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Small Press Expo 2022 Announces Additional Special Guests

Small Press Expo has announced additional Special Guests for SPX 2022. It’s the first in-person show in three years taking place on Saturday September 17 and Sunday September 18 with programming and workshops about the amazing world of independent comics, along with over 500 creators on the exhibitor floor.

SPX 2022 is honored to have the following creators as Special Guests to this year’s show:

Maia Kobabe is the author of Gender Queer: A Memoir, winner of an Alex Award, Stonewall Honor, and the most banned book in the US in 2021. It is being released in a deluxe hardcover edition that features a brand-new cover, exclusive art and sketches, a forward by ND Stevenson (Lumberjanes, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) and an afterward by creator Maia Kobabe. Started as a way to explain to eir family what it means to be nonbinary and asexual, Gender Queer is more than a personal story: it is a useful and touching guide on gender identity—what it means and how to think about it—for advocates, friends, and humans everywhere.

Ronald Wimberly (born 28 April 1979) is an American artist (a cartoonist and filmmaker). He has published several graphic novels, as well as shorter works for The New YorkerDC/VertigoNikeMarvelHill and Wang, and Dark Horse Comics. Wimberly was the 2016 Columbus Museum of Art comics resident, and was a two-time resident cartoonist at Angoulême‘s Maison des Auteurs. He is the recipient of the 2008 Glyph Comics Award, and has been nominated for two Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.

Rumi Hara was born in Kyoto, Japan, and started printing her comics on a tiny home printer while working as a translator in Tokyo in 2010. After receiving an MFA in illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design, Rumi moved to New York in 2014, where she now lives and works as an illustrator and comics artist. Her comics series Nori was first self-published as minicomics and was nominated for an Ignatz Award in 2018.

Gabrielle Bell’s work has been selected several times for Best American Comics and the Yale Anthology of Graphic Fiction, and has been  featured in The Believer, McSweeney’s and Vice magazines. Her story, “Cecil and Jordan In New York,” was turned into a film by Michel Gondry. The Voyeurs was named one of the best Graphic Novels of the year by Publishers WeeklyInappropriate, her most recent collection of absurd short comics, garnered two Ignatz Award nominations and was named “One of the Best GNs of the Year” by The Library Journal. Gabrielle Bell lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Bianca Xunise is a cartoonist based out of Chicago, Illinois and will debut at SPX a brand new zine, Midnite Crawling, which is a collection of short stories about music and the punk subculture. In 2017 Xunise earned an Ignatz for Promising New Talent for their comic Say Her Name, an autobiographical story of police brutality and social justice. In 2020 Xunise earned their second Ignatz for their contribution to Be Gay, Do Comics published by IDW. Xunise has collaborated with Vogue, The Washington Post, The Nib, and Believer Magazine. They are also a contributor to the book How We Fight Supremacy: A Field Guide to Black Resistance along with Ta-Nehisi Coates, Tarana Burk, and Harry Belafonte. Bianca became the first nationally syndicated non-binary cartoonist when they joined the comic strip Six Chix in 2020 as their first black creator.

The five part epic begins in All Time Comics: Zerosis Deathscape #1 this June

The Beggar terrorizes Optic City while The Daylight Savings Time Killer stabs his way to glory. Blind Justice meets a new level of street brutality. Time Vampire Scientist meddles! Toby Whey’s tweaking! Bullwhip + Crime Destroyer! Face-melting art by Trevor Von Eeden and Gabrielle Bell!

Trevor Von Eeden’s storytelling is legendary and has been a topic among cartoonists for close to 40 years. All Time Comics is amped to join forces with him on the Zerosis Deathscape miniseries. It’s a huge honor and dream come true to work with Trevor as he helped shape our ecstatic reverence for the medium of comics.

All Time Comics: Zerosis Deathscape #1 (APR191755) arrives in stores on Wednesday, June 5. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Friday, May 3. (W) Josh Bayer, Josh Simmons (A) Trevor Von Eeden, Gabrielle Bell (Colorist) Daniel Lee (CA) Das Pastorus
32 pages $4.99

All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape #1

All Time Comics Returns with the 5-part Epic: Zerosis Deathscape

All Time Comics returns for a second season with new publisher, Floating World Comics

New series writer, Josh Simmons, scripts Zerosis Deathscape, an epic 5-part event co-written by ATC mastermind, Josh Bayer. Each monthly issue is drawn by Bronze Age maverick, Trevor Von Eeden.

Von Eeden’s unique and powerful style has developed a cult following among genre and underground cartoonists, who celebrate his run on Thriller and his early DC career drawing Batman, Green Arrow, and Black Lightning. He is joined on art duties by indie cartoonists Gabrielle BellJulia GfrörerBenjamin Marra, and Tom Toye, and colorist Daniel Lee.

The series is about space and time meeting anti-time and alternate-space combining Bronze Age adventure genre comics with other comic styles. The massive superhero crossover hearkens to other classic cosmic event comics and brings together all the characters established in season 1 of All Time Comics.

Zerosis Deathscape begins monthly in June and is preceded by a special prologue issue, All Time Comics #0 in April. Written and illustrated by Josh Simmons, with inks by Ken Landgraf, this zero issue is the perfect intro to the new wave of ATC. Features the first appearance of The Red Maniac, and we meet Time Scientist Vampire, who foretells the devastating power of Zerosis!

All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape #0 cover by Das Pastoras
All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape #0 incentive cover by Brendan McCarthy

All six issues of All Time Comics Season 1 are finally collected in a massive 240 page trade paperback, coming this June from Floating World Comics.

Atlas – his only weakness is fear!
Blind Justice – the man who walks through bullets!
Bullwhip – here to put a stop to the bullsh*t!
Crime Destroyer – will fight for justice or die trying!

These four heroes face an over-the-top lineup of villains including The Misogynist, Raingod, White Warlock, Krimson Kross, P.S.Y.C.H.O., and the Time Vampire.

All Time Comics features the work of current indie comics creators like Josh BayerBenjamin Marra, and Noah Van Sciver, alongside the work of established artists like Al Milgrom and the last art by legendary artist Herb Trimpe, co-creator of Wolverine.

All Time Comics Season 1

Review: Cecil & Jordan in New York

Cecil & Jordan in New York collects Gabrielle Bell‘s short stories that explore a spectrum of human experience. This new softcover edition features additional hard to find material and the graphic novel features some of Bell’s best work.

You can get your copy in comic shops and book stores now. To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Amazon/Kindle/comiXology or TFAW


Uncivilized Books provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review
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Review: Everything is Flammable

Your relationship with your parents can be quite complex and is never straight forward as nay one wished it was.  In my personal experience, I have seen relationships where people are so alike their parents they don’t get along. There are the ones that are they total opposites, where they are pretty much each other’s best friends. Then there are the ones that are somewhere in between those roles, where the occupation of either parent or child is quite evident.

I know personally, in my relationships with both my parents, I have experienced all of these things, which leads to the complexity. This becomes more of a struggle once the child becomes an adult, as it becomes harder to decipher those boundaries. It becomes worst once you are both an adult and a parent, as some lessons your parents tried to teach you come full circle while others remain a mystery. In Gabrielle Bell’s Everything Is Flammable, the creator’s relationship with her mother is examined on top of life’s many challenges.

We meet the creator, shortly after getting the phone call, that her mother’s home has burned down, and she must go home in order to help her mother through picking up the pieces. What trips up Gabrielle, is that she also has to deal with money problems, anxiety, and her relationship with other people. Throughout the book, it is divided into chapters all seemingly chronological but expertly told, as we not only get to know the creator, but how her mother has shaped her into who she has become. By book’s end, the reader has taken a rather intimate peek into Gabrielle’s life, much like how the best documentaries pull you in.

Overall, an excellent book where the artist is not scared to be vulnerable, which is this tome was nothing but exquisite. The stories by Bell are relatable, sometimes hard to watch but ultimately leaves you rooting for her. The art by Bell feels very warm and intriguing. Altogether, a book that should be on everyone’s lap.

Story: Gabrielle Bell Art: Gabrielle Bell
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review : Everything Is Flammable By Gabrielle Bell

Honestly, I don’t know how Gabrielle Bell does it. And I mean that on two levels.

On the first, purely technical level, her stringent adherence to six-panel grids on each page and “mid-range camera” perspective means that she draws full figures in almost every panel. When you think about that what that means in terms of sheer labor and dedication to craft, it’s just straight-up nuts. Admirable, absolutely, but nuts. Not many cartoonists could handle the workload, much less maintain it at her remarkably prolific pace.

It’s on the second, thematic level, though, that she deserves even more special recognition  — that’s because as a memoirist, her ability to take an honest, unflinching look at both her own life and the lives of people around her is unequaled in the contemporary “alternative” comix “scene.” She doesn’t go out of her way to make anyone look bad, that much has been evident throughout the course of her nearly-two-decade career, but she doesn’t sugar-coat anything, either. I believe it was legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite who used to say “and that’s the day that was” at the close of every broadcast, and Bell seems to have absorbed that philosophy, even though her more unconventional upbringing in the wilds of northern California most likely precluded her from watching the news most (if not all) evenings, just at a guess.

And it’s that upbringing — and its lingering ramifications — that form the spine of her latest, and most accomplished to date, graphic novel, Everything Is Flammable, recently released under the auspices of the consistently-fascinating Uncivilized Books, an outfit I’m proud to say hangs its metaphorical shingle in my hometown of Minneapolis. Bell has been slowly circling her way toward a genuine masterpiece for many years now with notable works such as The Voyeurs and Truth Is Fragmentary, and now that moment has unquestionably arrived — a heady mix of painful memories, frayed nerves, keen observations, and compelling characters navigating equally compelling situations, this is “next-level” autobiographical storytelling that will grip you as surely and firmly during its quiet interludes as it does during its emotional avalanches. If you’re ready to buckle in, Bell’s book isn’t going to let you go.

Consisting of a conjoined admixture of re-worked (and newly-colored) entries from Bell’s eagerly-anticipated annual summertime cartoon diaries and material previously unseen anywhere in either “rough” or “polished” form, Everything Is Flammable limns the tense trajectory of its author/subject’s life from 2014 to 2015, a year in which her aging mother was literally forced to start over from scratch after a devastating fire left her both homeless and penniless, a proud and independent “off-the-grid” woman suddenly forced to rely on the kindness and generosity of friends, neighbors, acquaintances — even her partially-estranged family. If this sounds to you like fertile ground for long-suppressed tensions to bubble to the surface, give yourself a gold star for your precognitive abilities — but by all means, whatever you do, read the book anyway.

Here’s the thing, though : the ever-present pathos never threatens to overwhelm readers, and while much of that is down to Bell’s deft and tonally near-perfect scripting skills, just as much of it is due to her disarmingly engaging art style. Deceptively simple yet highly evocative, the amount of sheer visual information that she’s able to pack into each illustration is a veritable clinic in efficient shorthand communication from brain to hand to readers’ eyes. Important details make their way to the foreground in a naturalistic and unforced manner, while anything-but-superfluous background objects, persons, places, and animals (always be on the lookout for plenty of animals in Bell’s work) are fit into place with ease, never competing with each other for your attention, but always getting it in due course and smooth-flowing sequence. Emerging cartoonists at the art school level and beyond seem to be paying close attention to Bell, as well they should — and if she turns out to be one of the primary influences on the next generation of illustrators coming along, the future should be pretty damn bright, indeed.

Still, one thing this book never lets you forget is that Bell is a multi-faceted talent : her sharp ear for authentic dialogue, immediately engaging first-person narration, smart story pacing, and sympathetic-without-being-cloying narrative tone ensure that the daily struggles, garden-variety headaches (and I mean that more literally than it probably sounds), often-debilitating neuroses, and familial complexities that are consistently swirling around and/or passing through her life and her mind remain humanistic and relatable rather than subjects examined in a petri dish from some omniscient power, whether seen or unseen. You’ll care about the people in this story and what happens to them rather than viewing them as objects of prurient or morbid fascination, and that’s not always the easiest thing for a biographical work (auto- or otherwise) to achieve.

I’m not sure if, at the end of the day, Bell leaves her characters/subjects in a situation that could be called “optimistic” or not, but if it does (and arguments could be made for or against such a reading), it’s not delivered in a manner that could be considered even remotely ironic, earnest, or anything other than absolutely sincere. I’ll be thinking about — and returning to — this book for a long time to come, of that I have no doubt, and while there are no esoteric mysteries to unpack or hidden meanings to be deciphered interspersed throughout its pages, there is a cathartic expunging of very personal pain and confusion that plays out over the course of events here that results in something dangerously close to feeling like a tenuous sense of peace has been achieved — hell, earned — by all parties involved by the time all is said and done. That’s a good thing, to be sure, even if it all turns out to be fleeting — but Everything Is Flammable is much more than a good thing, and the spell it weaves is as far-removed from fleeting as one can imagine. Even if your copy of this book were to tragically go up in flames, the effect it has on you won’t be going anywhere. This is a comic that burns in the best possible way.

Story And Art : Gabrielle Bell

Story : 10  Art : 10  Overall : 10  Recommendation : Buy


Small Press Expo Announces Nate Powell, Gene Yang, Jim Rugg, Gabrielle Bell, Kickily, Sloane Leong and more as Special Guests for SPX 2017

Small Press Expo has announced its first slate of Special Guests for SPX 2017. The festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17, at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center and will have over 650 creators, 280 exhibitor tables and 22 programming slots to entertain, enlighten and introduce attendees to the amazing world of independent and small press comics.

SPX 2017 is honored to have the following creators as Special Guests to this year’s show:

NATE POWELL is a New York Times best-selling graphic novelist born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1978. He began self-publishing at age 14, and graduated from School of Visual Arts in 2000.

His work includes March, the graphic novel autobiography of Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis; You Don’t Say, Any Empire, Swallow Me Whole, The Silence Of Our Friends, The Year Of The Beasts, and Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero.

He lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

GENE LUEN YANG is the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. He has written and drawn many graphic novels, including American Born Chinese, which was a National Book Award finalist, as well as the winner of the Printz Award and an Eisner Award. His graphic novel set Boxers and Saints won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. He has also written for the hit comics Avatar: The Last Airbender and Superman. His latest project is the comics and coding series with Mike Holmes, Secret Coders. geneyang.com. Sunday only

JIM RUGG is an Eisner and Ignatz Award winning cartoonist based in Pittsburgh. His books include Street Angel, the PLAIN Janes, the Guild, Afrodisiac, and Notebook Drawings.

Street Angel, the deadliest girl alive, is back in a series of original hardcover graphic novels from Image Comics and the creative team of Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. In Street Angel: After School Kung Fu Special, our skateboarding heroine, Jesse Sanchez, faces a ninja bully and battles teen angst over a big school dance. In July, Jesse joins a violent team of troublemakers in the Street Angel Gang.

GABRIELLE BELL’s work has been selected for Best American Comics and the Yale Anthology of Graphic Fiction, and has been featured in McSweeney’s, the Believer, Bookforum, and Vice among numerous other publications. Her story, “Cecil and Jordan In New York,” was turned into a film by Michel Gondry. Bell’s previous graphic novel, The Voyeurs, was named one of the best books of the year by Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and the Atlantic. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. Find her online at gabriellebell.com. Saturday only
Photo by Jordan Guile

After graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art, SAM BOSMA taught in the Illustration department from 2011 to 2013 before moving to Brooklyn, NY. At SPX 2016, his first volume of Fantasy Sports won the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Comic! He currently does background drawings for Steven Universe on Cartoon Network when not creating comics and graphic novels. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

KICKLIY is the creator of the critically acclaimed Musnet series of books. The Musnet books follow the all-ages adventures of a certain poor Mus Musculous (a common field mouse, for those of you that don’t speak Latin) on his quest to become the greatest mouse painter that ever was.

Musnet was nominated for the 2017 Prix Angouleme for Kids Comics. Kickliy is also an accomplished oil painter. He lives somewhere between Minneapolis and Giverny.

SLOANE LEONG is a cartoonist currently living in Portland, Oregon who has worked for Image Comics, Dark Horse, Cartoon Network and more. Her Ignatz-nominated short comic, A Map to the Sun, will be expanded into a graphic novel and will be published by First Second in 2019. Sloane Leong’s newest comic, A Hollowing, is a lean grim story about a young girl and her horse, the breaking down of performed domesticity and the realization of the horrors of the body.

GILBERT HERNANDEZ is co-creator of the long-running, award-winning, and critically acclaimed series Love and Rockets, which in 2017 celebrates its 35th Anniversary. His books include Marbles, Bumperhead, Luba, Palomar, Speak of the Devil,Love from the Shadows and Girl Crazy. This year, Hernandez designed clothing based on his Love and Rockets characters for men and women available at Pinup Girl.

KEITH KNIGHT, winner of the Glyph, Harvey, and Inkpot Awards, is a spectacular cartoonist whose Knight Life comic strip is read nationwide in such newspapers as the Washington Post. Keef’s funny yet hard-hitting cartoons in his series (T)hink and The K Chronicles led him to be named one of the 2015 NAACP History Makers. Knight is the illustrator of the critically acclaimed tween book, Jake the Fake Keeps It Real. He also has a new collection of Knight Life strips called the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Behind.

Born in Palo Alto and raised in Nashville, award-winning, New-York-Times-bestselling illustrator JANET LEE is best known for her decoupage art technique. Self-taught, Lee has been drawing comics since she was old enough to hold a pencil. After working for more than a decade at the business end of publishing, Lee received her big break with the publication of Return of the Dapper Men. Since then, she has illustrated close to a dozen different books and anthologies. This year, Return of the Dapper Men returns in a new deluxe edition from Top Shelf Productions. Lee still lives and works in Nashville, in a house filled with one husband, one son, two dogs, and four very bad cats.

JIM MCCANN is an award-winning writer of comic books, television, and theatre. He wrote several critically acclaimed Marvel Hawkeye series before branching out into creating his own comics and graphic novels, as well as other projects. His first graphic novel, Return of the Dapper Men, won the Eisner Award for Best Original Graphic Album. He has since gone on to create hit series such as the space-heist Lost Vegas and the ongoing top-rated series Mind the Gap, both published through Image Comics. This year, Return of the Dapper Men returns in a new deluxe edition from Top Shelf Productions.


It’s “Now” for Fantagraphics with a New Comics Anthology

Fantagraphics Books Inc. has announced the arrival of Now, a tri-annual anthology series with all new stories that highlights the diversity and talent of cartoonists all over the globe. The first issue is set to debut at the Small Press Expo (SPX) in Bethesda, MD and will arrive in comic shops and bookstores September 20th, 2017.

Now aspires to be an affordable and ongoing anthology of new comics that appeals both to the comics-curious as well as the serious aficionado. In the age of long form graphic novels, Now also intends to provide a platform for short fiction, experimentation, and for showcasing diversity in the comics field. The only common denominator to each piece is an exemplary use of the comics form.

Now is the brainchild of Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds, who previously edited 22 volumes of the fondly-remembered anthology Mome from 2005-2011.

The first issue will feature fan-favorites and fresh finds alike, and includes new work from acclaimed creators such as Eleanor Davis, Noah Van Sciver, Gabrielle Bell, Dash Shaw, Sammy Harkham, and Malachi Ward, as well as international stars such as J.C. Menu, Conxita Herrerro, Tobias Schalken, and Antoine Cossé. Plus strips from rising stars Tommi Parrish, Sara Corbett, Daria Tessler, and newcomer Kaela Graham, as well as a gorgeous painted cover by Pennsylvania artist Rebecca Morgan.

Now #1 will appear in the July issue of the Diamond Previews catalog for a September release and the second issue of the series is set to release in January 2018. Fantagraphics.com is offering an exclusive three issue subscription service for Now.

Small Press Expo Announces the Ignatz Award Nominees for SPX 2011

Official Press Release

Small Press Expo Announces the Ignatz Award Nominees for SPX 2011

Bethesda, Maryland; August 18, 2011 – The Small Press Expo (SPX), the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comics, graphic novels and alternative political cartoons, is pleased to announce nominees for the fifteenth annual presentation of the Ignatz Awards, a celebration of outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning.

The Ignatz, named after George Herriman’s brick-wielding mouse from his long running comic strip Krazy Kat, recognizes exceptional work that challenges popular notions of what comics can achieve, both as an art form and as a means of personal expression. The Ignatz Awards are a festival prize, the first of such in the United States comic book industry.

The nominees for the ballot were determined by a panel of five of the best of today’s comic artists, Rina Ayuyang, Mike Dawson, Kris Dresen, Theo Ellsworth, and John Porcellino, with the votes cast for the awards by the attendees during SPX. The Ignatz Awards will be presented at the gala Ignatz Awards ceremony held on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 9:00 PM.

Additional information on the nominees and previews (as available) can be found at http://www.spxpo.com/ignatz-awards.

SPX will be held Saturday, September 10 from 11AM to 7PM and Sunday, September 11, noon-6PM at The North Bethesda Marriott Convention Center  in Bethesda, Maryland. Admission is $10 for a single day and $15 for both days.

For further information on the Ignatz Awards, the nominees or to request an interview, please contact Warren Bernard at warren@spxpo.com.

For more information on the Small Press Expo, please visit http://www.spxpo.com.

Outstanding Artist
Michael DeForge, Lose #3 (Koyama Press)
Edie Fake, Gaylord Phoenix (Secret Acres)
Renee French, H-Day (Picturebox)
Joseph Lambert, I Will Bite You (Secret Acres)
Carol Tyler, You’ll Never Know, Vol 2: Collateral Damage (Fantagraphics)

Outstanding Anthology or Collection
Black Eye, edited by Ryan Standfest (Rotland Press)
Gay Genius, edited by Annie Murphy (Sparkplug)
I Will Bite You, Joseph Lambert (Secret Acres)
Make Me a Woman, Vanessa Davis (Drawn & Quarterly)
Three #1, edited by Robert Kirby (Rob Kirby Comics)

Outstanding Graphic Novel
Gaylord Phoenix, Edie Fake (Secret Acres)
The Heavy Hand, Chris Cilla (Sparkplug)
Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword, Barry Deutsch (Amulet Books)
Special Exits, Joyce Farmer (Fantagraphics)
You’ll Never Know, Vol 2: Collateral Damage, Carol Tyler (Fantagraphics)

Outstanding Story
“Blood of the Virgin,” Crickets #3, Sammy Harkham (self-published)
“Browntown,” Love and Rockets: New Stories No. 3, Jaime Hernandez (Fantagraphics)
“LINT,” Acme Novelty Library #20, Chris Ware (Drawn & Quarterly)
“The most gripping mind-exploding triumphantly electric of our time,” Papercutter #15, Jonas Madden-Conner (Tugboat Press)
“Weekends Abroad,” Three #1, Eric Orner (Rob Kirby Comics)

Promising New Talent
Darryl Ayo Brathwaite, House of Twelve Monthly #3 (Comixology)
Tony Breed, Finn and Charlie are Hitched (www.hitchedcomic.com)
Jesse Jacobs, Even the Giants (AdHouse)
Jon McNaught, Birchfield Close (Nobrow)
Jesse Moynihan, Forming (Nobrow)

Outstanding Series
Crickets, Sammy Harkham
Dungeon Quest, Joe Daly (Fantagraphics)
Everything Dies, Box Brown (self-published)
Lose, Michael DeForge (Koyama Books)
Reich, Elijah Brubaker (Sparkplug Comic Books)

Outstanding Comic
Crickets #3, Sammy Harkham (self-published)
Danger Country #1, Levon Jihanian (self-published)
Habitat #2, Dunja Jankovic (Sparkplug Comic Books)
Lose #3, Michael DeForge (Koyama Press)
The Magic Hedge, Marian Runk (self-published)

Outstanding Mini-Comic
Ben Died of a Train, Box Brown (self-published)
Danger Country #1, Levon Jihanian (self-published)
Gaylord Phoenix #5, Edie Fake (self-published)
Morning Song, Laura Terry (self-published)
Trans-Utopia, Tom Kaczynski (Uncivilized Books)

Outstanding Online Comic
Alphabet Horror, Nate Marsh: www.alphabethorror.com
A Cartoonist’s Diary, Pascal Girard: www.tcj.com/author/pascal-girard/
Finn and Charlie are Hitched,Tony Breed: www.hitchedcomic.com
Hark! A Vagrant, Kate Beaton: www.harkavagrant.com
Lucky, Gabrielle Bell: www.gabriellebell.com

Lynda Barry on NPR’s TOTN; New Barry, Ware, Shapton and more!

Official Press ReleasePreviews





Tune into NPR’s Talk of the Nation today, 11/11/10, to listen to Neal Conan and Lynda Barry in conversation. Be sure to call in!

Here are the remaining dates on Lynda tour, with more 2011 dates to be announced including Montreal in mid January!

11/15/10-Chicago-SAIC, 11/21/10-Miami Book Fest with Vanessa Davis, 12/2/10-NY-92nd St Y with Maira Kalman, 12/4/10-Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Fest with Charles Burns, 1/25/11-Chicago-Unity Temple Oak Park, 3/17/11-Philadelphia Free Library, 4/15/11-Boston-Wellesley College

Lynda’s new book , PICTURE THIS, is in stores now.

Lynda Barry singlehandedly created a literary genre all her own, the graphic-memoir-how-to, otherwise known as the bestselling, the acclaimed, but most importantly, the adored and the inspirational What It Is. The R.R. Donelley and Eisner Award-winning book posed, explored and answered the question “Do you think you can write”? Now with PICTURE THIS, Barry asks “Why do we stop drawing?” and “Why do we start?” It features the return of Barry’s most beloved character, Marlys, and introduces a new one, the Nearsighted Monkey. Like WHAT IT IS, PICTURE THIS is an inspirational, take home extension of Barry’s traveling, continually sold out, and sought after workshop, “Writing The Unthinkable.”

Hardcover, 8.375 x 10.875 inches, full color, 176 pages, ISBN: 9781897299647, $29.95 USD

The 20th volume of Chris Ware’s ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY is in stores now.

Jordan Wellington Lint, 51, is Chief Executive Officer of Lint Financial Products, a company he began serving in 1985 as assistant and advisor before working his way up its corporate ladder to record-setting innovation in the fields of finance and high-yield investment. In his seven years as the head of Lint, Jordan has grown the company from a business lender and real estate speculator to a leading provider of network financial infrastructure services, all the while positioning Lint as a model of corporate integrity and high-yield, low-risk product. Lint’s vision has made him one of the most influential and widely sought-after leaders in the complex Omaha securities industry, and his fresh approach to an understanding of local problems, leadership and determination have enabled Lint to grow, outdistance and outpace its competitors.

Lint graduated from UNL in 1981 with a BA in Business and briefly studied music and recording in Los Angeles before returning to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where he has continued his life journey ever since. In his ongoing role as Chief Executive Officer and his dual roles as public servant and father, Lint continues to put his creative leadership and vision to work in a variety of challenging settings. He is married and is the father of two boys.

The ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY NUMBER 20 comprises a contributing chapter to cartoonist Chris Ware’s gradual accretion of the ongoing graphic novel experiment “Rusty Brown.”

Hardcover, 9.25 x 7 inches, color, 72 pages, ISBN: 9781770460201, $23.95 US / $24.95 CDN

DENYS WORTMAN’S NEW YORK is in stores now.

After cartoonist, educator and editor James Sturm discovered the vintage book, Mopey Dick and the Duke, he set off to find more about the author, the deceased and unknown cartoonist Denys Wortman. Sturm immediately took note of the masterful drawings – casual, confident, and brimming with personality and wondered how this cartoonist escaped his radar.

DENYS WORTMAN’S NEW YORK is not only a tribute to Wortman, but it is a tribute to New York, the city that sparked Wortman’s voracious creative output. From coal cellars to roof tops, from opera houses to boarding houses, Wortman recorded the sailors, dish washers, con artists, entertainers, pushcart peddlers, construction workers, musicians, hobos, society matrons, young mothers, secretaries, and students who collectively make New York the city it is.

Paperback, 8.25 x 10.75 inches, black and white, 288 pages, ISBN: 9781770460133, $29.95 US / $31.95 CDN

Leanne Shapton’s NATIVE TREES OF CANADA is in stores on November 23, 2011

As seen in the NY Times Book Review and Design Sponge, the new petite livre from illustrator, author, art director, and publisher. While shopping in the used-book store the Monkey’s Paw in Toronto, Leanne Shapton happened upon a 1956 edition of the government reference book The Native Trees of Canada, originally published in 1917 by the Canadian Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources. Most people might simply view the book as a dry cataloging of a banal subject; Shapton, however, saw beauty in the technical details and was inspired to create her own interpretation of THE NATIVE TREES OF CANADA.

Shapton distills each image into its simplest form, using vivid colors in lush ink and house paint. She takes the otherwise complex objects of trees, pinecones, and seeds and strips them down into bold, almost abstract shapes and colors: the water birch is represented as two pulsating red bulbs contrasted against a gray backdrop; the eastern white pine is represented by a close-up of its cone against a radiant summer sky.

The author of Was She Pretty? and Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry, Shapton puts forth yet another entirely new facet of her creative artistry.

ISBN: 9781770460324, $19.95 US / $19.95 CDN

THE WRONG PLACE by Brecht Evens is in stores on November 23, 2010.

Rendered in vivid watercolor where parquet floors and patterned dresses morph together, THE WRONG PLACE revolves around oft-absent Robbie, a charismatic lothario of mysterious celebrity who has the run of a city as chaotic as it is resplendent. Robbie’s sexual energy captivates the attention of men and women alike; his literal and figurative brightness is a startling foil to the dreariness of his childhood friend, Francis. With a hand as sensitive as it is exuberant, Brecht Evens’s first English graphic novel captures the strange chemistry of social interaction as easily as he portrays the fragmented nature of identity. THE WRONG PLACEcontrasts life as it is, angst-ridden and awkward, with life as it can be: spontaneous, uninhibited, and free. This is the first book from Brecht Evens, a cartoonist and visual artist based in Belgium.

Full Color, 184 pages, 6 7/8 by 8 1/2 inches, ISBN: 9781770460010 , $24.95 US / $27.95 CDN



Kevin Huizenga at Bergen Street Comics for WILD KINGDOM
Saturday, November 13, 2010, 8:00 PM
470 Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY
More info here

“Every few pages, there’s a hilariously inventive piece of cartooning.”– NY Times Book Review

“What Huizenga has created is a collection of spiky, intellectually adventurous stories that fit together at odd angles. The result: a mordantly funny field guide to a very specific and modern species of dread.”–NPR Books We Like.

Vanessa Davis at Pegasus Books for MAKE ME A WOMAN
Thursday November 18, 2010, 7:30 PM
2349 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA
More info here

“Davis is bright and funny,”–Onion AV Club

“These autobiographical comics—divided between published strips and pencil drawings from her daily diary—are often as much about her as everyone around her.”–Nicole Rudick

“Her auto-biographical comics seem like they could be about my life.”–Julia Rothman

D+Q at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival
Saturday, December 4, 2010, 12:00-9:00 PM
275 North 8th St, Brooklyn NY
More info here

With Lynda Barry, Adrian Tomine (debuting advances of his new 2011 book Scenes From an Impending Marriage), Anders Nilsen (debuting the final issue of Big Questions), Leanne Shapton, Jillian Tamaki, Gabrielle Bell, Keith Jones, Sammy Harkham and more.

Do not miss the feature event with Lynda Barry and Charles Burns in conversation. Details to come!

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