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Baltimore Comic Con Welcomes Dave Dorman, Steve Geiger, Bob Hall, Dawn McTeigue, Roy Richardson, and Bob Wiacek

Baltimore Comic-Con falls on the weekend of September 28-30, 2018 and will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Balitmore’s Inner Harbor. Advance tickets are now available for purchase. The Baltimore Comic-Con has announced first-time guests Dave DormanSteve Geiger, Bob Hall, Dawn McTeigue, Roy Richardson, and Bob Wiacek to the show in 2018.

Dave Dorman is an Eisner, Inkpot, and Bram Stoker Award-winning artist, toy designer, filmmaker and storyteller. Dorman spent his childhood in Hawaii, traveled as an Air Force brat, and played tight end for state championship football team for Friendly, MD High School. He graduated from Joe Kubert School and was voted #1 Star Wars artist by The Official Best of Star Wars Magazine fans. He has worked for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics and won an Eisner Award for Aliens: Tribes. Dorman has been a book publisher, a full-time illustrator, a pop culture and film enthusiast, and is the creator of The Wasted Lands. Dave provided over 100 realistic pieces of artwork for GI Joe action figures in the mid-1980s, and was later approached in the mid-1990s for art to the larger sized action figures.

For the past twenty years, Steve Geiger has served as a professional artist in the advertising and comic book fields. After graduating from Buffalo State University, he began his career as an apprentice to the legendary comic book artist John Romita Sr. He was soon hired on staff, and eventually was named Managing Art Director for The Marvel Entertainment Group. Throughout his career, he has served as a regular artist on such comics as Spider-ManThe Incredible HulkBloodshotScionLorelei, and Samuree. Steve has also illustrated many covers and one-shots for such titles as The X-MenPunisher: War JournalFantastic FourBatman, and countless others. He is now launching his own enterprise, The Evilgeiger Empire, an entertainment development company devoted to the creation, implementation, and production of original content and creator-owned concepts and characters. Current projects include: 412 ComicsBenderThe Henchman with Devin HyltonGabriel DamascusCutter, and Plowboy in the Cornmeal Universe with Hollywood Animation. Steve lives in Williamsville, NY with his wife Kristy and their children, Steven III and Scarlett Evelyn.

Bob Hall had a long association with Marvel Comics, where at one time or another he drew most of the major books and characters such as The ChampionsSpider-ManDr. DoomConanThorThe Fantastic FourThe SubmarinerCaptain AmericaPSI ForceThe Avengers, and The New Mutants. He was the artist for the West Coast Avengers mini-series and was the primary artist on the original Squadron Supreme. He drew movie adaptations of WillowDark Man, and the notorious first Captain America movie, as well as pencils and inks for the graphic novel, Emperor Doom. Bob was an editor at Marvel in 1979. For Valiant, he wrote and penciled the monthly series Shadowman, wrote Timewalker, and then created Armed and Dangerous, a black and white “comicbook-noir” series. For DC, he wrote and drew the Batman graphic novel projects, Batman DOAI Joker, and It’s Jokertime. In 2016, he wrote and drew an educational/fantasy about the measles virus for the University of Nebraska called Carnival of Contagion. Bob is a member of the National Cartoonists Society, Actors Equity Association, and the Society for Directors and Choreographers. His work can be seen at www.bobhall.com. Commissions and original art are available through www.catskillcomics.com. He can be messaged on Facebook.

Dawn McTeigue is a comic book artist. You can see her work as an interior artist for Rothic’s Southern NightgownREM:8DiVinica, and for DC Comics’ Harley Quinn & her Gang of Harleys #5 as well as cover artist for Rothic, DC Comics, Coffin Comics, Lady Mechanika, Aspen, Dark Horse/Dynamite, Valiant, and Zenescope. Dawn also streams art on Twitch a few times a week to show the process of creating comic art. Dawn lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband and three kids.

Roy Richardson was inspired to pursue a comics career by the work of Jack Kirby, the ground breaking Fourth World series in particular. He has worked for all the major publishers, on such books as Captain AmericaIron ManThe FlashStar Wars, and his own co-creation, The Tomorrow Knights, which has been adapted into a role-playing game from ZMan Games. He also worked for 15 years in collaboration with his wife (and BCC guest) June Brigman, inking, lettering, and coloring the Brenda Starr comic strip. The pair have recently taken over the artistic reins of the long-running Mary Worth comic strip, and their new comic book series Captain Ginger will be debuting from Ahoy Comics this Fall. Roy is also hard at work on his first book of short stories, entitled Hillbillies Prefer Blondes, tales of growing up in the South in the 1970’s. His online portfolio can be seen at www.ArtWanted.com/royart.

Bob Wiacek has worked with many great talents such as Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Gene Colan, John and Sal Buscema, Walter Simonson, Frank Miller, Barry Windsor-Smith, George Perez, Jerry Ordway, Paul Smith, Dave Cockrum, John Byrne, Don Heck, Ron Garney, June Brigman, Colleen Doran, plus many others. He has inked Mike Grell on The Legion of Super Heroes #220 and Al Milgrom on Marvel Presents #7-The Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. From that time, on he has inked every major title for Marvel, including The X-MenSpider-ManThorIron ManCaptain AmericaHulkShe-HulkMan-ThingStar WarsSilver Surfer, and Fantastic Four just to name a few. At DC, he worked on SupermanBatmanGreen LanternBrave and the BoldThe RayBatman FamilyJustice SocietyShazam, and Challengers of the Unknown, which is a small sampling as well. As far as independent publishers, he did work for Dark Horse, Image, Relium Media, Archie, and Valiant, where he worked on Archer and ArmstrongBloodshot, and Solar. He has inked noteworthy issues in titles including Uncanny X-MenX-FactorStar WarsIron ManBatman, and Bloodshot. On the Iron-Man 2020 project, he co-plotted with Walter Simonson, and penciled and inked the book (with an able assist from Will Rosado). Of late, Wiacek has helped out inking All New Wolverine and a JLA General Mills comic, which was available in different cereal boxes. He has also inked Badger #1 for First Comics and Stars End #2 from Insane Comics. Outside of comics, he starred in a commercial with rap group G-Unit in 2003, and has a small part in the independent film Manos: The Rise of Torgo, for which he did the poster.

Exclusive Joe Jusko Marvel Spider-Man Print from Upper Deck at San Diego Comic-Con

Upper Deck has announced a last-minute, never-before-seen Comic-Con exclusive print from famed Marvel comic artist Joe Jusko. As Spider-Man remains among the highest grossing superhero titles of all time, this limited-edition print featuring Spiderman swinging through New York City is a must-have!

The print, featuring a facsimile autograph by Jusko, will be unveiled for the first time this Wednesday at Upper Deck Booth #307. It is limited to just 100 prints, which are available for purchase at the show.

In addition, Upper Deck will host free signings on Friday and Saturday with leading artists; including Crystal Graziano, John Stanko, Dave Dorman, Bryan Tillman and Eric Wilkerson. At the booth, Upper Deck will showcase its complete Gallery Collection, with prints from entertainment properties such as Marvel and more. All merchandise is available for attendees to purchase right off the show floor.

Archaia and Macrocosm Bring Steampunk to Monthly Comics with Lantern City

Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios, and Macrocosm Entertainment have announced the May debut of Lantern City, a new ongoing comic series created by Trevor Crafts, Bruce Boxleitner, and Matthew Daley. Written by Daley and Paul Jenkins, and illustrated by Carlos Magno, Lantern City combines the imagination-rich world of steampunk with an espionage thriller, while posing the question: How far will a person go to protect the ones they love? The series marks Archaia’s first ongoing series since the debut of The Secret History in 2007.

The Lantern City comic series is the newest extension of a larger transmedia universe. An illustrated novel, Rise (also available as an app), was published, and a television show is in active development. Lantern City combines the epic scope of the Star Wars series with the street-level intensity and attention to detail of The Wire. The series blends action, romance, unique sci-fi, and political upheaval in an engaging narrative.

In the Lantern City comic series, Sander Jorve just wants to keep his wife and son safe. Living in the brutalized lower class of Lantern City means living in near constant darkness, the enormous walls of the city always looming overhead, while the upper class enjoys the elevated, interconnected towers and airships above. When Sander’s brother-in-law, the persuasive activist Kendal, convinces him to infiltrate the brutal ranks of the Guard, he’s set on a dangerous path that will test his abilities and beliefs, all in the name of making a difference for his family and his caste.

Lantern City #1 arrives in comic shops on May 13th with a main cover by Benjamin Carré for the price of $3.99 under Diamond order code MAR151070. Also available in a limited quantity are a Jackpot Variant by series artist Carlos Magno (1 in 100 intermix), a 10 Years Anniversary incentive cover by Ben Caldwell (1 for every 10 copies ordered), and a retailer incentive cover by Dave Dorman (1 for every 20 copies ordered). Also just added are a 10K Variant cover by Bagus Hutomo (1 in 10 intermix), and a FOC variant cover by Brett Weldele, which can be ordered in any quantity by the FOC date.

Lantern City #1 10 Years Cover by Ben Caldwell (full wraparound image shown) Lantern City #1 10K Variant Cover by Bagus Hutomo Lantern City #1 Cover by Benjamin Carré Lantern City #1 FOC Variant Cover by Brett Weldele Lantern City #1 Jackpot Variant Cover by Carlos Magno Lantern City #1 Variant Cover by Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands Omnibus Trailer Debuts

Magnetic Press has launched a trailer for Dave Dorman‘s Wasted Lands Omnibus. The collection takes you on a high-speed, adrenaline-charged adventure to his world of post-industrial chaos, an unforgettable place and time where passion, greed, corruption and love color the everyday struggle to exist, where ordinary men, eccentric heroes and their horrific adversaries battle for power, and for the hearts and minds of mankind.

Written and illustrated by Eisner Award-winning artist Dave Dorman, this volume collects new, previously unreleased, and out-of-print conceptual works and short stories that define the shared universe of The Wasted Lands!

Includes contributions from International Horror Guild Award-winning writer Del Stone, Jr., and artwork by Christopher Moeller, Jon Foster, and Durwin Talon!

Copies of the book will be on sale at the Magnetic Press booth at San Diego Comic-Con, booth #1620. It will be on shelves everywhere in August.

Interview: Dave Dorman Discusses The Wasted Lands

dave dorman's wasted landsIn mid-April we broke the news that Magnetic Press  will be bringing works collected from Eisner and Inkpot Award-winning painter and storyteller Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands universe. The hardcover collection will be released in July as Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands Omnibus.

Not only will we be getting reprints of the hard to find series, but new material, as well as an expansion of the world into other media, like games, and more online content.

To get us prepared, we got a chance to ask creator Dave Dorman why he decided to bring back the series, as well as what we can expect going forward.

Graphic Policy: For folks who don’t know, what is The Wasted Lands?

Dave Dorman: The Wasted Lands is my creator-owned motorcycle western action-adventure story of good v. evil, set in a Sergio Leone-style world. The population has just survived The Iron Wars, a game-changing event where eight greedy rail barons fought for control of The Wasted Lands territories, plus the urban setting of Mortal City. The rail barons now rule over this toxic, polluted world devastated by the industrial apocalypse their own greed created. Like any war-torn land, our citizens have lost all hope. Our heroes are given a quest to rebuild hope and restore their world to its original glory.

GP: How did the series come about, what were some of its influences?

DD: The Wasted Lands started out as the creation of a world included in a computer game called Skybox: Into the Vortex. The characters I developed eventually morphed into what became the genesis of the RAIL: Broken Things graphic novel, based in The Wasted Lands. In addition to my love for Sergio Leone movies, The Wasted Lands is informed by my personal interests – railroads, motorcycles, surfing, politics, religion, fantasy, science fiction and history.

GP: The series has been out of print for a bit, why bring it back now?

DD: Unfortunately, the series had some rights issues with its previous publisher, so I discontinued it until all rights had reverted back to me. When those rights finally reverted back, I had personal and professional obligations that disrupted my ability to continue the story. During those years, since the first publication of the RAIL graphic novel, many fans have asked me for more stories. I always intended to do a five graphic novel cycle to tell the story of Edge and his quest. Over this time, I continued developing the stories and the characters, waiting for just the right opportunity to publish. A recent turn of events has allowed me to continue working on this project in earnest, and I am continuing Edge’s quest. This summer will see the release of The Wasted Lands Omnibus, a large collected volume featuring a completely remastered version of RAIL and other material opening the world beyond Edge’s quest. I’m very excited to see fans being reintroduced to The Wasted Lands, and even more excited to continue of this epic adventure.

GP: How’d it come to Magnetic Press?

DD: Magnetic Press’ publisher Mike Kennedy and I have known each other for two decades, and have often spoken of working together on a project. This opportunity sparked when Mike formed Magnetic Press. Mike was always a fan and supporter of RAIL and wanted me to complete it, so he brought these suggestions to me, and I jumped at the opportunity to finish what I started so many years ago.

GP: In the announcement, there’s mention of new material. Hints as to what we can expect as far as that?

DD: The material that we have added to this Omnibus will help the reader experience the broader story of the characters involved. Most of the material I produced for various small publishers after the RAIL graphic novel was first printed. However, this material was generally lost to the fans, who found it hard or impossible to find. Mike suggested offering all of the material together for the first time in one place. I concurred that it would help the fans see the bigger picture of The Wasted Lands saga.

The Omnibus material includes continuous panel comic style storytelling, as well as text novellas with full-page, painted illustrations. There is also some archival information describing the genesis of The Wasted Lands and its characters, and how these stories relate to each other.

GP: In the announcement, there’s mention of an expansion of the universe into online content, and games. Can you speak more to that?

DD: I have three text novels that we will be releasing as eBooks, featuring major characters from the storyline and I will be offering other graphic material via digital downloads. We are developing a strategic board game and collectible trading card game titled WASTED LANDS: IRON WARS with company Silent Gunfight. It is a railroad game similar to RISK, based before the events of the RAIL graphic novel. The trading card aspect will continually make the game more playable in the months to come. Also in the works is a quick-play card game based on an upcoming Mortal City surfing adventure called RED TIDE. We hope to premiere this card game as well as the first episode of the RED TIDE story at San Diego Comic-Con. We have online content and games in development, which we will be talking about more fluently in San Diego. We are working closely with our business partner and producer Scott Faye and entertainment attorney Adam Sher on these properties.

GP: Where did that idea come from for additional content?

DD: It was always my plan open up The Wasted Lands to transmedia opportunities. While I was creating the world, I realized I had populated it with some really fun and fascinating main and secondary characters. If I were a fan, I’d want to see more of these characters. I realized they could never be expanded upon properly within the confines of my RAIL graphic novel five-book series. Through other media, I can share these ancillary adventures outside of RAIL’s linear story line.

GP: Can we expect new adventures set in the Wasted Lands world?

DD: The RAIL graphic novel series will continue with at least one volume per year until I finish that storyline. I will capitalize on the other materials–text, stories, ebooks, games, other transmedia–over the next few years. I am devoting myself to working nearly full time on more of The Wasted Lands adventures.

GP: You’ve done work for comic companies, game companies, covers, trading cards, and more. Is there any difference to how you approach your art for each?

DD: Each project’s demands directly relate to which genre I’m working in. I am flexible visually and through technique, so that makes it easier to move from one project to the next, almost seamlessly. Since I am a single illustration cover artist, my friend Christopher Moeller gave me a great tip on doing the sequential art, which was always a struggle for me. He suggested I treat each panel as a piece of single illustration cover art. Once I retrained myself to think that way, it was easier to do sequential art.

This creative muscle I’ve built up over the years helps me build a cohesive continuity through all of the products released. I’ve been very fortunate to have such diversity in my previous work and I look forward to sharing the experience I’ve gained in making The Wasted Lands an unforgettable place to visit.

GP: What else do you have coming up?

DD: One of the things I’ve been looking most forward to at this point in my career is producing some personal work that I’ve been putting off due to being so busy with commercial work. The Wasted Lands is my top priority, but I have been able to take the time to do a number of large gallery type paintings, including a Captain Nemo series of pieces I plan to premiere in San Diego as well.

Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands Comes to Print Courtesy of Magnetic Press

We’re breaking the news that Magnetic Press  will be bringing works collected from Eisner and Inkpot Award-winning painter and storyteller Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands universe. The hardcover collection will be released in July as Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands Omnibus.

The book will contain a recolored and re-lettered version of the first installment in the Rail graphic novel series, along with other short sequential tales, illustrated prose novellas, and a plethora of gorgeous concept and character art. Out-of-print original works, previously published in Penthouse Magazine and A-1, will be remastered and supplemented with all-new material to create a comprehensive ‘source book’ for the world. The series is set within Dorman’s original, dystopian universe, a place where the unbridled greed and ambition of a select few combine with out-of-control technology and the supernatural to bring the world to the brink of destruction.

The Wasted Lands universe will soon expand to include rich, online content, card games, and tabletop gaming.

For those unfamiliar the series is inspired by the high-adventure serials of the ’40s and ’50s and the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s, but infused with a contemporary sci-fi, “dieselpunk” aesthetic. This collection contains the stories of an intertwined cast of characters and villains, all seeking sanctuary, fortune, truth, and glory in this desperate time. Each of the standalone shorts contained in the collection share underlying plotlines and continuity relationships, building a much larger picture of this epic landscape. With contributions from other celebrated artists, such as Christopher Moeller, Durwin Talon, and Jon Foster, this volume will draw the reader into a world they won’t want to leave.

dave dorman's wasted lands

IDW Games Announces the Kill Shakespeare Design Team

IDW Games has selected game designers Thomas Vande Ginste and Wolf Plancke as the creative team that will bring Kill Shakespeare to tabletops in 2014. The design team, best known for the sold-out critically acclaimed Yedo, will deliver a co-operative board game that pits several of the Bard’s most popular characters together in a struggle to protect the land from King Richard and Lady Macbeth.

Designed to be a “semi-cooperative”-style board game, players will unite to battle against evil forces controlled by board mechanics, while still jockeying to come out as the individual leader on the scoreboard. The design and content of the game will pull heavily from source material created by the Kill Shakespeare graphic-novel team. However, those unfamiliar with the works shouldn’t feel left out, as the board game will act as the perfect entry point to those unfamiliar with Kill Shakespeare.

With a 2014 summer release planned, IDW Games looks to be putting their best foot forward with this title. The previously announced art team of Dave Dorman and J.K. Woodward should give Kill Shakespeare a firm advantage in the art department, and this new addition of a high-quality design team loudly delivers the message that the publisher is here not just to play, but to win.

kill shakespeare

Breaking: Comic Industry Vets form Magnetic Press

MagneticPress-bannerComic industry veterans Mike Kennedy and Wes Harris announced today the formation of Magnetic Press, a new publishing label with a focus on premium graphic novels by talent from around the world. Magnetic’s two founders came together around a shared desire to create a compassionate home for innovative creators and projects that have been underrepresented in the current comic and graphic novel marketplace, including new talent deserving a debut and established talent looking to establish a solid presence in the North American and English language audience.

Publisher Mike Kennedy previously served as Publisher of Archaia Entertainment during the two years the company received back-to-back Eisner Awards for Best Original Graphic Album, as well as numerous other Eisner and industry awards and nominations. Prior to entering the publishing industry, Mike held roles as both Creative Director and Senior Producer in the video game industry, creating original IP and narrative game design for publishers such as Electronic Arts, Namco, and Microsoft.  He has also been an avid writer, with numerous published titles to his name, including well-known properties such as Star Wars, Superman, and Alien Vs Predator.

Kennedy said in a release:

The most exciting aspect of any creative field is the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from amazing talent. There’s an electrifying amount of talent out there, from around the world, all deserving wider attention, and we are thrilled to create a publishing program that’s built from the ground up to support them in their effort to pursue what they are so passionate about doing.

CEO Wes Harris is the former VP of Publishing for BOOM! Studios, and has held senior roles at top entertainment companies such as Viz Media, White Wolf Publishing, and Meteor Entertainment.

I love the idea of books as an expression of who you are – what you choose to read, to display on your coffee table, and what that says about you. From the very start, from the talent we work with to the titles we select to the way the book feels in your hands, our top priority is creating a memorable reading experience and a book that you’re proud to have on your shelf.

Magnetic Press’s debut catalog launches in Spring of 2014 and features works from Award-winning creators from the US, UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.  Debut titles include Eisner Award-winner Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands, JD Morvan and Bengal’s Naja and Meka, F. Ruiz Velasco’s Culebra and Legion of Blood, Caio Oliveira’s Super-Ego, Prophet Hill, and Vivid, Francisco Paronzini’s Hugo Broyler, and Lucas Marangon’s Thinking Out Loud.  Additional titles are also in the works, and details on each title, with previews, will be released soon.


IDW Games announces the Kill Shakespeare Art Team

Today, IDW Games announced it had signed J.K. Woodward and Dave Dorman to be the art team for their launch title, Kill Shakespeare. Woodward’s work has been a mainstay at IDW since 2005, where he helped relaunch Fallen Angel before moving on to various Star Trek series, including last-year’s best-selling Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who maxi-series. Dave Dorman is an Eisner Award-winning artist known for his extensive work in the fantasy genre, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and much more.

Woodward has been brought on to create the art that will be featured on the playing cards for the game while Dorman will paint an original piece for the Kill Shakespeare box’s art. This debut title has a planned release date of June 2014.

With a release date of next summer, the news is starting to heat up for IDW Games. Fans can go to www.idwgames.com and subscribe to a newsletter that will keep them up to date on all the latest announcements and developments.

An A1 Annual Teaser


Writer(s): Ron Marz, Matt Wagner, Dave Johnson, Tom Raney, Rufus Dayglo, Andy Kuhn, Dave Dorman, Mark A. Nelson, W.H. Rauf and more…
Artist Name(s): Jim Steranko, Dave Wilkins, Sami Basri, Alex Horley, Tom Raney, Brian Smith, D’Israeli, Garrie Gastonny, Mark A. Nelson, Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, Garry Leach, Dave Johnson, Barnaby Bagenda, Sakti Yuwono, Dave Dorman, Steve White, Kai Lim, Andy Kuhn, Philip Tan, Rhoald Marcellius, Michael T. Gilbert, Sunny Gho, Doug Braithwaite and more…
Titan Comics/Atomeka
Released 26/11/2013

A1 has always been a laboratory for creators to experiment and innovate, to break away from corporate creations and unleash their own ideas. Already proving a success with the new monthly comic book, this first all-new A1 Annual marks the thrilling return of the award-winning graphic anthology series to bookshelves everywhere!

Inside these oversized pages, a Who’s Who of comics’ talent – past, present and future – spread their imaginative wings across a gripping selection of all-new short stories. Which ones will be the breakout, creator-owned characters of tomorrow?!

A1-Annual-(Atomeka)WEB a1-annual_diamond_exclusiveWEB

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