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Help 21 Pulp Make More Great Comics via Kickstarter

Planet of the Dinosaurs21 Pulp is one of our favorite new publishers and their comics Hero Hourly and Imposter have entertained us with each issue released. That’s why I was happy to help promote the publisher’s Kickstarter to help them make more great books.

Today the publisher has launched a Kickstarter to help publish two new comics, Planet of the Dinosaurs and Campisi.

Ray guns, rocket ships, and dinosaurs – Planet of the Dinosaurs is a sci-fi retro tale with a modern twist and fully-painted art! When space travelers become stranded on the deadliest planet in the galaxy – a planet that was only supposed to be a legend – they learn they’re just the latest in a suspiciously long line of doomed ships. To stay alive and escape, they’ll have to figure out the deadly secret the planet is hiding. The book includes the talents of the amazing Christopher Steininger and the astounding Debby Gonzalez.

a76879fe39842f48233b6248bb975cf8_originalCampisi is Goodfellas and Get Shorty meets everything from Exorcist, Lord of the Rings, and Dracula. You get three killer mob tales of terror and the supernatural drawn, painted, and presented like you’ve never seen from multiple artists. Campisi is a professional who likes to lay low and fix problems as simply as possible in his hometown neighborhood of Green Village. Beat your wife, he’ll bust your kneecap. Make bad on a bet, he’ll break a finger. But the neighborhood and the problems are changing. Dragons are wanting a piece of the turf. Vampires are entering the “family.” And Campisi? Well, he misses his old problems. Campisi includes the talents of the stunning team of Jay Brindley and JM Ringuet, part of the creators responsible for books like Death Comes to Dillinger and Image’s Transhuman.

The Kickstarter has incentives like comics, prints, t-shirts, original art, and more. And if these comics are like what 21 Pulp has already put out, they’re well worth it. Support them today!

Preview: Repossessed #4 (of 4)

Repossessed #4 (of 4)

By: JM Ringuet
Price: $2.99

The miniseries ends with a bang and a boom when the repo from Dee Agency learn way more than they bargained for and are left to decide on a trip to the West Coast to face the biggest threat they have ever encountered!


Preview – Repossessed #3 (of 4)

Repossessed #3 (of 4)

By: JM Ringuet
Price: $2.99

In this roller-coaster ride of an issue the crew heads to the swamps of Florida to finally repossess Sarah from a mysterious Demon. But they have to deal with more than redneck survivalists and gators: a surprise guest makes an explosive entrance and an old friend reappears. Demons galore!


Preview – Repossessed #2 (of 4)

Repossessed #2 (of 4)

By: JM Ringuet
Price: $2.99

In this explosive new issue the repo crew heads to Death Valley and Miami, closing in on the possessed Sarah. But some traps are laid in their path and powerful Demons ambush them. Is there more to Sarah than they know? Who wants her and who’s protecting her?


Review – Image’s The End Times of Bram & Ben #1 and Repossessed #1

The End Times of Bram & Ben #1

endtimes01_coverWhat would you do if you were caught in the Biblical End Times? When Heaven raptures total bastard Bram Carlson in a “clerical error” – he’s sent back and immediately uses Armageddon to his benefit! Can his anxious roommate Ben save Bram from himself – AND the gathering forces of Armageddon?

Maybe it was because of the cover (though not sure why), but I went in to reading this new comic series from Image Comics with low expectations. Boy was I off on that one. I walked away having laughed almost the entire time and looking forward to what might one of the funniest series to come out in a while.

The series reminded me a lot of Chew in both it’s tone and look. That’s a huge compliment as Chew is one of my favorite series. The humor, the writing, the characters, it’s fantastic. My only issue at all is you’d think there’d be more chaos if this happened with people running amok.

But, again, the humor here is a draw. There’s few comics I’ve read in the last year where I’ve laughed this hard. This is truly a case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Do yourself a favor and buy this one this week.

Story: James Asmus and Jim Festante Art: Rem Broo Cover By: Jim Mahfood

Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Repossessed #1

repossessed01_coverIn a world where Demon possessions are commonplace it’s up to a crew of overworked blue-collar repo guys to repossess the victims with old grimoires and big guns. The Dee Agency is hired by a rich NYC banker to repossess his daughter Sarah who ran away to Vegas. But the job is tougher than they expected and Demons of all sorts start popping up on the trail.

Take Ghostbusters and mix it with Hoax Hunters and you get this series. An action fueled comic that has three folks kicking demonic ass. The series was pretty solid and entertaining and this seems like it’ll wind up being an entertaining mini-series as it plays out.

I definitely like the characters and where the series will go, but overall I have a feeling this one might read better in one sitting (not a bad thing, some comics and stories are like that).

If you like Ghostbusters or Hoax Hunters, definitely check out this series. It’s a solid addition to their brand of entertainment.

Story and Art: JM Ringuet

Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview – Repossessed #1 (of 4)

Repossessed #1 (of 4)

By: JM Ringuet
Price: $2.99

In a world where Demon possessions are commonplace it’s up to a crew of overworked blue-collar repo guys to repossess the victims with old grimoires and big guns. The Dee Agency is hired by a rich NYC banker to repossess his daughter Sarah who ran away to Vegas. But the job is tougher than they expected and Demons of all sorts start popping up on the trail.


Fight Your Inner Demons with Repossessed

A plague of demons getting you down? Has a loved one started gibbering in the inscrutable language of Hell? Not to worry—there are people trained to cast out those spirits! In January 2013, Image Comics will introduce you to the Dee Agency and three of its tough-as-demon-claws agents in Repossessed, a raucous new mini-series by JM Ringuet.

No-nonsense Joe, swaggering Clay, and whip-smart Martha are the best repo team at Dee Agency. Their demon-vanquishing gear consists of big guns, bigger grimoires, and a good supply of silver bullets and saints’ teeth—and they know how to use them! (Though Clay does tend to be heavy on the bombastic combat talk). They’ll need all of their skills to complete a seemingly easy mission to repossess a rich girl who has run away to Las Vegas—because this is one case of something that happens in Vegas not staying in Vegas.

Repossessed is a supernatural action-fest, with the wryness of Hellboy and the badass attitude of classic Grindhouse films—exactly what Ringuet wanted to create.

The first issue of this Dodge Charger (with a sweet flame paint job) of a comic is due in stores on January 9. Pre-order it at your local comics store from the November issue of Previews now, and save yourself the race down the interstate to snag the last issue on the shelves!

Preview – Hoax Hunters #0

Hoax Hunters #0

Story by: Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley Art By: JM Ringuet Cover By: Steve Seeley
Price: $2.99

Cryptids. Aliens. Monsters. All the world’s bizarre secrets–what if they were real? Their existence would be debunked by a reality TV show! HOAX HUNTERS is that show, publicly disproving all variety of lore. But their real goal is the opposite: as the world’s dark corners surface, the HOAX HUNTERS cover them up.

When a mysterious astronaut made of crows appears in Russia, the HOAX HUNTERS are on the case.

Review – Hoax Hunters

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Hoax Hunters Teaser1Three short pages, that’s all this back up comic has to hook you.  And after reading it, give it it’s own damn comic.  Hoax Hunters written by Steve Seeley and Michael Moreci and art by JM Ringuet the back up is running through 2011 in Image Comics’ Hack/Slash.

Chupacabra. Yeti. The Montauk Monster. All the creatures of folklore, legend, and Internet fame–what if they were real? They’d be made to appear fake by a reality TV show, of course! HOAX HUNTERS is that show, though to their viewing audience, their goal is the exact opposite: seeking out YouTube sensations, tabloid creatures, and reported monsters and proving them to be false. The HOAX HUNTERS demonstrate that the truth isn’t out there.

Three short pages, that’s all it has.  A general plot needs to be laid, characters introduced and a hook to bring us back needs to wrap it up.  Hoax Hunters does pull it off.  Take the current “busters” series on television and mash them together and you get this series.  Mythbusters + Ghost Hunters + Ghost Adventures and you pretty much have what this series is.  The leader, the scientist, the goth/spooky hot chick, they’re all here and it seems pretty entertaining.

Three pages, that’s all this has to set it up and get you hooked, and I think it pulls it off.

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