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Former Dover Publications’ Drew Ford Launches His Own Imprint, It’s Alive!

13043308_1061748050548230_3679940991495580841_nOne of the people I’ve gotten to interact over the years on the PR end of things in the comic industry is Drew Ford who up until recently was handling promotion for Dover Publications. A few months back Ford began informing me that he’d have new contact info, which indicated he was moving on from the position, though there was no formal announcement.

Now Ford’s next step is clear as he’s announced It’s Alive, a new imprint focused on “getting long out of print comics and graphic novels back in print.” The imprint will also publish new English translations of foreign material as well as “unique original projects.”

To kick things off, the publisher will be releasing a series of limited edition signed and numbered prints, and other unique collectibles.

First up, they have released the first ever limited edition print from comic book legend Sam Glanzman.  The image on the print is the cover to KONA #17, which was illustrated by Glanzman back in 1966.  Each print will be embossed with the artist’s initials, and will be signed and numbered by Glanzman himself. The edition is limited to 50, and they are being sold ONE PER CUSTOMER. You can get yourself one now.

Expect more announcements and plans soon and Ford has promised a “big announcement about a new hard cover edition of a graphic novel illustrated by Sam Glanzman, which has been out of print for over 17 years!”

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  • Congratulations, Drew!

  • Thanks so much, Chuck!

    And just so everyone knows…

    We have released two more prints since this article was posted, making prints available for all different budgets. Check all of them out here: itsalive.bigcartel.com/

    Thanks for taking a look! News about our first book coming soon!

    Drew Ford