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Durruti: Shadow of the People Tells the Shocking True Story of Buenaventura Durruti

Durruti: Shadow of the People

Autonomous Collective is proud to announce the Kickstarter for Durruti: Shadow of the People #1, a new historical comic written by Brenton Lengel creator of the Ringo Award-nominated dark fantasy series Snow White Zombie Apocalypse and drawn by Jaime Infante, to fund the first chapter of the shocking TRUE story of blacksmith, anarchist and Spanish Revolutionary Buenaventura Durruti.

The comic is a fusion of Braveheart and V for Vendetta set during the Spanish Civil War.  The plot revolves around the titular character and ultimate working-class hero, Buenaventura Durruti: a real-life, modern-day Robin Hood with the future in his heart and a gun in every pocket. Durruti battled the forces of evil: the powerful, the wealthy and the corrupt–on behalf of ordinary people inspired by the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Justice.

Known to history as “The Soul of Spanish Anarchism” Buenaventura Durruti was a hero of almost mythical significance to the world’s downtrodden and a hated bandit, assassin, and firebrand in the eyes of the corrupt and wealthy elites who ruled over them.

Durruti’s real-life feats and accomplishments are too numerous to list but they include:

  • The theft of more than half a million pesetas from the Bank of Spain.
  • A swath of revolutionary activity spanning five countries and two continents that culminated in the attempted assassination of King Alphonso XIII.
  • The first and only defeat of a modern, mechanized, professional army by a civilian force in all of recorded human history.
  • The collectivization of the entire city of Barcelona, birthing a new society based upon freedom and equality which a young writer named George Orwell “recognized immediately as a state of affairs worth fighting for.”

The Kickstarter launched Sept. 14th 2021 with the goal of raising six-thousand dollars for the production of the first twenty-two page issue. Offered rewards for backers include the comic book itself, limited edition posters, enamel pins and a handmade “anarchist” bandana. Variant cover and print artists include Kit Buss of Critical Role, J. Andrew World of Zero Books and Give them An Argument with Ben Burgis and Adam Bryce Thomas of IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Samurai Jack.

Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse #2 Casts a Spell on Kickstarter

Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse #2

Autonomous Collective has launched a Kickstarter for Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse #2, a new original comic written by playwright Brenton Lengel and drawn by Luana Vecchio

Twenty-eight days ago, a fairy didn’t get invited to a birthday party, and true to form, in the resulting magical tirade, a plague of undeath was loosed upon the world. Now the denizens of Grimms’ fairy tales fight a losing battle against death itself as their own dearly departed rise from their graves to eat the flesh of the living.

Through it all, the unlikely trio of Prince Charming, Snow White, and Rapunzel cling to each other for survival.  There’s just one not-undead-related problem: Both Snow White and Rapunzel’s One-and-Only- True-Love is Prince Charming, and Prince Charming’s One-and-Only-True-Love is both of them…and every other princess he sees. Simultaneously bound by love and driven apart by jealousy, they must ultimately work together to survive in a world vastly different than anything anyone had prepared them for.

The Kickstarter has a goal of raising $6700 dollars for the production of the second chapter. Offered rewards for backers include the comic book itself, limited edition posters, and (at the highest level) an international adventure trip into the Icelandic back-country lead by writer and NYS-Certified Wilderness Guide Brenton Lengel. It will launch at the following URL:

Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse is based upon the hit 2010 play by the same name, which was produced by State of Play Productions, Inc. and premiered to sold-out houses in the New York International Fringe Festival. SWZ:A was the recipient of the Audience’s Choice Award for The Estrogenius Festival: A Celebration of Female Voices,and garnered a nomination for Best Original Short Script from the New York Innovative Theatre Awards. The inaugural issue was published by Scout Comics.

Review: Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1

Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1

Take your favorite fantasy tales and characters and throw them into a zombie apocalypse. That’s Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1. Despite that pretty clear title, the comic still held some surprises, like how far into it before Snow White shows up. While her name is on the title, the real stars are Prince Charming and Rapunzel.

Written by Brenton Lengel, Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1 takes so much of what we grew up with and skewers it… in numerous ways. There’s the over the top violence as Charming and “Zel” get their zombie-killing on. Then there’s just the poking fun of the tropes and characters of these classic stories. Rapunzel is a tough as nails ass-kicking zombie slayers. Prince Charming follows his libido where ever and comes close to dying multiple times over it. Then there’s Snow White who sticks to the script until the script is torn up in front of her.

The art by Hyeondo Park is interesting. There’s a manga influence to it in some aspects. The battles are over the top featuring crazy movies that light up the panels. Close up punches and a focus on the combat creates an interesting juxtaposition with the characters presented. With it being a zombie story, there’s just enough gore. The zombies look rotted but aren’t over the top in design. It’s a feature, not there to gross the reader out and distract. There’s also some really well thought out designs and details for the characters that makes things really interesting visually, especially when Snow White is introduced. Add in some standout page layouts and this is a comic whose art matches the interesting nature of the concept.

Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1 is the comic you didn’t know you needed. If you like the idea of mashups or just zombie stories in general, this is one to check out.

Story: Brenton Lengel Art: Hyeondo Park
Story: 7.75 Art: 7.75 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Read

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Scout Comics Announces Seven New Comics for 2017

Scout Comics has announced seven incredible comic book series for 2017! They run the gamut as far as genres and styles. Check out some of what you’ll find on shelves this year.

ELLA by Alex Giles and Ammar Al-Chalabi

When Ella’s Great Grandma passes away and she is left a gift, her world turns upside down. This twelve-year-old is now the legacy holder of the ‘Amulet of Sharzim,’ which grants her the ability of anthropomorphism and sends her on an adventure with talking animals, both good and bad, culminating in an epic battle!


HEAVENLY BLUES by Ben Kahn and Bruno Hidalgo

What happens when the souls of the greatest thieves in Hell team up to pull the ultimate heist in Heaven? The answer (and so much more) can be found in HEAVENLY BLUES by Ben Kahn and Bruno Hidalgo, the creators of the critically-acclaimed book SHAMAN.


LONG LOST by Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle

Two estranged sisters must reunite and return to their Appalachian hometown after their mother goes missing.  In the vein of Stranger Things, LONG LOST, created by a husband and wife team, is a horror mystery about the pains of estrangement and the overwhelming nature of being lost.  And monsters.


SMOKETOWN by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Scott Van Domelen

From acclaimed writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Warlords of AppalachiaLast Sons of America), and introducing artist Scott Van Domelen, comes the first in an interconnecting series of chapters in the tradition of David Lapham’s Stray Bullets, Brubaker/Phillips’ Criminal, and Pulp Fiction. Each chapter explores the final days of a murdered soldier from a new perspective, each one exposing the criminal side of a small industrial Pennsylvania town.


SNOW WHITE ZOMBIE APOCALPYSE by Brenton Lengel and Hyeondo Park

Snow White awakens to Prince Charming’s kiss 28 days after the zombie apocalypse, only to find herself locked in a vicious love triangle and hunted by the reanimated corpse of the Big Bad Wolf.  Based on the hit 2012 play by the same name, written by critically-acclaimed playwright Brenton Lengel and illustrated by Dark Horse-alum Hyeondo Park.


SOLAR FLARE by James Haick and Branko Jovanovic

After a massive x-class solar flare hits Earth, wiping out all electronics and electricity, Jake Clifford desperately travels from Florida to Tennessee in this new electronic-less world in the hopes of reuniting with his daughter.  During his journey, Jake is recruited by a scientist to reach a secret military base.  The base will act as ground zero in re-establishing the country’s electrical infrastructure. However, as society starts to quickly unravel right before their eyes, their journey becomes more and more dangerous with every day that passes.



“Tinkers of the Wasteland is like Mad Max and The Goonies jumping around inside your brain and causing nothing but trouble. I love it!” – Skottie Young, two-time Eisner Award winner.  Nuff said!