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Crowdfunding Corner: The Adept, Assassin G, Immortal Swordsmen, and Fa Sheng!

Backer Beware: Crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed to be delivered and/or delivered when promised. We always recommend to do your research before backing.

Immortal Studios is the home of the Immortal Storyverse, the first ever wuxia-centered, interconnected comic book story universe. They’re back with not one, but four new issues in one Kickstarter campaign. They continue to build the foundation of this epic Storyverse even further and even stronger. 

The campaign features The AdeptChronicles of the Immortal SwordsmenFa Sheng: Origins, and Assassin G all lined up for their next big adventures — All in one shared universe. More Kung Fu, more Asian-American culture, and more wuxia fantasy action.

No Kickstarter is complete without an offering of tantalizing rewards and this campaign is no different. From digital copies to exclusive prints and special edition covers, Immortal Studios are delivering.

On to the comics…

The Adept #3

This is the one that started it all. Over 1200 backers took a chance on this series and became the founding Immortals of the Storyverse. We’re proud to bring you Issue #3, written by Charlie Stickney and illustrated by Yishan Li

It’s Amy’s first day as rockstar Sasha True’s head of security — and things may prove to be challenging than she expected. In an all-out battle with Sasha’s martial arts instructor, Amy discovers that the mysterious organization known as the Wheel has its eyes on the rockstar—and more, they want Amy out of the way. Permanently.

Can she discover what the Wheel is up to before it’s too late for Sasha—and for her? 

48 page comic!

Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #2

Based on the seminal novel by Shiao Yi, and providing the foundation of the Immortal Storyverse, Payhuan Shiao, Brian Buccellato, and Jheremy Raapack bring you Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #2!

As the threat of the Reckoning looms over mankind, Phil learns more of his connections to the mysterious Immortal Swordsmen from the enigmatic Ying Ying.

But even as Phil’s encounters more fantastic events —including a battle between the mystical  white gibbons and their enemies the white gorillas and the discovery of the long lost Immortal Cave — it is Ying Ying who faces  a life-changing revelation about her own past that may change everything. 

32 page comic!

Fa Sheng: Origins #2

Ripped from the pages of The Adept – witness the origin of the mysterious monk who has been training Amy (The Adept) in her dreams! Written by Rylend Grant and illustrated by Dexter Wee.

The origin of Fa Sheng continues! In the wake of the massacre at Liyuantun, the Kaiser sends troops to China demanding restitution and vengeance. Before the invaders stands the army of the Imperial General Yuxian. But will they be enough — even as desertion and betrayal rip through their number?

And in the ensuing bloodshed, the young soldier Chengren must find a way to survive in order to discover his destiny.

32 page comic!

Assassin G #2

One of the most popular series (as Sister Gan G) in the Shiao Yi pantheon is now a comic book modernized for a new audience, set in the neon-soaked 1980’s! Written by Jen Troy and illustrated by He Tao!

In the year 1982, Margot Gan, Assassin G of the Vermilion Pavilion, continues her deadly quest of vengeance — eliminating every member of the Yueyang family for a crime committed decades ago. 

Alone and desperate, the lone survivor, the young martial artist JP must find allies fast or face becoming Assassin G’s next victim.

48 pages!

SDCC 2023: Immortal Studios Unveils Phase 2

SDCC logo

Immortal Studios is making return to San Diego Comic-Con one year after introducing its immersive universe. With Phase 1 development goals successfully achieved, Immortal Studios is thrilled to announce the official launch of Phase 2, aimed at awakening the hero within every individual through its reimagined realm of martial arts fantasy heroes.

In an effort to foster deep engagement with fans, Immortal Studios is launching a community initiative that invites fans and community partners to actively participate in the overall development of stories, from ideation to the delivery of the first comic, in collaboration with the Immortal creative team. All new and existing fans are encouraged to join this community at www.immortal-studios.com/projectimmortal, where they will receive a complimentary collectible magazine showcasing the interconnected Immortal Storyverse, along with exclusive content and experiences.

All interested parties are cordially invited to attend the Immortal panel, taking place on Saturday, July 22, from 11:30 to 12:30 at Room 24ABC.

SDCC 2022: Dynamite and Immortal Studios Announce Publishing Partnership

Ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, Dynamite has announced a new publishing partnership with Immortal Studios, to bring the Los Angeles-based publisher’s shared universe of Wuxia martial arts-fantasy comic books to the broader marketplace. Through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, the Los Angeles-based publisher Immortal Studios has to date successfully funded three comic book series as part of a larger shared universe. Now Dynamite is set to bring these action packed titles to the direct market comic stores, digital vendors, bookstores, and beyond in multiple formats, with more releases and titles to come.

Immortal Studios’ Storyverse is spearheaded by the company’s Founder and CEO Peter Shiao, who is collaborating with a team of comic book storytellers to bring a modern sensibility to the Wuxia genre that has influenced contemporary pop culture, including Marvel’s Shang-Chi, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Matrix, and Star Wars, as well as countless anime and manga like Naruto. Wuxia, pronounced “woo-sha,” is a long running genre born from China that depicts the adventures and trials of martial arts heroes, often but not always in historical settings and with fantasy elements. The Immortal Studios’ Storyverse is inspired by the storytelling of one of the foremost authors in the Wuxia genre, Peter Shiao’s father Shiao Yi, whose novels have been adapted into film and television more than thirty times, including films by the Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest. 

Immortal Studios’ titles include:

  • The Adept by writers Tasha Huo, Charlie StickneyAlison Norrington, and Peter Shiao, artist Yishan Li, and letterer Deron BennettThe Adept tells the deep and personal story of a young woman on a journey to master an ancient martial art that was thought to be long lost. Filled with action, transformation, and mystery, the key theme is about homecoming and redemption. Two action-packed chapters have been produced to date, featuring kidnapped pop stars, arcade brawls, and more.
  • Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsman by writer Peter Shiao, artists Pop Mhan and Jheremy Raapack, colorist Rex Lokus, and letterer Deron Bennett. In this series, protagonist Phil Du escapes his struggles through parkour and online gaming. But when he’s suddenly pulled into an ancient order of supernatural warriors amidst a civil war and cataclysm, he will have to step up to his destiny.
  • Fa Sheng: Origins is created by Peter Shiao, written by Rylend Grant, illustrated by Dexter Wee, colored by Omi Remalante Jr., and lettered by Deron Bennett. The tale chronicles the humble beginnings of a great Shaolin Master. The series is written by Rylend Grant, a screenwriter, author, and Ringo Award-winning comic book creator who is also an ordained Soto Zen Buddhist monk.The series is recommended for fans of films based on the story of Ip Man, including the eponymous series and The Grandmaster.
  • Assassin G by writer Jen Troy and artist He Tao, featuring coloring by Hi-Fi Design and lettering by AndWorld Design. This summer Immortal Studios will launch a Kickstarter campaign for this new series, from the CW’s Supergirl TV series writer Jen Troy, about the deadly saga of vengeance between warring factions in the martial underworld in the early 1980s. The novel that inspired Assassin G by Wuxia master Shiao Yi, 甘 19 妹 (Gan the 19th Sister), is known as one of the preeminent IPs in the Chinese speaking world which has been adapted for television four times, and this new series will mark the story’s first comic book and English language adaptation. The Assassin G Kickstarter pre-launch page for the campaign is now live

Immortal Studios feature a range of variant covers from the likes of Gene Ha, Jim Cheung, Ming Doyle, Gian Gulang, Joyce Chin, and more. Other talents and staff behind the curtains include former longtime DC Comics editor Brian Cunningham and team members with experience at Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, 20th Century Fox, and more.

More details to come!

Exclusive: New Stretch Goals Revealed for Fa Sheng: Origins

With about 5 days to go, Fa Sheng: Origins has blown past its crowdfunding goal! The six issue mini-series from writer Rylend Grant and artist Dexter Wee and created by Peter Shiao is about the humble beginnings of a great Shaolin Master.

We have the exclusive reveal that Immortal Studios is announcing three amazing prints featuring art by Dexter Wee, Yishan Li, and Gene Ha! These prints measure 8 x 10 and are printed on a card stock in full color, with no trade dress – just the stunning art for folks to enjoy.

The campaign is quickly approaching its $10k stretch goal and once they hit that level of funding, they’re unlocking something super special — a 4-page “back-up” feature that ties this Fa Sheng and present-day Fa Sheng together, in a tale that spans time and will blow your mind. They’ll also unlock a DRAW ME IN tier so that folks have the opportunity to be immortalized (see what we did there?) in the comic.

Fa Sheng: Origins is the latest comic book series from Immortal Studios, a Los Angeles-based publisher that is creating the first comic book-based shared universe of Wuxia martial arts-fantasy stories. The Kickstarter campaign ends on May 24th at 11:59 EDT.

Exclusive: Yishan Li’s Fa Sheng: Origins Variant Cover Revealed!

Next Tuesday, Immortal Studios is launching a Kickstarter campaign for Fa Sheng: Origins by writer Rylend Grant and artist Dexter Wee. We have the exclusive reveal of the variant cover by Yishan Li!

The six issue mini-series, about the humble beginnings of a great Shaolin Master, is created by Peter Shiao and written by Rylend Grant, a screenwriter, author, and Ringo Award-winning comic book creator who is also an ordained Soto Zen Buddhist monk. Fa Sheng: Origins is illustrated by Dexter Wee, colored by Omi Remalante, Jr., lettered by AndWorld Design, and edited by Brian Cunningham. Issue 1 will feature a main cover by series artists Dexter Wee and Omi Remalante, Jr., as well as variant covers by Mona Finden, Gene Ha, Megan Huang, and Don Kramer.  

The Immortal Studios’ Storyverse is inspired by the storytelling of one of the foremost authors in the Wuxia genre, Peter Shiao’s father Shiao Yi, whose novels have been adapted into film and television more than thirty times, including films by the Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest. 

Created by Peter Shiao, the character of Fa Sheng is a death-cheating, mind-bending Shaolin Master, who first appeared in Immortal Studios’ flagship title The Adept.

Set in the latter days of the 19th century, Fa Sheng: Origins reveals how the confusion and carnage of China’s Boxer Uprising forces a young Fa Sheng to reevaluate his purpose in life, by dedicating himself to helping those in need. All that stands between him and his goal of empowering the masses are cowardly charlatans, backstabbing power grabbers, and ruthless adversaries. The story is written by Rylend Grant, an ordained Soto Zen Buddhist Monk in the lineage of Brad Warner and Gudo Nishijima who can trace his lineage directly back to the Shaolin temple.