Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse #2 Casts a Spell on Kickstarter

Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse #2

Autonomous Collective has launched a Kickstarter for Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse #2, a new original comic written by playwright Brenton Lengel and drawn by Luana Vecchio.

Twenty-eight days ago, a fairy didn’t get invited to a birthday party, and true to form, in the resulting magical tirade, a plague of undeath was loosed upon the world. Now the denizens of Grimms’ fairy tales fight a losing battle against death itself as their own dearly departed rise from their graves to eat the flesh of the living.

Through it all, the unlikely trio of Prince Charming, Snow White, and Rapunzel cling to each other for survival.  There’s just one not-undead-related problem: Both Snow White and Rapunzel’s One-and-Only- True-Love is Prince Charming, and Prince Charming’s One-and-Only-True-Love is both of them…and every other princess he sees. Simultaneously bound by love and driven apart by jealousy, they must ultimately work together to survive in a world vastly different than anything anyone had prepared them for.

The Kickstarter has a goal of raising $6700 dollars for the production of the second chapter. Offered rewards for backers include the comic book itself, limited edition posters, and (at the highest level) an international adventure trip into the Icelandic back-country lead by writer and NYS-Certified Wilderness Guide Brenton Lengel. It will launch at the following URL:

Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse is based upon the hit 2010 play by the same name, which was produced by State of Play Productions, Inc. and premiered to sold-out houses in the New York International Fringe Festival. SWZ:A was the recipient of the Audience’s Choice Award for The Estrogenius Festival: A Celebration of Female Voices,and garnered a nomination for Best Original Short Script from the New York Innovative Theatre Awards. The inaugural issue was published by Scout Comics.