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See what’s coming from CEX Publishing in June!


Illustrated & Cover A by JUAN ROMERA
Retailer Price: $4.99
On Sale 06/28

The adorable misadventures of Astro, a troublemaking pup, and his human, Inéz! Astro has no sense of boundaries, and his impatience gets Inéz into all kinds of shenanigans. Inéz is a hopeless romantic with a “slightly” dramatic personality. She’ll play bingo with your sweet abuelita, and then whine about how she was hustled.

Don’t miss the special incentive cover by fan-favorite Lane Lloyd!

Cover A: 793945974597 00111
Cover B: 793945974597 00121
Cover C: 793945974597 00121


JOSIF 1957 #2 (OF 2)

Illustrated & Covers by FABIANO AMBU
Retailer Price: $6.99
On Sale 06/28

Josif, the first gorilla in space, is wreaking absolute havoc in low orbit, and no one knows how to stop him! U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower knows just what to do — he blasts into space himself to handle the matter! It’s a zero-gravity battle between the United States President and the Soviet Gorilla, at the height of the Cold War!

Featuring a 1 in 10 variant homage to Blade Runner by Italian super-star Fabiano Ambu!

Cover A: 79394597456600211
Cover B: 79394597456600221
Cover C: 79394597456600231

  • JOSIF 1957 #2 (OF 2)
  • JOSIF 1957 #2 (OF 2)
  • JOSIF 1957 #2 (OF 2)



Retailer Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978-1-954255-50-0
On Sale 06/28

This is a collection of one-shot stories set in the Weird West world of Deadlands, created by Shane Lacy Hensley. Each story features some of the industry’s top creators and each story shows a different aspect of the Deadlands world.


Visionary Comics Announces Expansion for their 10th Anniversary

VisionaryXVisionary Comics is celebrating 10 years in the creative industry by announcing the hiring of two well-known industry execs and a retooled website as the first phase of a major expansion that will extend into 2016. Company leaders are calling the initiative “Visionary 2.0.” The announcement was made during a panel at the Tuscon Comic Con which took place this weekend.

The major additions to the company’s leadership include promotion of Jeff Mariotte as editor-in-chief, division chief for Visionary Books, and corporate partner, along with Andy Smith, who will serve as division chief of Visionary Arts.

Mariotte is an award-winning author of comics and prose, including his latest work entitled Empty Rooms. He will continue handling Visionary’s work with the popular Deadlands novels from Tor Books and will be launching new projects from the company in 2016. Smith is a top ranked professional artist, with a resume that includes extensive work on Marvel, DC, and Disney comic and book projects.

In addition, Visionary has virtually doubled its total staff handling day-to-day operations. Visionary’s growth will reflect a change in its overall mission and expansion of its goals. The company has moved beyond comics into prose fiction, children’s books, corporate branding, concept and design, etc.

Expect to see new titles under Visionary Comics, and the debut of Visionary Books with its upcoming Tor offerings, as well as others in the works. Next year will see new labels debut as well as Visionary moves more solidly into new markets.

The company has also relaunched their website with a new layout.

Other initiatives for the coming year include the relaunching of Visionary’s digital publishing efforts, which will include debuting new and revamped content on leading venues, such as Comixology, Amazon, iVerse, and Drive-Thru. Additionally the effort will expand into several newer and fast-growing venues, such as Madefire. The company will also launch its own studio owned properties under their own imprint, Visionary Creation. The new banner will feature properties uniquely created and targeted for transmedia development. These will debut with Visionary as comics and prose, and will become part of the growing library of intellectual properties Visionary represents for all forms of media.

Review: Airwolf: Airstrikes TPB

airwolf_airstrikesI can honestly say that growing up in the 1980s, was a real treat, for nerds everywhere as we were exposed to some of the best and the most innovative entertainment. The reverberations of my generation can still be felt in all mediums of entertainment , as shows like The Goldbergs, stands as a testament to just how influential , the popular culture of the era was and still is. The era was also filled with more action heroes than one can count on one hand, as I remembered many great TV shows like Fall Guy, A-Team and Knight Rider, had heroes that every kid in America wanted to be and urged our parents to buy their action figures. Then there were TV shows, that were truly unsung, until years later, when retro loving sites such as AV Club, gives it, it’s just due.

I can think of many TV shows, that fit this category, and yet to find it under any spotlight such as Stingray and the original Denzel Washington –less Equalizer. Another TV show, which I remembered that fits this category, and actually exceeded the expectations of its less than stellar movie counterparts, was Airwolf. The show surrounded a high tech military helicopter and the crew that supported it, as I remember people synopsizing it as “Knight Rider with propellers.” The show was more than that , it was spy craft with tons of action usually in high stake situations, and spoke very much of the times, as America was involved in the Cold War.

IDW has continued the missions of Airwolf, in its comic series, and to extremely interesting results, and none which were good. I came into reading this collection, hoping IDW would continue their string of successes in nostalgia comics, but this one falls flat on its face. This collection reintroduces you to the characters from the TV show as well as to new characters to bring it up to date. Sad to say, this collection comes off as no more than “a bad guy of the week” series as not one story I can talk truly of note.

Overall, I came into the trade paperback, hoping to relive the adventures of Stringfellow Hawke and rest of the Airwolf crew, and their struggles with the Firm, and felt seriously cheated, having met a poor copycat. The stories by Mike Baron, Jeff Mariotte, Marc Andreyko, Barbara Kesel, Rob Worley, Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, were very much well intentioned but uninspired. The art by Jean Froes and Fabiano Neves, were probably the only highlight, but paired with the average stories contributed, diminishes their contributions. Altogether, IDW and the talented team, on this project, should have seriously construed their plans, as execution is always key, as this serves as a perfect example of when it is poorly done.

Story: Mike Baron, Jeff Mariotte, Marc Andreyko, Barbara Kesel, Rob Worley, Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman Art: Jean Froes and Fabiano Neves
Story: 3 Art: 7 Overall: 5 Recommendation: Pass

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Airwolf Airstrikes, Vol. 1

Airwolf Airstrikes, Vol. 1

Mike Baron, Jeff Mariotte, Marc Andreyko, Barbara Kesel, Rob Worley, Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman (w) • Jean Froes, Fabiano Neves (a) • Billy King (c)

Hawke, Santini, and the coolest attack chopper ever made are back in this epic reimagining of the hit TV classic! Airwolf, the nuclear-powered helicopter, is featured in this blistering anthology of stand-alone thrillers that redefines the classic for a new generation!

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 144 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-315-6


The Evil Dead Universe Expands

evil_dead_2_beyond_dead_by_dawnSpace Goat Publishing has announced the hiring of former Dark Horse editor Dave Land to help expand the company’s publishing slate, including their best-selling titles in the Evil Dead Universe. Land joins the recently announced Darren Vincenzo and Publisher Dave Olbrich as Space Goat gears up for a solid 2016.

Evil Dead 2 fans need not worry, because these books are in the hands of a fellow fan in Land.

A new anthology mini-series, Evil Dead 2: Tales of the Ex-Mortis, will feature original stories set in the ED2U from Jeff Mariotte and Marsheila Rockwell, Ivan Cohen, Justin Peniston, Georgia Ball, and Frank Hannah – the writer of Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn.

Evil Dead 2: Tales of the Ex-Mortis #1 and Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn #2 will hit bookshelves in August!

Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn #1 is on shelves now.

Deadlands Deals Winning Hand

deadlandsGet ready, as award-winning publisher IDW brings Dead Man’s Hand, the first original collection of the hit Deadlands series to comic shops in March 2015! Based on the popular Deadlands RPG, created by Shane Hensley and Pinnacle Entertainment, and produced by Visionary Comics, the series embodies all the best of horror, western and steampunk in a world filled with creatures of the night, mad science and mysticism!

Deadlands Volume 1: Dead Man’s Hand brings together a who’s-who of superstar horror-western comic talent to launch this unique series that laid the groundwork for every horror-western series since! Join High Moon’s David Gallaher and Steve Ellis as they tell the tale of a cursed weapon created to kill the devil in Devil’s Six Gun. Journey with All-Star Western’s creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and Shinku’s Lee Moder on a young Shamaness’ quest for vengeance in Massacre at Redwing. Duck low for Witchblade’s Ron Marz and Superman / Wonder Woman’s Bart Sears as they tell of a heroic ranger who sets out to kill a whole town in Death Was Silent. Then dive into Desperados’ Jeff Mariotte and Golly’s Brook Turner’s love tale drowned in horror in Black Water.

But that ain’t all! For the first time in the comic market, this volume contains two brand new short stories penned by Deadlands creator Shane Hensley and Brand Manager Matt Cutter, who show us What a Man’s Gotta Do and how to be Vengeful. And for the first time ANYWHERE, get an exclusive sneak peek at the first, original Deadlands novel, Ghostwalkers by New York Times’ best-selling author Jonathan Maberry, to be published by Tor Books in Fall of 2015! This amazing new adventure launches the new Tor novel line for Deadlands scheduled with releases into 2017!

Deadlands Goes Prose Courtesy of Tor Books

Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Visionary Comics have reached agreement with Tor Books for the publication of all-new, original prose novels set in the world of the popular roleplaying game Deadlands. The deal calls for three novels, with an initial lineup of authors that includes New York Times bestselling, award-winning Jonathan Maberry and Jeff Mariotte.

C. Edward Sellner, chief creative officer for Visionary, said in a statement:

We’re very excited to be bringing Deadlands to such a publishing powerhouse. It’s our first move into non-comics media, and the people at Tor have been fantastic to work with. I have no doubt the fans will enjoy the results.

The novel line is an exciting step in the expansion of the Deadlands world. Visionary Comics has already successfully launched the property as comics.

Shane Hensley, the creator of Deadlands and president of Pinnacle Entertainment Group, said in the same statement:

It’s been such a joy watching Visionary play in our sandbox. We truly consider them partners in growing and expanding the Deadlands universe. Now Jonathan Maberry and Jeff Mariotte get to really dig deep and explore the world in the kind of depth you only get with full-length novels, and we’re as excited as anyone else to see what they do.

Jonathan Maberry added:

I’m really excited about writing Deadlands: Ghostwalkers, a balls-to-the-walls alt-history steampunk supernatural shoot-‘em-up action western. With zombies. I think I was genetically designed to write this kind of book.

Tor Pinnacle Visionary Comics Graphic

Preview – Dia De Los Muertos #2 (of 3)

Dia De Los Muertos #2 (of 3)

Story by: Joshua Williamson, Ed Brisson, Jeff Mariotte
Cover By: Riley Rossmo
Price: $4.99

Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, artist extraordinaire, RILEY ROSSMO (DEBRIS, GREEN WAKE, COWBOY NINJA VIKING, REBEL BLOOD) joins forces with nine different writers over three issues to tell tall tales from beyond the grave!


In this issue: Cartel soldiers visit the pits of Hell, a visitor to Mexico stumbles onto a black mass, and a man heart broken at the loss of his wife is reunited with her beyond the grave.


Review – Garrison #1

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Garrison 1Hmmm, I got home to find the first issue of the newest DC/Wildstorm mini-series Garrison in the mail.  I knew nothing about it, never have seen a preview for it, didn’t notice it on the week’s release list.  I was a blank slate.  I wish it stayed that way.  Though the comic took me about 10 minutes flat to read, it was 10 minutes I’d like to have back.

The series written by Jeff Mariotte and art by Francesco Francavilla feels unfinished like it was a rough plot and script that was polished at all and given a green light on the first try.

The plot involves a serial killer who may or may not be protecting the agent hunting him.  We learn he’s a badass by the number of people he’s killed in his 9 week spree.  We’re not quite sure the motive for a character that seems to pop in and out with ease.  It may or may not be the future, as crime seems to have been dramatically dropped by some agencies I’ve never heard of.  This is bad, real bad.  Like, I feel bad to review and bash it bad.  Sigh.

Plot: The story just has no depth.  We know little about the lead agent, the killer just doesn’t seem ominous and the dialogue is laughable.  This is a serial killer series for folks who don’t know any better.  There’s promise in it all though, and with some rearranging of the events and some tightening of the dialogue, it’s an issue of could have been.  There’s so much better writing out there, I suggest you spend your money on that.  Rating: 4

Art: The art is just sub-par.  For a series about an agent tracking a serial killer you’d expect some gritty art and a lot of shadows and shading.  I didn’t really see much of that at all.  The character designs are laughable.  The killer looks like I could beat him up and in general there’s a lack of detail in the art.  This is just bad.  Rating: 4

Overall: I’ve already spent too many words on this review and I think you get the gist of it.  If you want a good story and some solid art involving serial killers, check out any of the Vertigo Crime graphic novels.  Overall Rating: 4

DC/Wildstorm provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.