story was easy to follow and engaging even if you didn’t know anything about the comic before your friend, or the internet, told you that you had to check the show out.

WHAT DIDN’T: It’s not so much that it didn’t work but, it just kind of annoyed me that Tyler lied about having sex with Eden. That was a trash thing to do especially when he knows how he would have reacted if anything like that happened to his sister and while I’m a fan of men/boys coming to a decision on how to treat people based on how they want to be treated based on their existence as a human being, it just stung a bit more because it was out of character for Tyler as a “person.” The whole thing kind of was a footnote and wasn’t really brought up, aside from Parker saying she knew what really happened, and if it wasn’t going to be a plot point or an impediment to Tyler and Parker, I don’t know why it happened at all. Especially since, in the real world, Parker would have avoided Tyler like the plague for that, whether he came clean or not, so it was just a bit unsettling.

BEST MOMENT: Kinsey on set helping Sam and the Savini’s make their horror movie magic. When she froze, covered in blood because of her trauma flashback, it was flawless, a moment filled with realness, emotion, and honesty. The talent that it took to make the viewers know what she was feeling and in some way feel what she was feeling while she sat there, covered in blood was beyond amazing. The show really has a way of making viewers connect with the audience and feel like they too are apart of the story and the key hunt is pure magic.


Review: Locke & Key “Welcome to the Matheson” S1E1

The premiere episode of Locke & Key kicks off with a man receiving a call from an unnamed caller informing him that “Rendell Locke is dead.” As he enters his home he inserts a key into his chest and immediately bursts into flames taking his home with him. We’re then transported to the back seat of a car where Rendell Locke’s three children and his newly widowed wife are headed from Seattle to Massachusetts, which sets up the catalyst to the events of the series.

3634225-screen shot 2020-02-07 at 12.11.07 am

The Locke children Tyler, Kinsey, Bode, and their mother Nina, arrive at their new home and are greeted by their uncle Duncan who gives them the grand tour of the very large house where they’ll be staying. While Kinsey bonds with uncle Duncan over their artistic talents and Bode goes on a hunt for his new room, Tyler slips off into the woods behind the house to sneak a smoke and bask in teen angst while dealing with his feelings about his dad and his death.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Locke & Key is heavy on the pop culture references both in the visual callbacks and the conversations without being too heavy-handed or obvious. It’s a slow start for a series premiere but “Welcome to Matheson” sets off a nice slow burn that shows a lot of promise for things to come in future episodes. I also thought that it provided a nice starting point to get you familiar with the characters and an idea of the plot so even people who aren’t familiar with the source material can follow along.

WHAT WORKED: The writers and director truly understand that television is a visual medium, so they played heavily on that. The subtle visuals that foreshadowed all that was to come and the flashback showing what happened to Rendell Locke, how he died, and what happened to affect his widow and the kids were equal parts heartbreaking and informative.

I also like how they deal with Tyler and Kinsey’s trauma from what happened when their dad died and they didn’t try to sweep it under the rug or create a cliched existence where they are boilerplate and tragic (not that that doesn’t happen). I liked that the episode showcases that there is more than one way to grieve, or not grieve, and any grief can have lasting consequences that we might not even know about until something happens that triggers a memory.

Locke & Key episode 1

EASTER TIME: There are so many Easter Eggs in this episode both book related and pop culture related. The book-related ones give a lot of hints as to what’s to come this season and the pop culture ones are just fun. I really dig that they didn’t make the pop culture related easter eggs

BEST MOMENT: When the older kids finally realize that Bode is telling the truth and work together to save their mom from the mirror. I know it’s cliched but there’s something to be said for the simplicity of this reveal and the way it sets the kids up as the heroes of the series. It wasn’t over the top or flashy, it was just common sense and teamwork which is a good starting point if they’re going to save the world.


“Were you just flipping off the house” – Bode

” No, I was saying goodbye. There’s more than one meaning to the middle finger”- Uncle Duncan

“Like Aloha”- Bode

“Yeah, like Aloha” – Uncle Duncan

“Aloha” – Bode as he sticks up his middle finger


“I like my fologna just fine” – Kinsey (regarding her faux bologna sandwich she’s eating alone in the stairway when Scott shows up)

“First of all fologna doesn’t even like itself…” – Scott

EPISODE MVP: Bode for being our guide into the world of the keys, for figuring out how the keys work and being a true believer in a house of skeptics. Sure, he makes some rookie mistakes but, he’s a kid and he seems to be lacking in supervision as he roams the grounds, and the city,  so he deserves an award for being so darn chipper and naive despite all the tragedy he’s been through. Yeah, he makes a lot of missteps but, there’s something refreshing about him not being a know-it-all or over precocious and I like that he’s just a kid trying to make his way through all the crazy things that are being thrown at him. Even though he screws up and hands the Anywhere Key over to the series big bad he is hella determined to make things right and he’s kind of fearless in the face of things that would destroy someone else.


The End Begins in Locke & Key: Alpha!

While it’s long been announced that Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Eisner-winning epic Locke & Key is approaching the story’s conclusion, details of the finale have finally been announced, and the finale has become even bigger than originally revealed.

The concluding series, Locke & Key: Omega, will now run five issues instead of six, and the finale itself will bring the Keyhouse down in the form of Locke & Key: Alpha, a series of two forty-eight-page issues that will end the series with the kind of intense, macabre aplomb that made it a hit for six series!

Locke & Key has enjoyed a massively successful critical and commercial run and found a die-hard group of passionate fans. Though all good things must come to an end, Locke & Key: Alpha promises to cap things off in the kind of legendary, eye-popping fashion that can only come from the minds of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.

For the saved and the damned alike, it’s always darkest before the dawn… or is it? This August, there’s only one way to find out.

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