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The Haunted Mansion #1: A Conversational Review

haunted_mansion_1_coverMarvel released the first issue of The Haunted Mansion a couple of weeks ago, through their Disney Kingdoms imprint which focuses on telling new stories based upon the characters, rides, or attractions from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The Haunted Mansion is a comic based upon the ride of the same name, a ride that my wife thoroughly enjoyed when we visited the park in Florida last year. So when the first issue hit the racks I made sure to pick a copy up for her.

Now, while my wife is incredibly supportive of my comic book addiction reading, she’s not a huge comic book reader herself. But because she is a big fan of the ride I was curious to find out what she thought about the first issue.

So once we’d both read the comic, we had a bit of a chat about it.

You enjoyed the comic, eh?


How did it compare to the ride itself?

It felt a little like the ride; I liked the commitment to the little details like the wallpaper, the paintings, characters, room features and the entrance to the ride itself with the stretching paintings, which is one of my favourite parts.

Yeah, I noticed that too. I thought there were a lot of neat nods to the ride, like the order the kid encounters the different ghosts.

Yeah, that was cool.

What about the story, did that work for you at all?

Well I wasn’t sure where it was going at the beginning, but perhaps the next time I ride the ride I’ll feel I’m one of the mortals helping the ghosts to get out. I am interested to see what happens to the main character next.

Do you want me to grab the second one when it comes out on April 20th?

Yeah, I’ll read the second one. I’d like to see some of the other covers, too.

Would you be interested in reading more from Marvel’s Disney Kingdoms imprint?

Yeah, if they stayed along the same lines as this one, and offered me elements of the parks themselves, then I would be interested.

Could you see yourself reading other comics eventually as well, if you enjoy this series?

Perhaps. I mean, you have bought me a few other comics that I have yet to read. It’s a new medium for me, but I may give it another go. Why not, eh?

Why not indeed. If this comic proves to be a gateway into the comic book world for my wife, and others who pick the issue up just because of the title, then that’s a good thing for our hobby. The first issue of The Haunted Mansion  has been on sale for a couple weeks now, and it’s actually a pretty strong issue that’s worth a read if you’re even a little bit of a fan of the ride, or even Disney. As for myself, I enjoyed the comic and while The Haunted Mansion wouldn’t have ordinarily been something that I’d have picked up at the comic shop if not for my wife wanting to read the first issue. When the one comes out, though, whether she’d be interested in reading the next issue or not I’d likely be picking it up for myself anyway.

Story: Joshua Williamson Art: Jorge Coelho and E.M. Gist