The five part epic begins in All Time Comics: Zerosis Deathscape #1 this June

The Beggar terrorizes Optic City while The Daylight Savings Time Killer stabs his way to glory. Blind Justice meets a new level of street brutality. Time Vampire Scientist meddles! Toby Whey’s tweaking! Bullwhip + Crime Destroyer! Face-melting art by Trevor Von Eeden and Gabrielle Bell!

Trevor Von Eeden’s storytelling is legendary and has been a topic among cartoonists for close to 40 years. All Time Comics is amped to join forces with him on the Zerosis Deathscape miniseries. It’s a huge honor and dream come true to work with Trevor as he helped shape our ecstatic reverence for the medium of comics.

All Time Comics: Zerosis Deathscape #1 (APR191755) arrives in stores on Wednesday, June 5. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Friday, May 3. (W) Josh Bayer, Josh Simmons (A) Trevor Von Eeden, Gabrielle Bell (Colorist) Daniel Lee (CA) Das Pastorus
32 pages $4.99

All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape #1