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Preview: The World Front #2


Writer(s): Kurt Belcher
Artist Name(s): Rob Croonenborghs
Cover Artist(s): Rob Croonenborghs
32 pgs./ T+ / FC
Digital Only

After a trail of destruction, VICTORIOUS nearly died at the hands of his arch-enemy, the monstrous SUPERMASSIVE. The beast was barely captured. Years later, Victorious and the WORLD FRONT believe he’s escaped. If that wasn’t bad enough, the team has a bigger problem: One of their own is dead, and the killer may be among them.


The World Front Mixes the Justice League with The Fly. Out this Week on comiXology.

The World Front, by writer Kurt Belcher and artist Rob Cronnenborghs, debuts on comiXology this May and is perfect for fans of Action Lab‘s adventurous mature readers Danger Zone imprint. The series is a violent, dysfunctional superhero epic, with high action, where the blood runs red! The series blends superhero action and bloody horror.

The series’ genre mix focuses on a family and a group of friends that are both slowly going to pieces.

Pre-order the book on comiXology now! The World Front #1 will be out on May 8th; The World Front #2 will be out June 5th; and The World Front #3 will be out July 3rd. The collected volume, The World Fron Vol. 1, will be out on August 7th.

The World Front #1

Review: Broken Frontier Anthology

The overused term, “rules are made to be broken,” has been said repeatedly when it is thought that someone has gone against convention. As the world slowly embraces the diversity that surrounds it, so has popular media. Comics have always challenged type but has mostly been monochromatic. It has only recently been proactive about being diverse in not only race and sexuality, but also ability. Wave Blue World‘s Broken Frontier offers up stories where they do just that, break the rules.

In “Phantom Limb Ghost Puncher,” a police officer who loses his arm during a rescue, magically receives a mystical weapon which changes his life instantly. In “Stranger Than Fiction,” a clairvoyant helps out a murder suspect, by revisiting the day of the crime through his unconscious mind. In “Dark Dark World,” young imaginative writer plays out a scene for a story, all in her father’s work shed. In “The Wall,” set in a dystopian future, societies’ fortunes are separated only by allegiance.

In “Flyer,”  a elderly man, gives a prep talk to his adolescent granddaughter, as she prepares to engage in a dogfight by way of rocketpack. “In The Night, Mountains Grew,” a ranger’s gross miscalculation proves fatal for those she protects. In “The Beard,” a young woman uncontrollably grows a facial hair at a unusually rapid rate, something befuddles her day after day, until she realizes her greater destiny, one that would change her life forever. In “Purgatory,” a woman falls into a coma, and gets transported to a different world, where she gets to be her true self.

In “The Trip,” a rather routine start of a morning for a man and his daughter, becomes a lesson in realizing every day is precious. In “Its About Time,” a scientist uses his considerable powers to time travel before his wife died, but what he finds out changes his whole outlook on her. In “Inside Outside,” a woman coming off her meds is constantly irritated by “cute squishy monsters.” In “Last dance at Omega Point,” as a rocket heads to its firing point, a woman’s life unpacks in alternate reality.

Overall, an excellent comic anthology which explores what can be or what will be. The stories by all the writers pluck the emotions of the reader in the best way possible. The art by the creators are all beautiful. Altogether, a plus sized comic treat which entertains on every page and you will wish was longer.

Story: Greg Pak, Tyler Chin-Tanner,Cullen Bunn, Phil Hester, Robert Dammelin, Justin Zimmerman, A. David Lewis, Fred Van Lente, Carla Berrocal, Jamie Coe, Edie OP, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Merguerite Bennett,Frederik Hautain, Kurt Belcher,  Adam Egypt Mortimer, Karrie Fransman, David Hine, Noah Van Sciver, Sean Wang, Salgood Sam, Box Brown,  PJ Holden, Scott Ferguson, INJ Culbard, Steve Orlando, Steve Bryant
Art: Steve Bryant, INJ Culbard, Yaroslav Astapeev, PJ Holden, Salgood Sam, Sean Wang, Box Brown, Noah Van Sciver, Mark Stafford, Karrie Fransman, Jeff McComsey, Facundo Percio, Rob Croonenborghs, Varga Tomi, Ryan Kelly, Edie OP, Toby Cypress, Jamie Coe, Robert Sammelin, Carla Berrocal, Daniel Warren Johnson, Nathan Fox, Alison Sampson, Noel Tuazon, Aysegul Sinav, Mike Lawrence, Tom Raney, Simon Bowland, Taylor Esposito, Gina Going, Jason Wordie
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Preview – The Stars #2

The Stars #2

Story: Kurt Belcher
Art: Kurt Belcher
Inks: Bill Williams and Stuart Berryhill
Colors: Ken Lateer
Letters: Phil Wrede

It is time to check out the series that Blog This Pal! says will “give not just higher profile indies, but also the “big two”, a run for their money.”

As issue #2 begins we find The Stars recruiting a new member and celebrating their reunion, but all hell breaks loose when they must defend their space station headquarters from a direct attack by Russian super-dictators, the Three.

The Stars! #2 is an action packed thrill ride with story and art by Kurt Belcher, Inks by Bill Williams and Stuart Berryhill, Colors by Ken Lateer, and Letters by Phil Wrede.

**Earthbound Comics is dedicated to the providing the best in traditional format and digital entertainment. Purchase their books at Indyplanet.com and Drivethrucomics.com.


Earthbound Comics Free Book for October

Today, Earthbound Comics has released Earthbound Dossier #1 for FREE on Drivethrucomics.com. The comic is a free digital pin-up book containing information on new and old Earthbound Titles. The book contains the talent of creators that have worked in every aspect of the industry and with all the big companies: Bill Williams, Kurt Belcher, Shelby Robertson, and many more.

Filling this book are introductions to dozens of characters who have appeared in the pages of Earthbound’s books since its inception in 2009. Earthbound Dossier #1 is their 18th book and the company felt that it now has a large enough library of characters and teams to fill an entire book with pin-ups, complete with bios and stunning art.

If your already an Earthbound reader or your new to the company, Earthbound Dossier #1 is a book that you can’t be without. Pick up your free digital copy at Drivethrucomics.com.

Preview – The Stars #1

Official Press Release

Earthbound Comics is starting the new year off right with our first full color book! A story that will forever change the way readers look at Superhero Teams. The Stars is a 6 issue limited series created, written, and drawn by Winter War veteran Kurt Belcher. It also features art by Zachary Turner and Martin Montiel.

Don Smith of ParcBench.com writes: “Kurt Belcher is one of the best independent creators I have seen… He is both an amazing writer and artist. Anyone who picks up a comic with his name on it will not be disappointed!” The Stars #1 will be released January 1st with two separate covers. One by creator and artist Kurt Belcher and an alternate cover by Top Cow & Zenescope artist Martin Montiel.

The Stars made their name battling superhuman weapons of mass destruction until a mission gone wrong put them on hiatus. Now reassembled by their super-celebrity leader, John Century, the group is being subtly manipulated as they try to replace lost members. Before The Stars can get back to business as usual, they have to defend themselves against an attack – Secret Russian superhumans are executing a hostile takeover of the planet… and the only thing in their way is The Stars!

The Stars #1 will be available January 1st at Eathboundcomics.com. In print at Indyplanet.com and formatted for digital download at Drivethrucomics.com.

It is the newest book in Earthbound Comics’ Book a Month Initiative. See our website for other great titles.

Earthbound Comics is a company dedicated to putting out and promoting quality comics from a variety of creators. We’ve chosen to bypass the traditional Direct Market method, in favor of a POD (print on demand) model, because we feel that that by cutting out the financial hurdles of the direct market, we can focus more on CREATING COMICS instead of financing them.