Help 21 Pulp Make More Great Comics via Kickstarter

Planet of the Dinosaurs21 Pulp is one of our favorite new publishers and their comics Hero Hourly and Imposter have entertained us with each issue released. That’s why I was happy to help promote the publisher’s Kickstarter to help them make more great books.

Today the publisher has launched a Kickstarter to help publish two new comics, Planet of the Dinosaurs and Campisi.

Ray guns, rocket ships, and dinosaurs – Planet of the Dinosaurs is a sci-fi retro tale with a modern twist and fully-painted art! When space travelers become stranded on the deadliest planet in the galaxy – a planet that was only supposed to be a legend – they learn they’re just the latest in a suspiciously long line of doomed ships. To stay alive and escape, they’ll have to figure out the deadly secret the planet is hiding. The book includes the talents of the amazing Christopher Steininger and the astounding Debby Gonzalez.

a76879fe39842f48233b6248bb975cf8_originalCampisi is Goodfellas and Get Shorty meets everything from Exorcist, Lord of the Rings, and Dracula. You get three killer mob tales of terror and the supernatural drawn, painted, and presented like you’ve never seen from multiple artists. Campisi is a professional who likes to lay low and fix problems as simply as possible in his hometown neighborhood of Green Village. Beat your wife, he’ll bust your kneecap. Make bad on a bet, he’ll break a finger. But the neighborhood and the problems are changing. Dragons are wanting a piece of the turf. Vampires are entering the “family.” And Campisi? Well, he misses his old problems. Campisi includes the talents of the stunning team of Jay Brindley and JM Ringuet, part of the creators responsible for books like Death Comes to Dillinger and Image’s Transhuman.

The Kickstarter has incentives like comics, prints, t-shirts, original art, and more. And if these comics are like what 21 Pulp has already put out, they’re well worth it. Support them today!

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  • Please make more comics!!! If you do a crowdspeaking campaign, I will be able to support you through my social media account.