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Pacific Rim: Ultimate Omnibus is Out Now

In 2013, Legendary Entertainment and Warner Brother’s Pacific Rim impacted into theaters bringing to life giant robots and giant monsters as they had never been seen before. Legendary Comics expanded on the mythology of this universe with Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, a prequel graphic novel presented by Guillermo Del Toro and written by Pac Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham and a stellar art team consisting of Sean ChenYvel Guichet, Pericles JuniorChris Batista, and Geoff Shaw. The rich universe and mythology that had been devised by the filmmakers and Legendary left a universe of stories that could be told. 

Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift arrived in 2015 once again from screenwriter Beacham and television writer/comic creator Joshua Fialkov and the art team of Marcos Marz and Marcello Miaolo. This tale of a pilot couple linked by marriage and the drift brought a new level of drama to the action.

In 2018, a second movie, Pacific Rim Uprising, descended and with a new set of characters, Jaegers and Kaiju. Cavan Scott took the reigns and crafted a tale that featured the return of fan favorite Hannibal Chau and showed what happened between the two films in Pacific Rim Aftermath

At the same time Cavan and writer Zhang Ran and artist BigN teamed for Pacific Rim: Amara, which depicted the backstory of one of the new characters from Uprising in an anime style. 

Last month, Pacific Rim: Blackout allowed readers to revisit the world of Netflix’s Original Anime Series Pacific Rim: The Black in an all-new prequel adventure by Cavan Scott and  artist Nelson Dániel and featuring fan-favorite character Herc Hansen. The PPDC Ranger returns as a world-weary jaeger pilot dragged into battle as an influx of kaiju threatens to destroy the Australian continent and all its inhabitants. Along with his niece Olivia, his copilot Cooper, and Marshal Rask, Herc faces brand-new kaiju of epic proportions while battling his own inner demons.

And, now for the first time ever, Legendary Comics brings together all the Pacific Rim graphic novels in one oversized 568-page hardcover collection that showcases the vast array of the Pacific Rim universe.

Pacific Rim: Ultimate Omnibus is now available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and comic shops.

Movie Review: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

There is nothing quite like the scalp-tingling, goosebumps-raising chills you get when you are scared. The sudden head rush as blood pounds in your temples. The involuntary gasp. The salty tang of sweat beads on your quivering upper lip. We have all felt it, experienced it. Some of us even, well, love it. Especially if we are horror junkies equipped with such fertile imagination.

I would assume that like me you are bookworms who cling tight to nostalgia. Books were my life and when I wasn’t reading comic books I had my hands on novels. One of my favorites was the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy. The hauntingly resonating stories along with those ghastly illustrations found a dark crevice in my heart. I’d read the stories every year around Halloween, honoring the tradition of my childhood, until it faded away. Until it was announced that Guillermo Del Toro would be directing the live-action Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark! Be still my beating heart, right?


Imagine rushing to see the movie. Imagine having tickets for opening night, but plans falling through, then you FINALLY get them for Saturday night. You ignore the hot stifling theater and the woman next to you who is talking non-stop and coughing. Now imagine watching the movie and not being scared, but woefully unimpressed? That was my experience.

Now imagine watching the movie and not being scared, but woefully unimpressed? That was my experience.

Stella Nicholls played by Zoe Margaret Colletti, our four-eyed heroine failed to gain my support. Our mutual nerd energies did not blend. She came across as whiny and, well, dumb. I see why she did the things she did (to move along the plot), but I kept saying to myself “girl, why?” then it turned into “girl, bye”, LOL. So, we had a shaky lead and even shakier cast.

Chuck Steinberg played by Austin Zajur was clearly the comic relief. That would have been more effective if he was funnier. The first half of the film I was rolling my eyes at his one-liners, but he grew on me. Like a fungus. He did have some moments where he actually shined. And when he had to deal with the big pale woman… that was chilling. Del Toro always excels with his monsters.

Auggie Hilderbrandt played by Gabriel Rush was the sensible, logical one.  Which means he’s the most stubborn one when it comes to the evil they unleash. Too little, too late. He was kinda adorable.

Ramon Rodriguez played by Michael Garza was easily the most intriguing of this lil Scooby gang.  Mysterious, handsome, and might had a switchblade. IDK. He had more layers than the others. Also, he was the only POC in the group. So naturally, I was here for that.

Ruth Steinberg played by Natalie Ganzhorn had more heart than I realized. She just wasn’t a vapid, beauty-obsessed prom queen. And this was shown before the “red spot” obliterated her face!

Tommy Millner played by Austin Abrams was such a complete and utter tool! He played the hell out of the role. Douchey, bigoted, and ugly all conveniently rolled into a letter jacket. When I first saw him, I wanted him to die.  Thank the heavens for Harold the Scarecrow. He heard my pleas.

The special effects and the truly grotesque monsters (Gawd, they were bone-chilling) were strong enough to offset such a predictable, run-of-the-mill cast. Granted, I was not expecting Oscar-winning performances or a dialogue that kept you rapt with attention, but I did expect more. Maybe I put too much stock in the buzz surrounding the movie. Maybe I hyped it up in mind so that the inner child who would be satisfied. But there were some chills, but no thrills. So tell me a story, Sarah Bellows. A GOOD one this time.

Guillermo del Toro and The Shape of Water Come to Pop! this Summer

One of the most talented directors in the film industry – Guillermo del Toro –  will now be memorialized as a Pop!, alongside characters from his Oscar-nominated film The Shape of Water!

Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

The unique relationship between Amphibian Man and Elisa is dramatized in one of the stand out films of 2017. Now you can collect Amphibian Man and Elisa who is shown with a broom!

Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

Add Guillermo del Toro and The Shape of Water to your Pop! collection this summer!



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Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water Arrives on Digital 2/27 & 4K, Blu-ray and DVD 3/13

From master storyteller, Guillermo del Toro, comes The Shape of Water, an otherworldly fairy tale set against the backdrop of Cold War-era America circa 1962. In the hidden, high-security government laboratory where she works, lonely Elisa (Sally Hawkins) is trapped in a life of isolation. Elisa’s life is changed forever when she and co-worker Zelda (Octavia Spencer) discover a secret classified experiment. Rounding out the cast are Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Michael Stuhlbarg and Doug Jones.

Add The Shape of Water to your digital collection on Movies Anywhere beginning February 27 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on March 13.


  • A Fairy Tale for Troubled Times
  • Anatomy of a Scene: Prologue
  • Anatomy of a Scene: The Dance
  • Shaping the Waves: A Conversation with James Jean
  • Guillermo del Toro’s Master Class
  • Theatrical Trailers

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While you wait for shops to open, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

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CBR – Guillermo Del Toro: Hellboy 3 Will 100% Not Happen – Boooo!

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The Beat – Burt’s Way Home

Guillermo Del Toro Begins Principal Photography on The Shape of Water

Guillermo Del ToroFox Searchlight Pictures announced that principal photography on The Shape of Water began today in Toronto, Canada. The film stars Academy Award nominee Sally Hawkins, Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon, Academy Award nominee Richard Jenkins, Doug Jones, Golden Globe nominee Michael Stuhlbarg and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer. Academy Award nominated Guillermo del Toro will direct and co-write with Vanessa Taylor. The film is being produced by del Toro and J. Miles Dale.

The Shape of Water is an other-worldly story, set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1963. A mysterious and magical journey from Guillermo del Toro.

Joining del Toro on the film are long time collaborators costume designer Luis Sequeira, director of photography Dan Laustsen, visual effects supervisor Dennis Berardi and editor Sidney Wolinsky.  New to the team is production designer Paul Austerberry.  Co-Heads of Production David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield and Vice President of Production DanTram Nguyen are overseeing the project for Fox Searchlight Pictures.

There’s No Escaping the Ghosts of the Past in Crimson Peak!

Crimson Peak, the latest cinematic adventure from Legendary Pictures and director Guillermo del Toro, is sure to cause a scare!

Starring Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska, the film follows a young author, Edith Cushing, as she falls in love with Sir Thomas Sharpe to the dismay of Dr. Alan McMichael, who is madly in love with Edith!

The story takes place in a weathered mansion fit for Mother Ghost!

Collect the whole set before the movie hits theaters on October 16th!

Pop! Movies: Crimson Peak are out from Funko in September.




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Dark Horse’s 2015 Free Comic Book Day Gold Release

What makes a trip to your local comic shop even better? Free copies of your favorite Dark Horse titles for Free Comic Book Day 2015!

Dark Horse Comics’ Gold Comic promises to be the most thrilling Free Comic Book Day issue to date . . .

Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart premiere Fight Club 2!

Eric Powell introduces new tragedy in The Goon!

And Guillermo del Toro presents an all-new chapter from The Strain!

Need we say more?

Acclaimed novelist Chuck Palahniuk continues one of his most beloved works with Fight Club 2, only in comics. This special FCBD short story revisits the final moments of the groundbreaking novel and is a great precursor to the new series launching in May. Multiple Eisner Award-winner Eric Powell takes the Goon and Franky on an unexpected detour and The Strain (now a hit show on FX) examines one of the Master’s most terrifying allies with writer David Lapham and artist Mike Huddleston at the helm.

2015 promises to be Dark Horse’s biggest FCBD event yet, with not one, but two free comics, each packed full with three separate stories. Stay tuned for more details on the Free Comic Book Day: Silver Edition!

Free Comic Book Day, takes place on May 2, 2015!

dark horse fcbd 2015 1 dark horse fcbd 2015 2

TV Review: The Strain S1E13 The Master

the-strain-logo1The Strain wrapped up its first season tonight, returning in 2015 to continue the battle against The Master and his vampire minion. In this episode Eph and Fet recon for an all-out assault that Setrakian assures them will finally kill the Master. Gus aligns himself with a strange new force, one that may swing the fight in an unforeseen direction.

This season has been interesting, with a nice roll into the vampire spreading, as opposed to having it happen like a hammer, and the vampires attacking quickly. At the same time there’s been some great build up as to what’s really going on when it comes to the Master and his plan. Tonight, a lot of that build up pays off.

There’s an outright assault on The Master by Eph and his team, winding up with some interesting results that makes next season very interesting. Then there’s Eldritch, whose renewed health, leads him to make a move. Then there’s that mystery group of vampires. We learn what that’s all about.

The finale is a good one with lots of action, lots of answers, and a some great set-up for the next season. This first season has been good, and as a whole is much better than each individual episode. With a second season, I can’t wait to see how the show will change with a bit more safety as far as its fate. If you’re a fan of the comic, or vampire stories, this is definitely worth checking out.

Overall Score: 8

TV Review: The Strain S1E12 Last Rites

the-strain-logo1Dutch returns with a plan to broadcast Eph’s warning about the vampiric plague. However, they face a new threat when Eichhorst launches his own attack against the pawn shop. Palmer receives a special visitor, and Gus gears up for the on-coming fight but discovers there’s another mysterious factor involved.

The Strain continues to bounce around multiple plot lines giving more than enough of each so as to not feel shorted on any of them. What’s impressive though, with it bouncing around, we learn so much that adds to the impetuous behind the oncoming battle. While the series is focused on The Master’s plan on taking over the world, it’s as much about Eichhorst and Abraham’s history dating back to World War II and the Holocaust.

A lot of the episode, even for as much as it bounces around, gives us more insight in what Abraham has gone through as far as his battles. Both he, and another team member are forced to say good-bye to something they love. It really brings a nice touch of humanity to all that’s going on.

Overall, the episode on its own was so-so, with some solid moments. But, as part of the larger narrative, it adds a lot.


Overall Score: 7.75

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