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DC Returns to the World of the Legendary Red Rain with Secrets of Sinister House #1

Following up on 2017’s DC House of Horror #1 and 2018’s Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1, witness what hides within 2019’s Secrets of Sinister House #1—revealing the DCU’s most horrific secrets and mysteries! In this new prestige-format 80-page one-shot special featuring a cover by John Romita Jr. and Bill Sienkiewicz, travel alongside Harley Quinn, John Constantine, Detective Chimp, Zatanna, the Atom and others as they face this macabre devastation first hand! And in the bowels of this dark mansion…we return to the world of the legendary Red Rain to meet once again with the dreaded vampire Batman.

Secrets of Sinister House will feature a Vampire Batman short (from the classic Batman & Dracula: Red Rain) written by Rafael Scavone and Rafael Albuquerque with art by Rafael Albuquerque, a Constantine story written by Bryan Hill with art by Alessandro Vitti, Paul Dini writing an 10-page Harley Quinn and Zatanna short with art by Cian Tormey, a creepy bit on The Atom written by Dan Watters with art by Sumit Kumar, an incredible Justice League Dark story written by Robbie Thompson with art by Tom Raney, and a classic haunted house short story, “House of the Dead,” written by Jon Layman with art by Jorge Fornes. Those are only a few of the tales within, but if they’re not enough to get you screaming, what is still to be revealed will stop you dead in your tracks!

Don’t miss this year’s DC Halloween Special—because if you do, it’ll haunt you! Look for the 80-page Secrets of Sinister House #1 on October 2, 2019.

Secrets of Sinister House #1

SDCC 2019: It’s the Dawn of X with X-Men, Excalibur, Marauders, New Mutants, Fallen Angels, and X-Force

With just days until House of X #1 hits store shelves, Marvel announced six brand-new ongoing series with a suite of all-star creative teams to take mutantkind further than they’ve ever gone before, kicking off with X-Men, Excalibur, Marauders, New Mutants, Fallen Angels, and X-Force!

Announced at Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel at San Diego Comic-Con, these new series will build directly from the universe-shifting events of House of X and Powers of X.

These new series will kick off the first phase of Jonathan Hickman’s massive multi-year plan for the X-Men, redefining everything the world knows about mutants and their place in the universe. As the perfect jumping on point for new and long-time X-Men fans, these extraordinary series will change everything – with only more to come in the months and years ahead…

And this is only the beginning. The Dawn of X will begin this October!

X-MEN #1



The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility… and things have never been better! Jonathan Hickman (HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X, SECRET WARS) and superstar artist Leinil Yu (NEW AVENGERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA) reveal the saga of Cyclops and his hand-picked squad of mutant powerhouses!

On sale October 2019


Written by TINI HOWARD
Penciled by MARCUS TO
On sale October 2019


Mutantkind has always been special…as has their relationship with the world—or WORLDS—around them. As this new era dawns, a new connection forms between mutants and the magic of the world… and that of Otherworld! Can the new Captain Britain forge a new way through the chaos with her companions Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Rictor…and Apocalypse?!?


Penciled by MATTEO LOLLI
On sale October 2019


Even in this glorious new dawn, Mutantkind faces hardships and oppression from their human counterparts. Led by Captain Kate Pryde and funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company, Marauders Storm, Pyro, Bishop and Iceman sail the seas of the world to protect those hated and feared!


Issue 2 Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN
Penciled by ROD REIS
Cover by ROD REIS
On sale November 2019


The classic New Mutants (Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Karma, Magik, and Cypher) get together with a few new friends (Chamber, Mondo) to seek out their missing member and share the good news… a mission that takes them into space alongside the Starjammers!


On sale November 2019


Psylocke finds herself in this new world of Mutantkind unsure of her place in it… but when a face from her past returns only to be killed, she seeks help from others who feel similar to get vengeance. Cable and X-23 join Kwannon for a personal mission that could jeopardize all Mutantkind!


On sale November 2019


X-Force is the CIA of the mutant world—one half intelligence branch, one half special ops. Beast, Jean Grey and Sage on one side, Wolverine, Kid Omega and Domino on the other. In a perfect world, there would be no need for an X-Force. We’re not there… yet.

Angel #2 Leaps Off Shelves and Gets a Second Printing

BOOM! StudiosAngel #2, reimagining the pop culture phenomenon, has sold out! To meet this overwhelming demand, Angel #2 Second Printing will arrive in stores on August 7, 2019, with a stunning new cover by series artist Gleb Melnikov.

Featuring the first appearance of fan-favorite character Winifred “Fred” Burkle, Angel #2 puts the brooding vampire with a soul against an all new enemy. Acclaimed comic book and television writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Gleb Melnikov, along with series creator and story consultant Joss Whedon, send Angel deeper into the dark, monstrous underbelly of the Slayer’s hometown, Sunnydale, and headed straight for disaster in the historic Buffy and Angel event, “Hellmouth.”

Angel #2 Second Printing

Preview: Cyber Force #11


(W) Bryan Hill, Matt Hawkins (A) Atilio Rojo (CA) Raffaele Ienco

As the members of Cyber Force put aside their differences and learn to use their strengths to combat their personal demons, they’re forced to choose between serving the master that created them or being independent-and thus becoming targets of the world.


Preview: Batman and the Outsiders #3

Batman and the Outsiders #3

(W) Bryan Edward Hill (A) Dexter Soy (CA) Jay Anacleto
In Shops: Jul 10, 2019
SRP: $4.99

In their first encounter with the powerful maniac who’s pursuing runaway meta-human Sofia Barrera, Black Lightning and the Outsiders were absolutely humbled. Does everyone on this team have what it takes? Or did Batman make a catastrophic mistake when he entrusted them with Sofia’s life? Plus, ousted from power and stripped of wealth, Ra’s al Ghul is a broken man. But Lex Luthor has a plan for how the Outsiders could be Ra’s’ new League of Assassins!

Batman and the Outsiders #3

A First Look at Joss Whedon’s Angel #3

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at the latest issue of the highly praised reimagining of the brooding vampire—Angel #3 by acclaimed writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Gleb Melnikov, along with visionary writer and director Joss Whedon, available July 31, 2019. 

Meet Angel, a vampire cursed with a soul who has spent centuries protecting humanity from the monsters that lurk in the dark…including himself. Now, looking for redemption for the atrocities committed by the monster he was when he was first turned at the age of 18, Angel stumbles upon a shocking truth: one of the last vampires he sired is looking for a way to open a portal to a Hell dimension and the only person who can stop it is a certain Slayer from Sunnydale who he’s never met…but may now be his greatest enemy.

Darkness has possessed another innocent…and Angel has no choice but to fight them. Tracking this evil to a psychiatric hospital, Angel must find a way to save the host of this deadly and elusive demon, or risk having yet another life on his conscience. Then, after rescuing one of the hospital’s patients, Fred Burkle, Angel may just have a new ally. But will she be able to help him . . . or is she the reason he’s battling this monster in the first place? 

Angel #3 features a main cover by artist Dan Panosian and variant covers by Scott Buoncristiano and Ben Caldwell.

The First Ever Buffy and Angel Comic Book Event Begins in Angel #5

BOOM! Studios has revealed that Angel #5 will be the official prelude to Hellmouth, the historic Buffy and Angel comic book event. 

The road to Hellmouth begins on September 25, 2019, from acclaimed writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Gleb Melnikov, as Angel #5 reveals that Angel now knows his true mission—to make sure the Hellmouth stays sealed! He’ll stop anyone who gets in his way, be it friend or foe, vampire…or Slayer. 

Angel #5 features a main cover by artist Dan Panosian, along with a variant cover by horror illustrator Scott Buoncristiano and artist Troy Nixey.

Angel #5

Preview: Angel #2

Angel #2

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Bryan Edward Hill
Artist: Gleb Melnikov
Colorists: Gabriel Cassata, Gleb Melkinov
Letterer:  Ed Dukeshire
Cover Artists:  
    Main Cover:
Dan Panosian
    Preorder Cover: Scott Buoncristiano
    Incentive Cover (1:20): Will Sliney
    One Per Store Variant: Adam Gorham
Price: $3.99

The landmark reimagining of ANGEL continues here from Bryan Edward Hill (Detective Comics, Killmonger), Gleb Melnikov and series creator Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel’s The Avengers).

As Angel recovers for a devastating loss in Sunnydale, he must unravel the mysteries surrounding this new kind of monster. How can Angel fight something he can’t see? When and who will it strike next? And who is the new mysterious woman…and what do they have to do with Angel’s future? Features the first appearance of fan favorite character Fred Burkle!

Angel #2

Preview: American Carnage #8

American Carnage #8

(W) Bryan Edward Hill (A) Leandro Fernandez (CA) Ben Oliver
In Shops: Jun 19, 2019
SRP: $3.99

Bullets fly and blood flows when Richard’s plan to exfiltrate one of Jennifer’s childhood friends from the white nationalist narcotics business goes awry. Meanwhile, Sheila’s new FBI overlord makes his move as DC Vertigo’s acclaimed Los Angeles crime saga continues in this stunning issue.

American Carnage #8

Review: Batman and the Outsiders #2

Batman and the Outsiders #2

While the debut issue didn’t completely win me over, Batman and the Outsiders #2 delivers the humor and action that’ll have me coming back for more.

Sofia Barrera is on the run and the mysterious man named Kaliber is here to protect her!

That cliched plot would get most to roll their eyes. Add in Kaliber’s claim of being from the future and you have a plot and character that’s been done so many times before. And that shows the brilliance of writer Bryan Edward Hill. Batman and the Outsiders #2 both mocks and has fun with something we’ve seen and something so many called a rip off in its debut. The issue shows we should expect more from Hill who won’t deliver the standard. And in doing so, he gives us a truly entertaining comic.

Batman and the Outsiders #2 is beyond entertaining. A solid mix of action and humor creates an experience that’ll leave a smile on your face. There’s something very self-aware both making fun of itself and having fun with it all at the same time. The winks and nods are very present and deliberate. But, there’s small details that add a human factor that makes it a bit more than a shallow action comic.

Hill’s excellent writing is helped by the art of Dexter Soy. Soy is joined by colorist Veronica Gandini and letterer Clayton Cowles. The art has a quality about it that exudes its fun attitude. At times there’s a clear manga influence as characters go Super Saiyan in over the top displays. The art works and does so really well.

The comic feels like the entire team is just having fun and has cracked the code of adding metahumans to the Batman universe. The first issue was good. The second issue is fantastic. This is a series that should be on your radar and your pull list.

Story: Bryan Edward Hill Art: Dexter Soy
Color: Veronica Gandini Letters: Clayton Cowles
Story: 8.35 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review
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