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Quickie Review: Jon Snow II – The Legend of Curly’s Gold

I picked up my second Jon Snow figure recently, same company, but a completely different style. Let’s take a look at the Funko POP! Jon Snow.


And now my watch begins….again.







The package is the standard POP! fare. The character is clearly visible from the front and the Edition Two line-up is shown on the back. I really love the design of Cersei. That one should be titled the first figure to look like a total bitch. Now unleash the Snow!


Turnaround………Jon Snow





Like all the other POP! figures from Funko, Jon shares a very simple body design and over-sized head. The amount of detail added to make each figure unique is where Funko shines. His Night’s Watch outfit features some really nice sculpted details, like the fur accents, belts, and straps. Longclaw is even nicely recreated and features the recognizable wolf’s head pommel. While the head features a basic sculpt, I feel it captures more of Jon Snow than the Legacy figure did. All the elements just come together to look more like Jon Snow.

The paint is very basic on this one. Black, lighter black, silver, white, and skin tone are what you get.  I would like to have seen a different paint applied to the fur lining, to break up the black and create some depth to the paint scheme. All the paint apps are applied very well and feature no bleed or slop. Longclaw`s pommel is done especially well. There are some small paint apps missing on the side of Jon`s hair that hangs down on his forehead. This only really noticeable up close and is not a big distraction at all. This seems to be a common thing with the POP! figures, as my Ned has the same issue.




Tell me of mama











As with all POP! figures, Jon features one point of articulation, the neck. Even with this one point, it’s possible to get a pretty cool pose.  By itself, the figure is really good. However, when you add a friend, the figure shines. I got lucky and cracked a Ghost as my first Funko Mystery Mini figure and having the pair displayed together is awesome. I doubt we`ll ever get an in scale Ghost to go with the Legend figure, so this is wonderful alternative. Jon also looks great standing with Ned. I`m sure they`ll have that talk about his mother any time now……..*sniff*.

The Funko POP! Jon Snow is great addition to your Funko or Game of Thrones collection. The figure`s simple design distills the character down to its core, while maintaining the character`s essence. It also does what few figures can do, it makes other figures you own better when displayed together. I highly recommend added Jon Snow to your shelf.



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