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Those Two Geeks Episode Twenty Six: Topics? Who Needs A Topic?

On the docket this week: The geeks talk about… a bunch of stuff as they test out a new format. Which is no format.

As always, the Alex and Joe can be found on twitter respectively @karcossa and @jc_hesh if you feel the need to tell them they’re wrong individually, or @those2geeks if you want to yell at them together on twitter or email ItsThose2Geeks@gmail.com.

Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you in the future!

Feast Your Eyes on Our Humongous New York Comic Con 2014 Toy Gallery

The cosplay and the movie stars get a lot of the love when the New York Comic Con rolls into the Jacob Javitz Center but the toy barrage doesn’t get as much attention. And that’s a shame, because if you’re a toy enthusiast the event can feel like the best museum on the planet with thousands of prototypes, new products and existing toys on display behind glass to tantalize and torture because no matter how much you beg, vendors will never let you take them all home.

In the included gallery, there are 250 pictures of some of NYCC’s coolest toys. It would be impossible for me to pick a favorite, but I can tell you that both the Killer Clowns from Outer Space figs and the Chucky figs look scary as hell, Mezco‘s Batman figures are as awesome up close as they look in these pics, and NECA Toys impressed with their 1:6 scale Danny Devito Penguin, their Burt Ward Robin and the rest of their sizable case.

I can also tell you that McFarlane‘s Walking Dead line is taking a great leap forward with the upcoming RV playset and the 10″ deluxe Rick Grimes figure that I was unfortunately unable to get a good picture of since I found myself by the McFarlane booth when it was swarmed by fans who wanted to get a look at Todd McFarlane himself, who was making an appearance.

The QMx booth also drew some crowds, but I’m pretty sure that that was all about the astonishing film scale (1:124) replica of Serenity from the film of the same name and Firefly. Luckily, we got some super up-close shots of the $7,495 “toy” and a look inside its interiors, which feature miniature versions of the Firefly cast. We’ve also got some great pics of QMx’s other Firefly products, which are damn shiny.

Enough words, check out the pics!

Article – You Never Forget Your First

Oh, your first. Everything about your first is great; the feeling of anticipation, the joy, the memories that last a lifetime. You’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget mine. Of course it helps if there’s a story to go along with it, something you can tell family and friends, or strangers on the internet. So here we go. The story of my first, the first action figure I ever got.

I was just a wee little lad growing up in merry ol’ England, a little scamp the age of 3, all wide-eyed and care free. On one fateful day my father and I decided to play a game of volleyball with an inflatable beach ball, a fairly normal activity for a father and son to engage in. The only problem was that this game took place in our rather small apartment. My mother protested, but we were determined to have our little game. Fun was had, until it wasn’t. A few rounds in, disaster struck. The ball was volleyed, by whom I do not know, and struck a large brass plate that adorned the wall. The impact was so, that the plate fell from the wall and came crashing down upon my tiny skull. BAM! My mother was horrified, and ran over to check on her son. I was relatively unfazed by the event, except I knew my head hurt. My mother was near hysterics, fearing the worst for her little boy. My father, calm and composed, walked over to me, placed his hand on head, moved it back and forth, and said “He’s fine”. His composure lasted until he removed his hand and it was covered blood!

After a hurried trip to the local hospital, I was being attended to by a very nice doctor who kept me calm during the procedure. My parents however, were a different story. My mom cried more than I did (I did have drugs to help with the pain of my scalp being stitched up) and my dad kept repeating “I broke him, I broke him”. I wasn’t even my father’s first child; I thought he would’ve been used to this kind of thing. While I was getting my sutures I dinned on a large bag of Maltesers and after the procedure I was rewarded for being a brave little solider with this guy:

1st02 1st01









He’s seen better days, and I have no idea what accessories he may have came with, other that his brightly coloured head. If anyone can help me ID this figure, I’d appreciate it. I think it’s a Go-Bot, but can’t be certain. I tried to look it up before, but haven’t had any luck.

This was the beginning. I began getting so many more action figures after that, He-Man, Thundercats, G.I. Joe. I latched onto Transformers and I still haven’t let go, despite Mr. Bay’s best efforts to soil the franchise. I was hooked. My interest did waiver a bit during my teen years. Not much room for action figures when you’ve got all that angst bogging you down. I returned to my roots during high school and have been collecting ever since. I recently did an office tour video where I claimed what was on display was about ¾ of my collection, I was a little off. I dug up some figures to put back on display and found SO many more figures. I’d guess just under half of my collection is actually on display. I hope to move to a bigger place where I can have a whole room just for my collection and display more of it. Time will tell though. So, that’s it, the story of my first action figure. I still have it on display to this day. It’s on the shelf next to me as I write this. I like to think of it as a symbol of a simpler time in my life, when fun was all that mattered and the scary things in life aren’t so bad as long as you have family, a bag of chocolate and a toy.

What was your first action figure? Do you have story to go with it? Let us know!


Quickie Review: Jon Snow II – The Legend of Curly’s Gold

I picked up my second Jon Snow figure recently, same company, but a completely different style. Let’s take a look at the Funko POP! Jon Snow.


And now my watch begins….again.







The package is the standard POP! fare. The character is clearly visible from the front and the Edition Two line-up is shown on the back. I really love the design of Cersei. That one should be titled the first figure to look like a total bitch. Now unleash the Snow!


Turnaround………Jon Snow





Like all the other POP! figures from Funko, Jon shares a very simple body design and over-sized head. The amount of detail added to make each figure unique is where Funko shines. His Night’s Watch outfit features some really nice sculpted details, like the fur accents, belts, and straps. Longclaw is even nicely recreated and features the recognizable wolf’s head pommel. While the head features a basic sculpt, I feel it captures more of Jon Snow than the Legacy figure did. All the elements just come together to look more like Jon Snow.

The paint is very basic on this one. Black, lighter black, silver, white, and skin tone are what you get.  I would like to have seen a different paint applied to the fur lining, to break up the black and create some depth to the paint scheme. All the paint apps are applied very well and feature no bleed or slop. Longclaw`s pommel is done especially well. There are some small paint apps missing on the side of Jon`s hair that hangs down on his forehead. This only really noticeable up close and is not a big distraction at all. This seems to be a common thing with the POP! figures, as my Ned has the same issue.




Tell me of mama











As with all POP! figures, Jon features one point of articulation, the neck. Even with this one point, it’s possible to get a pretty cool pose.  By itself, the figure is really good. However, when you add a friend, the figure shines. I got lucky and cracked a Ghost as my first Funko Mystery Mini figure and having the pair displayed together is awesome. I doubt we`ll ever get an in scale Ghost to go with the Legend figure, so this is wonderful alternative. Jon also looks great standing with Ned. I`m sure they`ll have that talk about his mother any time now……..*sniff*.

The Funko POP! Jon Snow is great addition to your Funko or Game of Thrones collection. The figure`s simple design distills the character down to its core, while maintaining the character`s essence. It also does what few figures can do, it makes other figures you own better when displayed together. I highly recommend added Jon Snow to your shelf.



Preview: NECA’s Next Retro Style Video Game Figure

NECA is at it again with a wonderful figure re-paint designed to look like a classic video game. Following the tradition of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Robocop, and the Predator, the next 8-bit re-do comes in the form of the original people’s champion………ROCKY BALBOA!













Re-pianted to give a more angular, shaded, and low-res look, this Rocky emulates the character as featured in the 1987 NES game Rocky (a VERY difficult game btw). The figure also includes a cloth American flag. Which could be used on any other Rocky figure you have to make a pretty cool post-fight display.

Preview – S.H. MonsterArts & TV Pop!

With Godzilla fever still running high, Bandai has few more little treats for fans.


First is the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (2014). In what is easily the best figure from the new movie, this bad boy comes loaded with articulation and an incredible sculpt that looks like the monster stepped right off screen. Godzilla will be available this fall for around $70. NECA’s 12″ Godzilla is arriving soon and with a similar price point, I am REALLY torn as to which one to get. I have huge love for the Bandai S.H. figures and this would take up considerbley less shelf space. Decisions, decisions. It’s a nice problem to have though.









Next is a classic character from Godzilla lore, Bandai brings us the S.H. MonsterArts Kiryu – Heavy Arms Type. There’s been a few Kiryu or MechGodzilla figures released, but this new version has some added features. The figure includes interchangeable parts to re-create either “High Mobility Type” or “Heavy Arms Type“, an originally crafted back unit, right hand unit and repaired head piece. He also features the flip down chest piece to reveal the Absolute Zero Cannon. This one looks like the perfect version of Kiryu to face off with or aid the Millennium Godzilla figure. Look for Kiryu to land in Oct/No with a steep price point of $125.


















Funko has released some shots of their latest series of POP! Televsion vinyl figures. Soon you’ll be able to add the cast of Breaking Bad to your collection. The series includes a few versions Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman, Gus (with a spoilery version too), Hank, and Mike. I feel Gus was only sculpted that way so they could make the other “Two-Face” version. That pose on the normal one doesn’t look right to me. These adorable meth dealers, crime lords, lawyers, cops, and thugs will be available this summer.











Video: My Collection

I’ve been having such a great time since I began contributing here on Graphic Policy that I wanted to do something special. I wanted to show my collection to the good people here, but I wanted a more personal touch than simple photos. I’ve begun expanding into video reviews (still learning the ropes), so I present a video walk-through of my collection. I hope you enjoy this peek at what is on my shelves.

SDCC Marvel Exclusives or How Poor Am I Going To Be This Summer?

Answer……..very poor indeed.

USA Today showed off Hasbro’s Marvel themed SDCC 2014 exclusives and boy-howdy are they amazing. We are getting a box set each for the Marvel Infinite (formally Marvel Universe) and Marvel Legends lines. Just point your eyeballs at these:



That’s a lot of cosmic goodness in one box










Marvel Legends Infinite Series – “The Thanos Imperative”

This box set features Black Bolt, Medusa, Gladiator, Blastaar and Star-Lord. Odd that Blastaar isn’t visible in the box. Perhaps it’s an early mock-up? Or is this the first box set build-a-figure? The box is designed to resemble the Galactus Engine from the “The Thanos Imperative” story line. A new Blackbolt? 6″ Gladiator and Abnett/Lanning Star-Lord? Be still my heart! It took me years to get the old Black Bolt to round out my Illuminati display; now I can upgrade. Star-Lord also brings us closer to a full Guardians roster too. The set has a price point of $99.99.



What an awkward family









Marvel Infinite Series – “The Infinity Gauntlet” 

Inspired by the The Infinity Gauntlet storyline, this set features Nebula, Starfox, Death and Thanos. The Death figure is a standout here, with interchangeable human pieces. Thanos looks to be a reissue, but Starfox and Nebula are first-timers. Best of all, the set comes with a real-life foam Infinity Gauntlet, allowing you to recreate killing half the universe right in your home. Thanks Hasbro! The complete set will sell for $74.99.


Between these two sets and the Prison Suit Doomsday from Mattel, this is going to be a very pricey convention season for me. I can’t attend, so I’ll be hunting for the best possible secondary market price on these. By best “best possible” I of course mean a price that will still allow me to eat and pay my mortgage. Fingers crossed! I love that these amazing sets are using both classic and modern cosmic stories to deliver truly unique figures that wouldn’t otherwise see a release. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check my credit card balance.

The Batman Cartoon Figures We Deserve

DC Collectibles is bringing us figures from the best cartoon version (some may say best version period) of Batman and his rouges, in a new 6″ scale, with the Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures. This cartoon was my first introduction to the caped crusader, after cutting my teeth on Darkwing Duck. I have much love for this series and the others it spawned; Superman and the Justice League shows. I collected more figures from the Justice League shows than from Batman, so I am very happy to see these new figures. Everything about these toys looks great; scale, sculpt, paint, and the amazing level of articulation. I can’t wait to see these in stores. Let’s take a look at the lineups as well as each figure.

Series 1 features Batman, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, and Two-Face and will be released in quarter 3 of 2014.

Series 2 features Robin, Joker, Poison Ivy, and Man-Bat and will be released at the end of 2014.


Series 1













The Dark Knight himself. I love the cape over shoulders look, I’ve always felt this was the best look for a Batman figure. The type of material the cape is made from will have an impact on the range of motion on the shoulder though. This is a must and obvious buy. I do find it odd that Batman is from the New Batman Adventures instead of The Animated Series. I would have liked to have seen the original blue/grey suit with yellow symbol first out of the gate.













Really happy to see classic Catwoman here instead of her New Adventures look. I never liked the goth costume and pale blue skin Selina got with her redesign. This look is the go to Catwoman design for me. I’m hoping she comes with a whip and if we’re lucky, maybe Isis too. Not really a locked in purchase for me, it’ll be a wait and see on Ms. Kyle here.


Mr. Freeze











My personal biggest disappointment with the whole line-up. Mr. Freeze is recreated here in his New Adventures look instead of his classic Animated Series appearance. His debut episode, Heart of Ice, won an Emmy for crying out loud. The episode was so good DC retconned his comic book origin to align with the episode by introducing Nora Fires. So why DCC chose to go with this version is beyond me. I’ll be waiting for the (hopefully) original version to be released.













I’m not 100% sure which version of Two-Face DCC is listing this guy as, Animated or New. Out of all the main characters, Harvey certainly got the least amount of redesign (for his brief appearance) when the show was overhauled (next to Harley). I’m counting this as an Animated Series figure. DCC has assured fans that Mr. Dent WILL come with his trademark coin as well as gas mask and gun. I’m holding out hope for a white half mask to go over his scarred face.


Series 2:













Dick Grayson as Robin makes his debut in series 2. I always liked the design of this Robin. The look and the attitude really struck a balance between youthful wonderment and seriousness of being a hero. Next to the last Robin costume that Tim Drake wore before the New52 relaunch, this is my favorite Robin look. No word on accessories, but I guessing a grapple gun perhaps. Not having an Animated Series Batman to stand side-by-side with Animated Series Robin is a tiny little dagger in my heart. Hopefully it wont be too long until we can have the dynamic duo paired up from both shows.













Hey, hey Mr. J. So happy to see Joker here in his classic look. For me, removing his lipstick, whitening the teeth, and blacking out the eyes made him less crazy and scary looking. This is the bat-s#@t crazy Joker we all know and love. That maniacal grin is so perfect, you can almost Mark Hamill’s voice coming out from behind those yellow teeth. If we don’t get a Joker fish with this one, DCC should hang there head in shame.


Poison Ivy











My 2nd biggest disappointment with this line. Poison Ivy’s New Adventure redesign was awful. She was went from a strong, independent (albeit wacko) woman an was changed into a crazy goth/hippy chick with green tinted skin (what was that all about in the New Adventures?). I was never a fan of this version as her Animated Series design hit all the right notes and was basically perfect. This one will be a pass for me.













Man-Bat out of nowhere! I don’t think anyone saw this guy rounding out series 2. Harley was the fan favourite selection to match with Joker, but she’ll probably be in series 3. Man-Bat seems to have the least amount of articulation when compared to the all the other figures. Which is a shame, since he’s the only one that can fly. A ball jointed shoulder would seem like an obvious thing to include, but at least give us ELBOWS. Hopefully Langstrom will receive a few tweaks in the articulation department before release.


For those keeping the score, the series breakdown looks like this:

Batman: The Animated Series figure count = 5

The New Batman Adventures figure count = 3


DCC mentioned previously that just because a figure from one show is made, that doesn’t mean we won’t see a release of that figure from the other. I can assume it’s safe to say we’ll see both versions of Batman, Robin, and probably the Joker. This is great for those who only like a certain version of the character and not the other. Good move DCC.

Overall, I am really looking forward to this line as whole. We are getting some great figures from a pair really great and classic cartoons. What I love most about this, is this is basically a love letter to fans from DCC. These shows have been of the air for years and there are plenty of other things DCC could be making. Instead we get figures that, for some, mean a great deal to us, and have strong ties to our childhoods. If this was strictly a financial decision or as a sincere thank you to fans DCC has made a great choice in making this figures. I hope this line does very well and we continue to receive more down the road. With how many Justice League/Justice League Unlimited figures I bought back in the day, if DCC gets around to making figure like these from those shows, I might need to re-finance my house.


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