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Dynamite Entertainment is Pausing Digital and Book Market Releases

Dynamite Entertainment

Comic publishers are still making decisions as to how they’ll be shifting their releases going forward due to the impact of COVID-19. Dynamite Entertainment has released the below statement:

Dynamite announces an immediate pause to all digital distribution for new comic book releases with an original release date starting with April 1.

This decision is in keeping with the industry at large, supporting all business partners in the most responsible manner, and making sure all fans are served the stories they desire on a level playing field. Book market releases that have not already been shipped are on pause as well.

Dynamite has already announced developing returnability options for retailers and a reshaped release schedule for comics intended for release in July and available to preorder in May. Fans are encouraged to continue reading and purchasing the comics they love at this time through whichever means they prefer, to support this community and art form cherished by many.

These decisions will be reevaluated and updated as the industry develops in this period.

“We know comic fans everywhere have been watching closely to see what their favorite publishers and retailers are able and choosing to do in this very complex time. And whether they will be getting the comics they love to read and collect this week and in the coming weeks. We’ve chosen to keep all our retail partners and fans on the same page, literally. If all retailers receive the periodicals and collections at the same time, including and especially our bestsellers, that is the best chance for the industry to come out of this strong. Every sale of a new periodical or collection taken out of the retailer’s hands is one more blow to them, and we want all retailers to survive this pandemic to continue to be there for all fans. We feel this is the best fair course until we get further answers and solutions,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher.

Help Raise Money for the Forge Fund and Binc Foundation

Forge Fund

Roger Prows and The Nerd Store are raising money for the Forge Fund and Binc Foundation. The organization will help benefit comic shops impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are currently looking for donations to help raise money and you can do so by emailing savecomics2020@gmail.com with the subject “Forge” by April 10th, 2020. Submit a detailed pictures, pertinent descriptions, and suggested starting bid for any item.

The auctions are currently scheduled to begin April 10 and go until April 18.

The Forge Foundation provides confidential financial assistance to comic retailers and booksellers, who have a demonstrated need arising from severe hardship or emergency circumstances, including financial challenges due to illness, death in the family, expenses associated with escaping domestic violence, homelessness prevention, natural disaster recovery and more.


Binc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to assisting booksellers in need. The Binc Foundation grew out of a wish of bookstore employees to establish a fund to help their colleagues experiencing unexpected financial crises. Binc is dedicated to assisting bookstore employees across the United States in their greatest time of need.

Mike Mignola is Auctioning off Sketches to Support Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen

Times are tough, and comic creator (and Hellboy creator) Mike Mignola is stepping up to help raise some money. Mignola is auctioning off sketches on eBay to help benefit Chef José AndrésWorld Central Kitchen. 100% of the proceeds are going to the effort.

World Central Kitchen is a nonprofit that began ten years ago that focuses on hunger and poverty. The program responded to 13 disasters in 2019 and has ongoing programs throughout the world.

Currently, the organization is delivering meals to those impacted by COVID-19 through quarantine, school closings, unemployment or more. They’re serving nearly 100,000 meals every day. They’re also helping to put restaurants back to work, feeding frontline healthcare workers, and mapping gaps in meals.

You can bid on Mignola’s work to help benefit this wonderful organization or visit them directly to help volunteer, find out more, or donate.

Joe Benitez Offers 50% of Online Purchases to Comic Shops. Get Your Lady Mechanika Now!

Publishers and creators are stepping up to help comic shops who are hurting during these times.

Comic creator and publisher Joe Benitez is doing that offering to “give 50% of online purchases to the customer’s designated comic shop.”

This is your chance to check out Lady Mechanika which is a fantastic series. For those who don’t know, Lady Mechanika is a “Victorian steampunk adventure” featuring amazing art and numerous volumes.

Get your order in today!

Those Two Geeks Episode Fifty Eight: Comics For Quarantine

Alex and Joe talk about the elephant in the room again, but then start talking about comic book stories that they think you should read that have been released in the last 80 odd years. The recording ends abruptly because we may have talked too long…. which is why there’s no ending.

As always, Alex and Joe can be found on twitter respectively @karcossa and @jcb_smark if you feel the need to tell them they’re wrong individually, or @those2geeks if you want to yell at them together on twitter, or by email at ItsThose2Geeks@gmail.com.

Update: DC Announces Returnability and Explores Alternate Distribution Options Due to COVID-19

DC Comics logo

The comics industry has been disrupted at every point from creation to sales due to COVID-19. Publishers have been scrambling to figure out what to do in these uncertain times.

DC has been relatively quiet as to their plans but has announced to retailers some of their changes.

The publisher is making all periodicals and books with in-store dates between March 18, 2020 and June 24, 2020 returnable. They’re even crediting for the return shipping.

The publisher is also working through what different regional disruption means. Currently, some shops are closed completely, others are open with limited business, and others are completely open. DC is now exploring a multi-distributor model to create flexibility during this time period. They are still working with Diamond Comic Distributors to get new product out through their distribution. More details are coming as far as this plan and what it might mean for retailers.

We’ll have more coming in this developing story.

Update: The publisher has said they will continue with digital comics but will revisit that plan depending on what happens with physical distribution down the road. DC’s releases are still listed in comiXology’s upcming page for what’s being released this coming week. DC’s release page shows a full release schedule on April 1. Their studies have determined it’s two different audiences so they feel the release of digital comics will not impact the eventual sale of their physical counterparts. This is compared to Marvel whos comics are also shown on comiXology’s release page but the calendar shows only two releases.

TKO Studios to Send 50% of Every Purchase on their Site to Comic Shops

TKO Studios

Comic Book Shops are the lifeblood of our industry, and Coronavirus is threatening their existence. Decreased foot traffic, a hesitation to spend money, product being delayed are all some of the issues being faced. TKO Studios wants to help shops.

Over the last couple days, we’ve seen empty comic book shops, mandatory shut-downs, and shop owners worried about the future of their business during this pandemic.

Until the end of the Coronavirus threat, when any customer chooses their store during checkout at www.TKOpresents.com, TKO will send that store 50% of the purchase price, the exact same amount the store would have made selling the book via their brick-and-mortar store.

Archie Will Release Some April Titles But Delay Future Titles and Offers Returnability

Archie Comics

Comic publishers are scrambling as to what to do with releases with COVID-19 spreading. Some have stopped releases while others are offering returnability as well. Archie Comics has released the below statement to retailers.

In it, the publisher has three titles that are too far in release to stop and will be done so physically and digitally. Other titles will be delayed into the future. The publisher is also offering returnability for a limited time.

You can read the full statement to retailers below:

It is an understatement to say that these are challenging and uncertain times for everyone. We want to be as transparent and communicative as possible in regards to what we plan to do with our products over the coming weeks and months.

As noted in an earlier statement, we do not want to put an undue burden on retailers already facing shutdowns and limited-to-no distribution from Diamond. Some of the early steps we’ve taken to accomplish this include, but are not limited to, offering returnability on all of our products originally scheduled for release in March & April. We are now extending that to cover releases in the month of May.

We are also indefinitely delaying all of our planned releases for new direct-market focused comic book projects originally scheduled to launch in late-April through July. This includes our recently announced Betty Cooper: Superteen and Archie Meets Flash Gordon one-shots as well as future issues of Archie & Katy Keene, Sabrina: Something Wicked, Super Duck, and the Betty & Veronica: The Bond of Friendship OGN, as well as other, yet-to-be announced titles. The release schedules for these titles are fluid and will be re-evaluated at a later date.

With that said, we have three titles already in the pipeline that are too far down the path to pull back completely. This small selection of titles has already been printed, with copies mailed to our subscribers as well as select direct market retailers who have ordered custom variant covers. This includes Sabrina: Something Wicked #1 (on sale 4/1), Cosmo the Mighty Martian #5 (on sale 4/1, final issue) and Vampironica: New Blood #4 (on sale 4/15, also a final issue).

As such, we will be releasing our full slate of 4/1 titles via our direct sale channels and digitally. These books are returnable via Diamond and we are able to service your backlist needs as well as provide limited front-list ordering directly from our warehouse if you wish to offer them to your customers. Please reach out directly to us via the usual communication channels and we can coordinate any orders as time and stock allows. Vampironica: New Blood #4, the final issue in the series, will be the last of our direct market-focused titles available digitally when it releases on 4/15.

While we will have already hit pause on all new direct-market focused titles, we will continue to publish our newsstand & subscriber-focused Classic Archie titles such as Archie Jumbo Comics Digest, Archie Milestones Jumbo Comics Digest, Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest, B&V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest, and World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest as long as this option remains available to us. Our graphic novels and book market releases such as Archie Comics Presents, our Giant Comics Series, and reprint titles such as Archie & Friends and Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever will continue as digital titles, with print releases depending on printer and distribution channel availability. These are titles that primarily serve channels outside of the direct market, which are currently still operating, just at a reduced capacity.

We are aiming to strike a delicate balance between meeting the needs of our subscriber and digital customers while also reducing the burden on our partners in the direct market. Our goal here is to make sure that the direct market is not left out of our core titles while also maintaining a steady stream of content and material for our other audiences – as well as keeping our own business needs and operational requirements in mind.

As many of you know, Archie is a unique publisher in that we serve a number of channels. We will update our comic shop partners each week with any new information and are taking a close look at what we can move into the later part of the year to lessen the stress on comic shops during the pandemic, and to ensure notable releases for when things return to some semblance of normal.

Please be safe and stay healthy. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions on how we can help you through these difficult times. This is a conversation and we want to remain in contact with you.

Dark Horse Decreases Monthly Releases and Makes Comics Returnable Due to COVID-19

Comic publishers are scrambling to change their policies and release schedules in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Dark Horse has made their initial plans known. They include decreasing the number of comics being released as well as offering 90-day fully returnable terms. They are continuing to explore other options.

It’s unclear what Dark Horse will be releasing as Diamond Comic Distributors has ceased sending out new weekly releases for an unknown amount of time.

You can read Dark Horse’s full letter to retailers below.

Vault Has Announced a Local Comic Shop Gift Card Initiative. Buy a Gift Card and Get a Free Advance Comic!

In order to support local comic shop retailers in these trying times, Vault Comics has announced their LCS Gift Card Initiative. It’s simple: readers who purchase gift cards from their local comic shop will receive free, early copies of Heavy #1 by Max Bemis & Eryk Donovan, and HUNDRED WOLVES #1 by Myke Cole and Tony Akins, months ahead of release. 

Vault’s LCS Gift Card Initiative has five easy steps: 

  1. Call, email, or reach out via social media to your local comic book retailer. 
  2. Purchase a gift card from them for any amount.
  3. Submit any proof of purchase, along with the local comic shop you purchased your gift card, here.
  4. Vault Comics will send participants an email containing free, advanced, digital copies of HEAVY #1 by Max Bemis & Eryk Donovan, and HUNDRED WOLVES #1 by Myke Cole & Tony Akins. 
  5. If you like the two issues, add them to your subscription list at your local comic shop.  

Vault strongly emphasizes that participants should obey any shelter-in-place mandates that may be active in their areas. They strongly encourage participants to call, email, or reach out to their local retailers via social media to purchase these cards. Do not put anyone’s health at risk.


Writer: Max Bemis
Artist: Eryk Donovan
Colorist: Cris Peter
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Designer: Tim Daniel

Bill may be dead, but he’s got a job to do.
Welcome to the Big Wait, where folks who do’t quite make the cut go to work off their debt. Everyone in the Wait’s got a job. Bill is a Heavy, whose job is policing the multiverse, making sure bad eggs get what’s coming to them. He’s on track to earn his Climb and reunite with the woman he loves… until he meets his new partner: the worst dude of all time.
Heavy is The Punisher for neurotics; Inception for the impatient; Preacher for… well, it’s a lot like Preacher. Max Bemis and Eryk Donovan bring you a story about the existential purpose of dumb boys with big guns.



Writer: Myke Cole
Artist: Tony Akins
Colorist: Vladimir Popov
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Designer: Tim Daniel

The Hundred Wolves are bloody-handed terrors of the steppe. Andrei and Oksana have left the Cossack band to raise their daughter on a farm they hold from the noble Count Ostoja, but the raiding life isn’t done with them. Both the Hundred Wolves and the couple’s new liege lord wish to employ their deadly skills-and neither will take no for an answer. From celebrated author Myke Cole (The Sacred Throne Trilogy, The Shadow Ops Trilogy) and venerable artist Tony Akins (Fables, Hellblazer, Wonder Woman) comes a story of war and family, blending historical fiction with a touch of fantasy.

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