Earthbound Comics Free Book for October

Today, Earthbound Comics has released Earthbound Dossier #1 for FREE on The comic is a free digital pin-up book containing information on new and old Earthbound Titles. The book contains the talent of creators that have worked in every aspect of the industry and with all the big companies: Bill Williams, Kurt Belcher, Shelby Robertson, and many more.

Filling this book are introductions to dozens of characters who have appeared in the pages of Earthbound’s books since its inception in 2009. Earthbound Dossier #1 is their 18th book and the company felt that it now has a large enough library of characters and teams to fill an entire book with pin-ups, complete with bios and stunning art.

If your already an Earthbound reader or your new to the company, Earthbound Dossier #1 is a book that you can’t be without. Pick up your free digital copy at