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Preview: Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

(W) Sina Grace (A/CA) Egle Bartolini
In Shops: Aug 19, 2020
SRP: $9.99

Welcome, foolish mortals… to the Haunted Mansion, where the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake. The happy haunts are getting ready to throw a swinging wake, and all the goblins and ghoulies are invited-so be sure to bring your death certificate! Featuring all of your favorite grim grinning ghosts! Celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of Disneyland’s most beloved rides with this original graphic novel!

Haunted Mansion

Sina Grace and Egle Bartolini Welcome You to the Haunted Mansion

This September, IDW Publishing welcomes “foolish mortals” of all ages to the Haunted Mansion Original Graphic Novel, a brand-new illustrated journey through the home of grim, grinning ghosts and other spectral surprises.

Written by Sina Grace with art by Egle Bartolini, this 72-page softcover brings ghoulish delights not only to middle grade readers (the 8-12 age range), but to each of our inner children as it revisits all our favorite happy haunts—the ghost host, Madame Leota, the singing busts, the hitchhiking ghosts, and many more!

Haunted Mansion Original Graphic Novel

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Civil_War_II_0_CoverWednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a while, what the team thinks. Our contributors are choosing up to five books each week and why they’re choosing the books.

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: Wrath Of the Eternal Warrior #7 (Valiant) – Has become one of my favourite monthly series from any publisher. While I doubt this issue will be as phenomenal as the last two, I have high hopes that it’ll still be one of the best comics released this week.

Haunted Mansion #3 (Marvel) – I enjoyed the first issue, but the reason I’m looking forward to this is because my wife, who typically doesn’t read comics, has found herself a big fan of the series. Anything I can get to encourage her to read more comics is always a good thing, and when she reminded me that this was out on Wednesday? I’ll be bringing it back from the shop for her no questions asked.

Judge Dredd #5 (IDW Publishing) – What’s happened to Mega City One? Why is Dredd in the far future? I have no idea, but I’m loving this series so I’m more than happy to stay along for the ride.

Old Man Logan #6 (Marvel) – After last issues reveal of Lady Deathstrike and her gang of merry misfits getting ready to hunt down Old Man Logan, I’m looking forward to something we haven’t seen in years: a Wolverine without a stupidly powerful healing factor taking on a bunch of savages.

Red Thorn #7 (Vertigo) – The final chapter in the first arc – I think – has me looking forward to what the creative team has in store for us. This isn’t typically the type of comic I’d read, and perhaps because of that I’ve found myself loving every page.



Top Pick: Civil War II #0 (Marvel) – LETS GET READY TO RUUUUMMMMBBLLLEEE!!  The heroes of the Marvel Universe are pitted once again against each other, divided by opinions that could have far reaching consequences.  The original Civil War story line was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Didn’t they learn from the last time?  I am very excited to see the start of this new story and I will be ringside with my popcorn!

Old Man Logan #6 (Marvel) – Deathstrike and the Reavers are back!  And they are out for Logan, and he doesn’t have a clue.  It’s really cool to see the Reavers again, a great throwback to the 90’s era of X-Men.  This book hasn’t disappointed, so I’m sure this will be a good issue.

Uncanny Avengers #9 (Marvel) – Admittedly, this has not been one of my favored titles.  But I like the idea of Ultron showing up with Hank Pym supposedly controlling him (or pulling the strings…see what I did there?)  Anyway, the idea is interesting so I’ll check it out.



Top Pick: Superman: American Alien #7 (DC Comics) – Max Landis’ miniseries that has explored Superman wraps up with this issue. Each one has been interesting so far and has focused on one aspect of Superman with the issues building upon each other. I’m interesting in seeing how this wraps up and where it goes.

Apocrypha Now (IDW Publishing/Top Shelf) – The follow up to God is Disappointed In You takes on the Midrash, the Apocrypha, Gnostic Gospels, and more! The first book was amazing and had me laughing out loud. I expect this to do the same.

Chum #1 (ComixTribe) – It’s a surf noir where everyone seems corrupt. I love these types of crime stories and this first issue has me interested in seeing where it goes.

Civil War II #0 (Marvel) – Marvel’s big event starts here (other than the Free Comic Book Day release). Should be interesting.

Future Quest #1 (DC Comics) –  DC has been leading up to the relaunch of their line of Hanna-Barbera comics and it starts here. This brings together a bunch of properties that feels like “Crisis with Infinite Hanna-Barbera Cartoons.” The first issue is definitely intriguing.


Sell-Outs and New Printings

Check out some of the sell-outs and new printings that were announced this past week!

Black Mask Studios

A fun crime caper about children! 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #1 has sold out and is going to a second printing. The comic from Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss arrives in stores May 25th.

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #1 2nd PrintingDC Comics

In the month of April the epic saga “The Final Days of Superman” began with Superman #51. This eight-issue story arc spanning four different titles sets the stage for the DC Universe: Rebirth launch beginning May 25.

And now DC Entertainment is proud to announce that coming May 11th, all stories will be available with the new “Final Days of Superman” trade dress!

A second printing of the April titles including the sold out Superman #51, Batman/Superman #31, Action Comics #51, and Superman/Wonder Woman #28 will land in stores on May 11th, featuring a proclamation of their part in the monumental story.

Action Comics 51 Final Days of Superman by Karl Kerschl Batman_Superman 31 Final Days of Superman by Yanick Paquette Superman 51 Final Days of Superman Mikel Janin Superman_Wonder Woman 28 Final Days of Superman by Paul Renaud

Image Comics

Invincible #127 by writer/co-creator Robert Kirkman and artist/co-creator Cory Walker is being fast-tracked to a second printing by Image/Skybound Entertainment in order to keep up with customer demand. The issue marked original series artist Walker’s long-awaited return and first full story arc since Ryan Ottley took up art for the book in 2004. Invincible #127, 2nd printing will arrive in stores on Wednesday, May 25.

INVINCIBLE #127 2nd printing

The second story arc of the bestselling Nowhere Men by writer and Publisher at Image Comics, Eric Stephenson, new series artist Dave Taylor, Eisner-award winning colorist Jordie Bellaire, and Fonografiks is flying off the shelves. In order to keep up with customer demand, Nowhere Men #8 is being rushed to a second printing. The 2nd printing will arive in stores Wednesday, May 25.

Nowhere Men #8 2nd PrintingMarvel

The world famous attraction returns to haunt comic shops once more! Marvel has announced that Haunted Mansion #2 has sold out at the distributor level (though copies may still be available at retail) and will immediately return for a second printing! The newest series in the Disney Kingdoms line brings the 999 happy haunts of the Haunted Mansion to (after)life like never before. Rising star creators Joshua Williamson and Jorge Coelho throw open the doors of the mansion and take you, dear reader, on a spine-tingling tour you won’t want to miss. The second printing arrives May 25. Plus – don’t miss out on an exclusive Disney Parks variant covers to Haunted Mansion #1 and Haunted Mansion #2 – available at Disneyland’s Pieces of Eight and Memento Mori in Walt Disney World!

Haunted_Mansion_2_Cover Haunted_Mansion_2_Disney_Parks_Exclusive_VariantTitan Comics

Titan Comics’ debut issue of Dark Souls – the official comic set in the visceral world of the best-selling BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment /FromSoftware video-game series – has completely sold out on its first day of release.

The comic series, penned by best-selling writer George Mann and illustrated by Alan Quah, has sold out, with a second print featuring a brand-new cover by Alan Quah scheduled to drop on May 18th.

DarkSouls 2nd reprint cover

The Haunted Mansion #1: A Conversational Review

haunted_mansion_1_coverMarvel released the first issue of The Haunted Mansion a couple of weeks ago, through their Disney Kingdoms imprint which focuses on telling new stories based upon the characters, rides, or attractions from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The Haunted Mansion is a comic based upon the ride of the same name, a ride that my wife thoroughly enjoyed when we visited the park in Florida last year. So when the first issue hit the racks I made sure to pick a copy up for her.

Now, while my wife is incredibly supportive of my comic book addiction reading, she’s not a huge comic book reader herself. But because she is a big fan of the ride I was curious to find out what she thought about the first issue.

So once we’d both read the comic, we had a bit of a chat about it.

You enjoyed the comic, eh?


How did it compare to the ride itself?

It felt a little like the ride; I liked the commitment to the little details like the wallpaper, the paintings, characters, room features and the entrance to the ride itself with the stretching paintings, which is one of my favourite parts.

Yeah, I noticed that too. I thought there were a lot of neat nods to the ride, like the order the kid encounters the different ghosts.

Yeah, that was cool.

What about the story, did that work for you at all?

Well I wasn’t sure where it was going at the beginning, but perhaps the next time I ride the ride I’ll feel I’m one of the mortals helping the ghosts to get out. I am interested to see what happens to the main character next.

Do you want me to grab the second one when it comes out on April 20th?

Yeah, I’ll read the second one. I’d like to see some of the other covers, too.

Would you be interested in reading more from Marvel’s Disney Kingdoms imprint?

Yeah, if they stayed along the same lines as this one, and offered me elements of the parks themselves, then I would be interested.

Could you see yourself reading other comics eventually as well, if you enjoy this series?

Perhaps. I mean, you have bought me a few other comics that I have yet to read. It’s a new medium for me, but I may give it another go. Why not, eh?

Why not indeed. If this comic proves to be a gateway into the comic book world for my wife, and others who pick the issue up just because of the title, then that’s a good thing for our hobby. The first issue of The Haunted Mansion  has been on sale for a couple weeks now, and it’s actually a pretty strong issue that’s worth a read if you’re even a little bit of a fan of the ride, or even Disney. As for myself, I enjoyed the comic and while The Haunted Mansion wouldn’t have ordinarily been something that I’d have picked up at the comic shop if not for my wife wanting to read the first issue. When the one comes out, though, whether she’d be interested in reading the next issue or not I’d likely be picking it up for myself anyway.

Story: Joshua Williamson Art: Jorge Coelho and E.M. Gist

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

descender11_CoverArtWednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a while, what the team thinks. Our contributors are choosing up to five books each week and why they’re choosing the books.

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: Voracious #2 (Action Lab: Danger Zone) – If you had a time machine would you make a T-Rex burger? If you could read a comic about a time traveler opening a restaurant where he does just that, wouldn’t you? The first issue had the right balance of humour and a genuine ability to get you in the feels. Voracious is a series to pay attention too.

Detective Comics #50 (DC Comics) – The last two issues have been exactly what I have been looking for with Jim Gordon as Batman, and after only picking them up last week, I`m pumped to get a copy of #50, which s the first time I can say that honestly for Detective Comics since the mech-suit Batman debuted.

Haunted Mansion #1 (Marvel) – My wife is a big Disney fan, so I’m actually being a good husband and picking this up for her… however I am also really curious how the ride will be adapted into comic form, myself. Could be fun.

Howard the Duck #5 (Marvel) – There’s something hilariously ridiculous about Howard the Duck being given the Power Cosmic. That it`s actually being handled well is just mind blowing.

Ninjak #13 (Valiant) – The concluding part to what has been a terrific arc so far. Not the best place to start, but I can’t wait for Operation: Deadside’s finale.



Top Pick: Mockingbird #1 (Marvel) – I have to admit, I love Bobbi Morse.  When it was revealed she was taken by Skrulls and held hostage for years in Secret Invasion, I was thrilled to see her back.  It was a great return; her seeing her ex husband Hawkeye again (and teaming up in their own book, that sadly didn’t last), having her back with the Avengers, then Secret Avengers; then giving her a twist by getting the Infinity formula from Nick Fury when she needed blood to survive an attack.  But, as usually happens, liberties were taken with the character (false memories, lost memories, thinking she WAS the woman who was her cover) and Bobbi faded back into the shadows.  WELL now she’s back, and I am excited.  I’m guessing this will be based more off the Bobbi from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but I’m hoping I’m wrong.  Not that I don’t like her tv counterpart…but I’m hoping for an exciting new take on a character I’ve liked for so long.

The Mighty Thor #5 (Marvel) – Thor vs. Odin!  Take a seat kiddies…this is going to be fun.

Uncanny Avengers #7 (Marvel) – I am only looking forward to this because it is a tie-in to Standoff, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the Avengers get involved in this.

The Vision #5 (Marvel) – If you are not reading this book yet, what the heck are you waiting for?  One of THE best of the new Marvel titles and I can’t wait to see the consequences when the secrets hiding in this book come to light.



Top Pick: Descender #11 (Image Comics) – One of my favorite comics on the market right now. The sci-fi story is solid and the art is absolutely beautiful. Every issue has delivered and then some.

The Bunker #15 (Oni Press) – Its felt like a while since the last issue, but every issue is fantastic. The series blends the future and present as we see individuals scramble to prevent (or is it make sure) a devastating future happens.

Legend of Wonder Woman #3 (DC Comics) – This is the Wonder Woman series we’ve been waiting for. Each issue has been fantastic so far.

Mockingbird #1 (Marvel) – In recent times Marvel has had mixed success when it comes to Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird. Her use at times has been great, and at other points so-so. With a higher profile on television it’ll be interesting to see what this series it like.

Voracious #2 (Action Lab: Danger Zone) – The first issue of this series caught me off guard and what I found was an entertaining series that has some fun with the whole celebrity chef/interesting eating phase that’s going on. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what the second issue would be like.

Grim Grinning Ghosts Galore in Your First Look at Haunted Mansion #1!

The world famous attraction haunts Marvel Comics this March! And the residents are just dying to meet you! Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering have released a first look inside Haunted Mansion #1, the newest Disney Kingdoms limited series! Step inside foolish mortals, as rising comic stars Joshua Williamson and Jorge Coelho throw open the doors of the mansion for a delightfully chilling thrill ride!

It seems that no one lives in the elegant mansion on the hill…but where then is that eerie organ music come from? Are its iron gates meant to keep people out…or keep some things in? Filled with wall-to-wall creeps and hot and cold running chills, the happy haunts of the Haunted Mansion come to (after)life like never before! Get ready to meet the 999 spooks lingering within. But be warned, they’re looking for the 1000th!

Crypt doors will creak, and tombstones will quake. And the next spine-tingling Disney Kingdoms adventure is about to begin. What terrifying secrets lie deep within the mansion? Hop in your Doom Buggy and find out this March!

Cover by E.M. GIST
Variant Covers by BRIAN CROSBY (JAN160750) and SKOTTIE YOUNG (JAN160751)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (JAN160752)
FOC – 02/15/16, On-Sale – 03/09/16


A Short History of Turning Disney Rides Into Fiction

Tower_of_Terror_VideoCoverOne of the common criticisms of modern media is that people have run out of ideas, and that everything that we see is a repetition of something that came before. While this is a contentious enough claim based partially in an over-analysis of tropes and truisms, it is true that those looking to create popular culture stories for movies have looked elsewhere for inspiration in recent years. There have been movies based on blogs for instance, which is a form of media copying another.

In terms of media, many people don’t consider theme park rides to be a form of media, but under certain circumstances they can be. Of courses roller coasters are not really a form of media, but some rides are. After all at Disney World and Disney Land many of the rides consist of a moving vessel which undergoes some mild thrills in the form of chutes or slides, and a story of sorts being told through the depiction of various themes.  In short it serves as a sort of moving theater without a real plot, and is thus is kind of its own form of media (or at least a weird version of theater).

Country_bearsWith the crossover of almost all forms of media from on into another, it thus stands to reason that eventually that someone at Disney would get the idea to base some stories on their own rides, which doubled as extra incentive to take children to the theme parks (if they actually needed more incentive). Surprisingly though, with one notable exception, the transfer to other forms of media has been pretty mediocre, yet recent developments with Disney and Marvel might indicate the path forward for these ventures.

The first movie in this short history of Disney attractions is the Tower of Terror, released in 1997. Featuring Disney staple Steve Guttenberg and pre-Spider-Man Kirsten Dunst, this is the only film of this kind that was released directly to television. It is also notable for its use of the actual ride as a set for the filming as opposed to the other movies which have relied on different settings. This features a fairly typical ghost story and was filmed for a younger audience as it originally appeared on the Wonderful World of Disney.

The second movie in the sequence is the Country Bears, a film based on the ride/show Country Bear Jamboree. This film was released in 2002 and mixed animatronics with real life actors to tell the story of one of the youngest of the Country Bears who discovers his true destiny after being raised by human parents. This was another Disney movie aimed at a younger crowd as it contained rehearsed dance numbers by children and a silly enough premise. Not surprisingly the film grossed back less than half of its budget in ticket sales.

piratesOut of two mediocre films that were either failures or forgettable came Disney’s greatest success. Although it might have seemed absurd at the time, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was a film which ventured well past what was offered in the ride. Although the plot was perhaps a little basic in certain respects, it was equally a movie that was full of a lot of elements that make a movie exciting. Special effects provided a realistic enough supernatural element, but the movie is tied mostly to the over-the-top role played by Johnny Depp, which resulted in an Academy Award nomination for best actor. Additionally the movie helped to make stars out of its other two leads, Oralndo Bloom and Keira Knightley, who while already known well enough in Hollywood, had not yet been considered to be proper A-list actors. The 2003 film was followed by sequels in 2006, 2007 and 2011 with another sequel expected in 2017, with the latter to each featuring one half of the married couple of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.  It is by far the most successful of the Disney rides turned into movies, with gross ticket sales surpassing $3.5 billion.

haunted mansionAfter the success of Pirates of the Caribbean, some thought that Disney might be entering into a period of success for these adaptations, but the follow-up to its big hit was another poorly received movie as the Haunted Mansion failed to gain critical success, even if its box office draw was not as bad as the others. Starring Eddie Murphy in a story that was once again loosely based on the ride, many criticized it for now being scary enough, or funny enough considering that Eddie Murphy was involved. Despite its lackluster final product interest rests in retelling the story by Guillermo del Toro, who might be able to realize a stronger concept considering some of his previous works.

In a bit of a twist, the next movie in the Disney catalog, is not one based on a ride specifically, but rather an entire section of the park, known as Tomorrowland. Although it is still unreleased, it holds a great deal of promise, telling a broader story as Pirates of the Caribbean did, and it doesn’t hurt either that big names like George Clooney and Brad Bird are associated. While there are also rumours of a movie based on “It’s a Small World” (which would presumably be somewhat Carmen Sandiego-like), this is maybe not the way forward for Disney films.

big thunderSince 2009 Disney has owned Marvel Comics, and while speculated on what that might mean for the future of Marvel, it has mostly remained unchanged in terms of the Marvel universe of superheroes. What is in interesting possibility though is the new miniseries Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. After the hit-and-miss (though mostly miss) run of fiction based on rides, this is a chance for Disney to test ideas in a safer market without investing millions of dollars into an idea that might make back less than half of the money invested.  If this is the case, Marvel could also act as an incubator for movie ideas which Disney thinks might fail on the big screen, and this could be a place to see if they could succeed and to fine tune the idea before putting it into production.  Thus maybe if there is to be a “It’s a Small World” movie, it might show up at Marvel first.