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Get Birdcage Bottom Books’ 2021 Releases, Running on Kickstarter Now

You can pre-order Birdcage Bottom Books‘ 2021 publications now through their Kickstarter campaign and get exclusive original art, custom art, limited edition comics, and more! The campaign ends March 29 and 4:06 ET.

Coming in 2021 are:

TOO TOUGH TO DIE: An Aging Punx Anthology

From “tired of being pushed around” to “just plain tired”, the TOO TOUGH TO DIE anthology explores the spectrum of what it means to be an aging punk through personal stories by some of the best cartoonists around. Shifting perspectives on angsty rebellion, the importance of community, persistent racism within the scene, appearance and identity and more are covered within this nearly 300 page tome.

Co-editors Haleigh Buck and J.T. Yost have tapped preeminent punks including Josh Bayer, Emily Flake, Casanova Frankenstein, Hyena Hell, Janelle Hessig, Gideon Kendall, Carrie McNinch, Brother Malcolm, Liz Prince, Aaron Renier, Ben Snakepit, Jenn Woodall, and so many more to provide punk-themed autobiographical comics for your eager consumption.

6” x 9”, 260+ pages. $20
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Perfect-bound

TOO TOUGH TO DIE: An Aging Punx Anthology

Flop Sweat is an ongoing serialization of Lance Ward’s autobiographical comics arranged chronologically. Previous self-published collections of these comics were featured in The Best American Comics. Ward’s life has been rife with pitfalls: abandonment, addiction, mental illness, sexual assault, arrest, attempted suicide, and even a death experience (not “near-death”, he was clinically deceased!). Yet, through it all he has somehow maintained a positivity about and loyalty to his art, even after crushing his drawing hand!

This second issue delves into Ward’s teen years battling family dysfunction, sex & drugs, another injury and joining the military!

In issue three, Ward is befriended by a shady character while working night shifts at a convenience store leading to cocaine addiction, grand larceny and committal to a psych ward.

This fourth issue finds Ward struggling (and failing) to remember an entire year of his life after waking up in yet another psychiatric hospital.

5.5” x 8.5”, 28 pages. $6
Full-color covers and interior

Everything Is Super by Rottsteak

Everything is Super follows the misadventures of Lloyd the Human Hemorrhoid Herman as he stumbles through contemporary life in a dead end, backwater superhero town. Volume one collects issues one through four. Recommended for mature audiences.

6” x 9”, 120 pages. $15
Full-color covers and interior. Perfect-bound

Everything Is Super

Comfort Creatures by Robert H. Stevenson

What happens when the things that once brought joy and comfort to your soul have transmutated into a haunting, dripping, mess of a monster you can’t help but love/hate? It’s called Comfort Creatures, an all-ages collection of illustrated rhymes with corresponding creatures that play like cautionary tales about some of our delicious escapisms.

5.5” x 8.5”, 24 pages. $6
Black cardstock with white ink cover with b+w interior

Comfort Creatures

Review: New Romancer #2

New Romancer #2With bright cartoonish art and a wicked wit, New Romancer #2 opens up with the worst date of all worst dates as bored socialite Felicity is set up by the New Romancer algorithm with Dwayne, who is into necrophilia. But for some reason she wants a second date because it’s more exciting than her usual rich guy wannabe boyfriends. And the pressure is on our protagonist Lexy, who must find Lord Byron (More precisely the A.I. downloaded into a body that looks just like Lord Byron), true love, and have her algorithm work all my Valentine’s Day. Plus Casanova is after Lord Byron for some reason having to do with his abilities and experiences as a lover that writer Peter Milligan doesn’t dig into quite yet. He’s an amusing villain though.

Through his art, Brett Parson definitely shows that he’s better at broad comedy than intimate emotion, which isn’t always a bad thing because New Romancer #2 is insanely hilarious at time from Felicity hurling herself from a yacht when Dwayne whips out his Casanova penis holder thing (Thankfully, it’s off panel.) to Lexy and her co-worker Mong’s reaction to her boss Raj saying he’ll buy “designer underpants” to go on a date with Felicity. This is because Felicity and her old money is the last, best home for the New Romancer online dating startup. Parson does unhinged very well in his art like a double page spread of Casanova cruising the California desert with the top down and speed lines in his wake. He and Milligan are definitely more interested in the comedy than the romance part of romantic comedy for now even if colorist Brian Miller goes all out with the pink when Lexy and Lord Byron is reunited. But instead of a soft kiss, her bloody awful poetry revives him from what seems like his millionth fainting spell of the series so far.

Lord Byron has a nice blend of timeless charisma with the awkwardness of being a stranger in the 21st century. (See the silly party hat that he picks up at the club he was at in the first issue and doesn’t take off until his date with Felicity.) He gets Milligan’s funniest and prettiest dialogue. Lexy’s dad Joe appears in his issue along with his complicated relationship with his daughter, who he both loved and experimented upon to make her the best programmer. He definitely has some major issues and is in prison for beating up a journalist, who called him a “cyber quack”. Milligan doesn’t pull any punches in showing that Joe had an abusive relationship with Lexy. Her dialogue is really sad in the flashback scenes as she tells her dad to fix her brain so that she can be normal. However, the goofiness of the art sort of ruins the seriousness of these scenes.

New Romancer #2 has an infectious, chaotic energy especially when Casanova or Lord Byron show up on the panel, and Milligan keep things relatable through the character of Lexy, who is having difficulties finding true love because of her idiosyncrasies and just how damn hard 21st century dating is for a twentysomething. Brett Parson also draws some funny facial expressions and gestures to along with Milligan’s wacky wit. Even though it often doesn’t know if it wants to be a romance, comedy, or serious exploration of relationships, New Romancer #2 is a pretty fun and unique read, especially with the promise of a face-off between Casanova and Lord Byron in the next issue.

Story: Peter Milligan Art: Brett Parson Colors: Brian Miller
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.3 Recommendation: Read

A New Book on Matt Fraction’s Casanova from Sequart

Casanova coverSequart Organization has announced the release of The Future of Comics, the Future of Men: Matt Fraction’s Casanova, authored by Geoff Klock.

Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá, and Fábio Moon’s Casanova is a stylish adventure about a sexy, amoral, universe-hopping, time-traveling spy caught in a war between the militaristic E.M.P.I.R.E. and the decadent and villainous W.A.S.T.E. (led by a bandaged, cackling madman in sunglasses).

The Future of Comics, The Future of Men argues that beneath its pop surface, Casanova is doing more. It challenges the corporate driven comic book production model, in which Disney and Time Warner own all the major superheroes. And it critiques the limited and damaging vision of masculinity that informs so much of modern superhero comics and movies.

With the recent debut of Casanova: Acedia, now is the perfect time to explore the depth of Casanova.

The Future of Comics, The Future of Men features a striking cover by none other than Casanova artist Fábio Moon! It runs 136 pages and is available in print and on Kindle.

Casanova: Acedia – An all-new, mind-bending adventure begins

Eisner Award-winners Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá, and Fábio Moon team up with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon for an all-new Casanova Quinn story in Casanova: Acedia #1, coming to Image Comics on January 7.

In Casanova: Acedia #1, Casanova Quinn returns to find himself caught between unlocking the riddle of his own past and discovering the hidden history of his mysterious new criminal benefactor.

Faction said in a release:

When we last saw him, Casanova Quinn crash-landed on our Earth from the ruins of his past with absolutely no memory of who he is, where he came from, or anything that happened to him before — but he knows he was somebody dangerous and that people are out to kill him. So new readers and Cass alike have the exact same blank-slate context for this all-new adventure in Los Angeles.

The idea came up at the end of a podcast with the two writers when Chabon mentioned a desire to write Casanova backups in the spirit of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s classic “Tales of Asgard” strip. Produced for the back pages of The Mighty Thor, these stories introduced young Marvel Comics readers to classic Norse lore.

Casanova tells the story of a hedonistic thief turned kind-of spy as he navigates the incredibly complex and stunningly psychedelic parallel world of interdimensional global espionage.

Casanova: Acedia #1(Diamond Code NOV140529) arrives in stores this 1/7 and will be available for $3.99.


Matt Fraction’s Casanova Returns to Image

Image Comics has announced the return of Casanova by Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá, and Fábio Moon in a series of deluxe hardcover “Complete Editions.” The first of these, Casanova Volume 1: Luxuria, will be released in October 2014, followed by Casanova Volume 2: Gula in November, and Casanova Volume 3: Avarita in December.

Casanova “Cass” Quinn was born into a life of wealth and privilege but turned his back on it to pursue his own interests — namely stealing, spying, and living a hedonistic life with few moral compunctions. The black sheep in a family of international super-spies, Cass is pulled back into their sphere after an evil organization targets the Quinns. In a game of hidden agendas and double espionage across parallel universes, Cas must choose an identity. Is he the decadent thief named Casanova Quinn? Or is he the top secret agent named… Casanova Quinn?

Writer Fraction is known for his metafictional winks and deft melding of genres in the mega-hit Sex Criminals, and Casanova puts his skill at the forefront in a science fiction spy story shot through with psychedelia, with gorgeous art by renowned Brazilian artists Bá and Moon.

In January 2014, Image Comics announced that Casanova would return with a fourth volume, Acedia, co-written by Fraction and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon.

Each Complete Edition of Casanova collects four issues of the critically-acclaimed series in a deluxe, oversized hardcover volume, complete with covers and extra content. Volume 1: Luxuria will be in comic book stores on October 22 and bookstores on November 4; Volume 2: Gula will be in comic book stores on November 12 and bookstores on November 25Volume 3: Avarita will be in comic book stores on December 17 and bookstores on December 30. All are now available for pre-order.


Image Expo 2014: Casanova Quinn Returns!

In 2014, Matt Fraction, Fábio Moon, and Gabriel Bá team up with author Michael Chabon to bring the adventures of Casanova Quinn back with Casanova Vol. 4: Acedia.

Casanova escaped the complicated and stressful life of a dimension-hopping, identity-shifting, sexually voracious killing machine and we last saw him wandering out of the wreckage of a UFO that landed in the Hollywood Hills.

It’s our Los Angeles. It’s our Earth. And he remembers absolutely nothing of his past.

In a release Fraction said:

There has literally never been a better jumping-on point for new readers. Our main character has no idea what’s happened in the other Casanova books either… If that weren’t enough, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon joins series co-creator Gabriel Bá to create a dazzling array of backup stories that explore the worlds—and the people—Casanova left behind.

The Casanova series has roots with Image and the publisher has released previous volumes.

Casanova Vol. 4: Acedia picks up where Casanova Vol. 3: Avarita left readers hanging and will continue the science fiction series with Image Comics in 2014.


comiXology Icon 3 Day Sale

Starting tonight, comiXology is have a three day sale for Icon books featuring some solid series that are quality.  You can get 20% off these Marvel Icon comics by Bendis, Brubaker, Fraction, Millar and more:

▪ Casanova
▪ Casanova: Avaritia
▪ Casanova: Gula
▪ Criminal Vol.1
▪ Criminal Vol.2
▪ Criminal: The Last of The innocent
▪ Criminal: The Sinners Vol.1
▪ Fortune & Glory
▪ Incognito
▪ Jinx
▪ Kick-Ass
▪ Powers
▪ Scarlet

The sale is on the webstore only, but that doesn’t mean you can’t read it all on your favorite device.  Using comiXology’s “buy once, read anywhere” feature, comiXology allows fans to buy their digital comics through the web and then read them on any device that has the Comics by comiXology app! Just stick with the same account you made the purchase with and the comics will sync right over no sweat!

Don’t Miss Out On Casanova, The Most Mind-Blowing Book Of The Century!

Official Press Release

Don’t Miss Out On CASANOVA, The Most Mind-Blowing Book Of The Century!

It’s the sold-out book everyone’s talking about, the series every critic is lauding, and the most mind-bending comic of the century—it’s Casanova! Eisner Award-winners Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon are the masterminds behind Casanova and if you’ve missed out on a single issue of the series, now’s your chance to get caught up as Casanova #3 hits stores alongside new printings of Casanova #1 and Casanova #2.

Chronicling the mad adventures of everyone’s favorite terminally directionless, morally-unhinged secret operative, Casanova #3 finds the world bracing itself for a real-life miracle man in the form of a Buddha-imitating street magician…and Casanova Quinn swoops in and snatches the would be savior!

Here’s what the critics have to say about Casanova:

“One of the greatest and strangest comic books of the last decade…” – GQ.com

“Matt Fraction’s agile blending of hyper-dense plot and substantial characters, concepts of sexuality and identity, robots and metaphysics makes Casanova that rare comic that can use genre conventions in new and exciting ways. It crosses genre boundaries and rises above any perceived limitations. In Casanova style is not substance, substance is the new style, and what a beautiful style it is: human, thrilling, transcendent.”—Timothy Callahan, ComicBookResources.Com

“It blew my mind so hard that I have never stopped picking up the pieces.” – Laura Hudson, ComicsAlliance.com
Casanova is a delightfully crazy sci-fi romp and a great addition to the Icon line. Don’t make the mistake of passing it up a second time.” – Jesse Schedeen, IGN.com

“Fraction doesn’t waste a single panel. In fact, he fills his pages with them, but it never feels cluttered or forcibly compressed…And Gabriel Bá handles the script perfectly with his tight, highly detailed artwork.” – Danny Djeljosevic, ComicsBulletin.com

“I am tremendously grateful to Icon for giving me so many reasons to jump into the zany world of Casanova, and will be sticking around to see what happens next. Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bá have created a comic that is supremely energetic and unique…pick Casanova up and give it a look.” –  Majin Fu, AintItCoolNews.com

With Casanova’s wicked sister Zephyr in tow on the new mission, will Quinn be able to get the job done without Zephyr stabbing him in the back? Find out in Casanova #3, out this September! Plus, don’t miss your chance to catch up on the whole series in one jaw-dropping sitting when Casanova #1 Second Printing Variant and Casanova #2 Second Printing Variant hit store shelves the same day!





Mature Content …$3.99

FOC—9/2/10, On-Sale—9/22/10





Mature Content …$3.99

FOC—9/2/10, On-Sale—9/22/10

CASANOVA #3 (JUL100653)




Mature Content …$3.99

FOC—9/2/10, On-Sale—9/22/10

Casanova #3 Cover

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Preview – Fraction, Bá & Moon Kick Off CASANOVA at Icon this July!

Official Press Release

Fraction, Bá & Moon Kick Off CASANOVA at Icon this July!

This July, the most popular mind-bending, sci-fi spy opus of the decade returns with Casanova #1, from the Eisner Award-winning team of Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon, now exclusively at Icon! Fans new and old will be able to experience the exhilarating and crazy antics of agent Casanova Quinn as he gets abducted across space and time to infiltrate his own father’s E.M.P.I.R.E of law and order – in FULL COLOR!  Also, fans will be treated to an ALL-NEW backup by Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon.

“I could not be more thrilled that Casanova has found its home at Icon. Relettered, remastered, and in full and furious color, this is Casanova the way it was meant to be experienced,” explained Matt Fraction. “Everything I’ve done at Marvel has been a trick so they’d actually let me do Casanova here. Ha ha! They can’t take Eisners back, right?”

Fans and critics agree – Casanova is like no other book on stands today:

“Devastatingly geeky – and brilliant.” – Alex Pappademas, GQ.com

“Together, Fraction and Moon make for the sort of indy comics dream team I never knew I wanted but can’t imagine going without again.” – Jesse Schedeen, IGN.com

“There are very few comics that I would recommend unreservedly to all readers, but Casanova is one of those projects that doesn’t come along very often: instantly attention-grabbing, endlessly creative, entirely unpredictable and effortlessly entertaining.” – Dave Wallace, ComicsBulletin.com

“I would recommend this comic without reservation.” – Brian Cronin, ComicBookResources.com

If you’ve never experienced Fraction, Moon & Bá’s Casanova before, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Casanova #1 hits comic shop shelves on July 8th, and believe us – you won’t regret it.

CASANOVA #1 (MAY100649)




Rated Mature …$3.99

FOC – 6/17/10, On-Sale 7/8/10

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