Review: Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1

Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1

Take your favorite fantasy tales and characters and throw them into a zombie apocalypse. That’s Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1. Despite that pretty clear title, the comic still held some surprises, like how far into it before Snow White shows up. While her name is on the title, the real stars are Prince Charming and Rapunzel.

Written by Brenton Lengel, Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1 takes so much of what we grew up with and skewers it… in numerous ways. There’s the over the top violence as Charming and “Zel” get their zombie-killing on. Then there’s just the poking fun of the tropes and characters of these classic stories. Rapunzel is a tough as nails ass-kicking zombie slayers. Prince Charming follows his libido where ever and comes close to dying multiple times over it. Then there’s Snow White who sticks to the script until the script is torn up in front of her.

The art by Hyeondo Park is interesting. There’s a manga influence to it in some aspects. The battles are over the top featuring crazy movies that light up the panels. Close up punches and a focus on the combat creates an interesting juxtaposition with the characters presented. With it being a zombie story, there’s just enough gore. The zombies look rotted but aren’t over the top in design. It’s a feature, not there to gross the reader out and distract. There’s also some really well thought out designs and details for the characters that makes things really interesting visually, especially when Snow White is introduced. Add in some standout page layouts and this is a comic whose art matches the interesting nature of the concept.

Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse #1 is the comic you didn’t know you needed. If you like the idea of mashups or just zombie stories in general, this is one to check out.

Story: Brenton Lengel Art: Hyeondo Park
Story: 7.75 Art: 7.75 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Read

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review