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Super-Articulate: Marvel Legends M’Baku Wave

We’re living in Legendary times. That is, holy crap, the Marvel Legends just don’t stop. Even as I type, the Caliban wave is up for pre-order and the first Endgame assortment landed at Toys R US Canada. People that pre-ordered the Professor X and Deadpool Scooter Riders have been getting them, and they’re hitting outlets by the end of the month. And that doesn’t account for the Kingpin assortment or, the subject of today’s write-up, the M’Baku wave.

We’ll be looking at a complete M’Baku, but not a complete wave. I didn’t get the Klaue; I managed to get the BAF torso piece on eBay for $4.50 (plus shipping). I also saved on this wave by getting two of the figures from Walgreens via their $13.99 ML sale (that runs until the 30th, and the ML Mystique exclusive is available online for the sale price); I ordered another on Amazon for $4 less than the regular price, too. So I ended up with five of the six regular figures, plus M’Baku, and I saved at least $40 overall in the process.

A Tale of Two Panthers:

This wave boasts two takes on T’Challa, one leaning on his look from the beginning of the Black Panther film, and the other a charged-up Vibranium look that’s labelled for Infinity War. Alternate heads are included with the “vibranium” figure, and both figures come with the same unmasked T’Challa head. Both of these are solid work with a lot of detail worked into the sculpting, particularly in the lines you find on the torsos.

The downside is that a lot of fans might pass on these since they’re similar to other releases. In all honestly, I almost passed too. However, weighing the high costs of the BAF arms online versus the costs of the figure, I actually saved money by grabbing one at Walgreens, spending less that I would have to obtain one of the auctioned arms. Not to get all Bob Ross here, but how you complete your collection is up to you. I like to get lots of things, but I like to save when I can. That said, these are both fine representations of the character, and they would be particularly good for someone that doesn’t have a T’Challa yet.

Hail to the Previous King:

T’Chaka doesn’t have any accessories apart from the BAF piece, but damn, it’s a nice looking figure. The head sculpt and other pieces are definitely different than the other Panther figures. And the ceremonial garb is tremendously colored. It’s a striking figure and, despite the BP base, it doesn’t look quite like anything else in the line. I wish there would have been swappable heads (maybe the young and old T’Chakas), but it’s a damn nice looking character as it is.

Dora Milaje:

The Dora is the one I got on Amazon for just over $16. This is a terrific example of what Marvel Legends has been doing so well lately, and that’s creating extra pieces that allow you to transform figures or transition them into army-builders. The three heads here let you decide on the look of the Dora (the one that I used is clearly Ayo of “Move or you will be moved” fame). When you put this figure side by side with Okoye and Nakia, you can see that there are a lot of subtle differences (this article explains some of those notes, like the fact that Okoye’s gold elements are markings of rank). The included spear is different from Okoye’s; the rings, however, are the same. If you’re really into Black Panther and the Dora, this is a must have; I can actually see this one becoming rarer as people gobble up multiples for army-building. It looks great.

Erik Killmonger (Tactical):

No slight on the previous figures, but THIS is the Killmonger I wanted. The tribal mask is fantastic and the detail on Killmonger’s costume, belting, and holsters is incredible. The likeness to Michael B. Jordan is pretty top shelf, too. Amazingly, this was a $13.99 Walgreens grab, and I save two more bucks with a coupon. Ridiculous. It’s been remarked on that elements of the design were inspired by, or at least resemble, Vegeta from DBZ, so I tossed an old Bandai Vegeta in one shot to give you the look. This is easily one of my two favorites from the wave. I could see Hasbro taking parts of this (notably the legs) and repurposing them for other military-flavored figures down the road. Man, it’s solid.

M’Baku Build-A-Figure:

Damn, kids. Can we just take a minute to praise Winston Duke? The actors from Black Panther have been widely celebrated, and Duke has been frequently remarked upon as a fan-favorite, but it bears repeating. M’Baku (Man-Ape from the comics) could have been a seriously, seriously problematic character. But a combination of top-flight direction, script, and performance made him a memorable break-out. Duke radiated charisma and unexpected humor in the role; when he showed up in Avengers: Infinity War, the theatre where I was broke out into a small cheer. I have to say: in a short amount of screen time, Duke transformed M’Baku into a bigger and better character.

Which brings us to the BAF. I was disappointed in the first BP go-round that M’Baku wasn’t in the wave. I was not surprised at all to find that he was the BAF this time. And Hasbro did it up right. One of my other favorites in this group, the figure nails the likeness and some of the intricacies of the costume. I’ve written before that the designers are paying more attention to hair and fur elements in costumes, and that’s evident here. They also made the right call on the height; M’Baku’s at least a head taller than the “vibranium” Panther. The staff accessory was the most appropriate choice, too. This is really, really fine work.

A word on Klaue:

I like Andy Serkis. But the figure didn’t do a lot for me. I may yet pick up a loose one on eBay someday, but it wasn’t a thing that I felt like I HAD to have. And that’s okay. I lucked out with a cheap torso pick-up, and this gives me the opportunity to invoke Ross again: get what YOU want.

Overall, this probably won’t turn out to be my favorite assortment of the year. But it’s a really good effort and I feel like it expands the universe of figures and my collection environment. That’s obviously a big positive.

Super-Articulate: Flashback Edition – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You may have noticed that a number of cast members of Buffy the Vampire Slayer have acknowledged the 22nd anniversary of the beginning of the show within the past week. Since I’ve been wanting to experiment with some more video content, I decided to combine those two things and put together a look back at the Moore/Moore Action Collectibles/M.A.C./Diamond Select Buffy and Angel lines. While I don’t own them all, a complete checklist can be found at (here and here).

Quick note: at one point I mention that there wasn’t a Kendra, but in fact there was; I do not have it. Hope you enjoy, and please join the conversation.

Super-Articulate: Marvel Legends Spider-Man Kingpin BAF assortment

I know the title puts the Kingpin right up front, but we’re going to take a detour first. If you recall, last week we did a bit of a preview of the ML Target exclusive Captain Marvel (Starforce) figure. Today, we’ll start with a look at the actual figure.

Captain Marvel (Starforce): As I said before, the notion of exclusive figures that bring a value-add past a simple outfit swap is great. Granted, completists might want the green outfit, given its prominence in the film. But the inclusion of all the separate pieces (head, hands, scarf, bandolier, rifle) that allow you to convert the figure into Doctor Minn-Erva just really stands out. It enables Hasbro to essentially offer an extra character in the same package as a headliner character that the stores will want. Moves like this, along with things like the Shadow King and Lilandra heads, just elevate the line.

Now Comes the Days of the Kingpin . . .

When this assortment was announced, I was genuinely excited. There are some characters here that I’ve wanted for years in ML form that FINALLY made it in. There’s a fairly new villain that I was surprised to see included. And of course, Mr. Fisk. Let’s go.

Silver Sable: FINALLY, indeed. This is a drop-dead excellent figure that should have been made years ago, but I’m glad that it happened on the back of the constantly improving sculpting that Hasbro brings to the line. This is top-notch.

Black Cat: I wasn’t quite as into this one because honestly, I was satisfied with the previous versions. However, I think this turned out great, and I’m glad to have it. A lot of attention was paid here to the hair and to the “fur” portions of the outfit. The whip is also nicely done, as is the wrapped segment arranged as a belt.

Night Thrasher: Back to the FINALLY portion of the program. It’s kind of mind-boggling that we never got the founder of the New Warriors before now. The accessories are great; while the staff portions pre-existing, the backpack and skateboard are new. The board even has working wheels. I took a shot with the original Nova and Vance Astro from the GOTG2 assortment because that’s as close to the original New Warriors as we have right now. I certainly hope that Speedball, Firestar, and Namorita are in the cards down the road.

Puma: I’ve always dug Puma. The ML line can only benefit from diverse characters like Thrasher and Thomas Fireheart here, and I genuinely like that hybrid human look. The figure nails it and gets the flourishes like the feather fetish and necklace right. The increased articulation present in most Legends works a great benefit in the figure, as it affords some very character-appropriate posing. Big winner, kids.

Red Goblin: I didn’t expect Red Goblin this soon; in fact, that might be some kind of page-to-Legend record. But man, they did another great job. And that tail! Honestly, it’s a little crazy that this exists already, but damn if they didn’t prove that it should exist just by making it exist. Well done.

Symbiote Spider-Man:I’ll be honest; I’m pretty take it or leave it with this one. It’s kinda neat of its own accord, and it looks good, but I doubt I would have gotten it were it not for the BAF piece. Still, if you don’t have a black costume Spidey, this is a solid get.

Spider-Man (Six-Armed): I know that there were some early complaints about the torso from some fans online, but I have to say that this looks quite good in person. The arms are surprisingly poseable, given the torso size, and I’m glad that the new torso sculpt also gives us the ability to have Doppelganger Spider-Man later in the year. This version of Spidey wasn’t super-high on my list, but it’s cool to see and it’s a worthy entry, given its place in the comic’s history.

Before we get to the big guy, here’s a quick rundown of which piece comes with whom:

Heads: Symbiote Spider-Man
Torso: Puma
Right Arm and cane: Black Cat
Left Arm: Silver Sable
Right Leg: Red Goblin
Left Leg: Night Thrasher
The Six-Armed Spidey does not include a BAF piece.

The Kingpin (BAF): I mean . . . just look. This thing is outstanding. The alternate heads were a fine idea (one smug, one angry), and it’s just . . . massive. I took a picture of the recent Defenders boxed set Daredevil for scale. It’s just awesome. And I’m looking forward to turning him into the Shadow King in the near future. Yeah, I’m a giant X-Men fan from way back, so that’s happening.

Overall, this is a pretty great assortment with strong character choices, pleasant surprises, and a whale of a BAF. These are available on Hasbro Pulse right now and should be hitting retail around you at any time.

How about you? Thoughts, questions, discussions? Let us know.

Super-Articulate: Marvel Legends Exclusives

So, I lied. Okay, not lied, but I did change the schedule. I have in-hand the Kingpin assortment, but didn’t have time to take on the whole thing. I’m pushing that to next week. What I also got, which is relevant to your interests, is the new Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends Mystique.  Let’s talk.

Mystique: First and best thing, the ML Mystiques are arriving at Walgreens locations across the country and in solid numbers. And the bonus? There’s a sale on (which appears to be chain-wide) with Marvel Legends for $13.99 until March 30th. That’s a solid deal! I picked up mine and got a bonus $2 off at the register which we’d apparently earned on our Walgreens card. So I had that going for me, which is nice.

As to the figure itself, this is top-flight work. This is a Great. Figure. I feel like the team really nailed the look of Mystique from the Claremont-Byrne days. It’s also a not-so-coincidentally great time for the figure to be released since a) she first appeared in the pages of the Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel book in the 1970s, and b) Mystique once again figures into the forthcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix film.

The figure comes with three heads: regular, shapeshifting-into-Rogue, and Shi’ar Empress Lilandra. The head sculpts are superb, Lilandra in particular. There’s a popular trend forming already of collectors getting an extra Silver Sable and replacing the head with the Lilanadra for a completely “new” figure. Some have gone so far as to do the boil-and-pop method to remove the Sable belts and enhancements for a cleaner look; I’ve also seen spare capes (like the Black Knight cape) added. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making Mystique Mystique; as Bob Ross said, it’s your painting.

If you have the original ML Mystique and you’re happy with it, that is totally fine. If you missed that one, this one is just about perfect. It’s a great pick-up no matter how you display it.

Target Captain Marvel (Starforce): The Target Exclusive ML Starforce Captain Marvel is available to order online right now. I am absolutely getting this one to turn it into Dr. Minn-Erva with the included head, hands, scarf, and other accessories. Doing the figure in this manner was a GREAT idea. I would have passed without the means to turn it into a secondary character. Mine isn’t due to arrive just yet, but I’ll have pictures when it does. For now, you can place your own order. If you have a Target Red Card, you can get 5% off if you use it when you place your order online.

Okay, kids, that’s all we’re doing this week. How do you feel about Exclusive figures? It’s been my experience that the Walgreens figures aren’t hard to find, but that the Walmart ones are a giant pain in the ass. Target lands somewhere in the middle. Thoughts? Do you buy second copies of a figure if you can turn them into a different character? Let’s talk.

Super-Articulate: Toy Fair 2019 Overview

Let’s get this straight right now. There’s NO WAY we can hit everything. There’s just too much. I’m going to zoom in on our regular areas, Marvel Legends and DC Multiverse, with a couple of side trips.

Funko Pop: Holy crap, just go look at the pictures. There’s WAY too much to digest there. Rest assured that they’re on fire. Catch our full Funko coverage.

McFarlane DC and Harry Potter/Wizarding World: Nothing to show yet, per the terms of the deal, but The Todd Himself seems very excited in his various interviews and personal postings. His comments seem to indicate that their DC license can pull from comics, animation, film, and video games; I’m really excited to see what they come up with, but for now we’ll have to wait.

DC ¡Lucha Explosiva!: DC Collectibles just hit this one out of the park. The Lucha Libre-inspired line is an unexpected visual joy. Even if you’re familiar with the luchadore wrestling tradition, you might not know that there’s an extensive history of heroic masked wrestlers in Mexican film, notably El Santo, Mil Máscaras, and Blue Demon. This assortment celebrates that, and its mere appearance has delighted collectors. I expect it to be a big hit, and I expect more to follow.

DC ¡Lucha Explosiva!

DC Multiverse: Not gonna lie. This was a let-down. I’m glad to see the Red Robin and Poison Ivy figures, which look great, but I feel like Mattel are squandering their chance to go out big with this line. While it’s always been hobbled by poor distribution, they had picked up a lot in the last couple of years. The ’89 Batman and new Joker are well-done, but ultimately another Batman and Joker.

Photographer David C Stylist Audra Bennett

Imaginext DC Super Heroes: The 80th anniversary Batman figures, including the boxed set and individual carded figures, look super-fun. Including a Detective #27 figure, the Batmobile-armor version from Alex Ross’s Justice, a Sinestro Corps Batman, the “Rainbow” Batman, a GL Bats, an Azrael Bat, and the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, these kind of hilariously wonderful. The kids will love them, but adult collectors that don’t normally pick these up might be tempted to grab some, too.

Power Rangers Lightning Collection: Police, I’d like report a murder, because Hasbro KILLED THESE. I’m not a Rangers fan, but damn, these are awesome.

Marvel Legends: Where to even begin? Last week, I wrote a piece about the top 10 figures I wanted to see. And Hasbro gave us NONE OF THEM. And yet, I am extremely impressed and excited by the massive amount of reveals at the show. The Alex Ross Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America are outstanding. The fact that we’re getting Peggy Carter, Ghost, Luis, the Grandmaster, and Korg is insane. The four revealed Retro X-Men (Madripoor Wolverine, Silver Samurai, X-Factor Cyclops, and “Outback” Dazzler) are simply great. Boom Boom is perfect, and long overdue. The problem with Marvel Legends is the best possible problem; even as they make new, great stuff (or new, continually improving stuff), you still find yourself wanting the characters that haven’t been reached yet. The funny thing is that we didn’t even get the full 2019 picture; the other two Retro figures and the rest of the X-Force assortment haven’t been seen, and neither have the Endgame film figures. For me, Hasbro’s line was the clear winner.

What did you guys think? Let’s talk.

Super-Articulate: My Marvel Legends Most Wanted

Toy Fair looms large next week, and with it will come a number of product revelations. The big mover already is McFarlane Toys, who has consolidated both the Harry Potter/Wizarding World and DC Comics figure licenses under its control in the past few days. With those and other developments happening quickly, and rumors piling up, we’re sure to see interesting things from all over next week. It that spirit, I wanted to devote some time to a few of the Marvel Legends that I HOPE Hasbro will be getting to in short order. And I invite you to join in, too. I’ll present MINE, and then you chime in with yours. (One rule: Nobody dumps on anybody else’s choice; everyone has favorites.)

One more note: these are my Top Ten TODAY. It could change tomorrow. Or after dinner.

Lockjaw: The big teleporting doggie of the Inhumans has been overlooked in the Legends scale for far too long. With the increased emphasis on larger boxes with the Riders waves and the exclusives like Archangel, there are fewer and fewer reasons for Hasbro not to drop this fan favorite. I haven’t forgotten that we almost got him back in the day with Toy Biz, and I’m aware that a One:12 Collective version is happening, but still. Let’s see him.


First Appearance Storm: There is no one good reason why we don’t have a ML Storm in her Dave Cockrum-designed Giant-Size X-Men #1 costume. This look was produced by Toy Biz in the regular line in the day, as well as in the 8” cloth-costume figure line; it was also done in the 3.75” Marvel Universe line. A few years ago, it was posited as part of a ToyFare poll, so we know a sculpt exists. With avenues like Walgreens exclusives and other outlets, it’s way past time.

First Appearance Storm

Thunderbird: Similarly, Thunderbird remains the only member of the “Giant-Sized” team to not receive a Marvel Legend figure AT ALL. That’s a big Marvel history gap, right there.

Swordsman: I know some people might be saying, “Who?” If you don’t know, the Swordsman is the only character to join the Avengers in the 1960s that has not been a 6” Marvel Legend. Granted, his membership was brief and he was a traitor; HOWEVER, he did return and figure in important storylines, dying heroically.


Quake: Daisy Johnson is getting the short end, here. Though Quake just got her first figure as part of the Marvel Rising expression, the lack of a Marvel Legends Quake is mildly shocking. Consider the key role that the character played in Secret War, Secret Invasion, and Secret Warriors, prior to joining the Avengers. There’s also the little matter of Quake being one of the leads on the MCU’s longest running live-action TV show, as well as all her continued comic and animation appearances. Frankly, the lack of a Quake ML totally baffles me.


Quasar Absent Avengers Assemble! Let’s do the list . . . Avenger? Check. Important to multiple crossovers? Check. One of the few Annihilators without a figure? Check. Already made in 3.75” form? Check. Again, let’s see him, Hasbro.


Stingray: Wait . . . ANOTHER Absent Avenger?! Yeah, Stingray not only returned in comics (okay, he got beaten up pretty badly, but he survived), but plays a part in the Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 video game. Plus, he’s got one of the great character designs in comics. Stingray would make an excellent figure. Sure, he’s a personal favorite of mine, but it would just look great on the shelf.


Karnak Another personal favorite, but my desire for his inclusion also illuminates the lack of Inhumans overall in the 6” range. Yeah, I know I was just stumping for Lockjaw, but check this out. Black Bolt has only been made twice as an individual figure in the Legends line, and the recent Medusa Walgreens exclusive was the FIRST Medusa outside the SDCC Exclusive boxed set. No other Inhuman (Triton, Gorgon, etc.) has been made in ML 6” scale. There have been 3.75” Triton and Karnak, but not in the main line. I would, of course, prefer the classic look for Karnak, which the 3.75” figure also used.


Spitfire: A great, underrated character in the Marvel pantheon, Spitfire would check multiple boxes for me. Number one, she’s an Invader; and number two, she was part of the MI13 team (incidentally, that was a great comic and I have my own mini-shelf section for them with Captain Britain, Black Knight, and Blade, so I’m enough of a team freak to buy Spitfire twice if they make her). Also, her background is just nuts: essentially a super-hero/vampire hybrid that’s been around since World War 2, Spitfire has an awesome and crazy long-term story. I’d love to see her get made.


Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau: Yeah, we got an excellent Monica in the A-Force boxed set, but my heart is set on seeing her in her original Captain Marvel outfit. Never forget that Monica Rambeau was the first female Captain Marvel. History is important, kids. All right, there’s mine. Let’s hear yours.

Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau

Super-Articulate: The SP//dr BAF Gets the Spotlight

Here’s a story of how my 12-year-old son, Kyle, convinced me to get a figure. I know that I normally don’t take much convincing, but over the summer, I had just started a new job and was being a bit more cautious with money as insurance transitioned and so on. That was part of the reason that I was opting to NOT get the entire Marvel Legends SP//dr assortment at once, and just finding the loose figures I wanted on eBay.

SP//dr BAF

That turned out to be a somewhat wise decision, because for months, we didn’t see much in the way of that assortment in the stores. I got Cloak and Dagger fairly quickly, but had more trouble with Scarlet Spider. I kind of de-prioritized it a bit, especially with other stuff dropping.

SP//dr BAF

When the boys and I saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Kyle asked me if I was ever planning to get the SP//dr BAF (BAF = Build a Figure). I said that I wasn’t really, and he said, “You should. It looks awesome.” And you know what? He was right. I readjusted my strategy, picked up some pieces online, went ahead and nabbed a complete Scarlet Spider and House of M Spider-Man, and there we go. So, thanks to Kyle, because, man, what was I thinking? This IS awesome.

SP//dr BAF

SP//dr together is one of my favorite BAFs in some time. First off, I love the Evangelion-themed design. It’s quite different from the SP//dr of Into the Spider-Verse, and that’s fine. The comic look comes from artist Jake Wyatt, who co-created the character with Gerard Way (yep; Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and The Umbrella Academy). SP//dr and Peni Parker first appeared in Edge of Spider-Verse #5 in 2015 as part of the event that Dan Slott used to re-energize the Spidey books at Marvel. Thank Slott and friends, because a number of fun concepts (and figures) have come from that.

SP//dr BAF

Peni’s background similar to the film. She comes from Earth-14512 (3145 in the movie), and was adopted by Ben and May Parker. She co-pilots the SP//dr with a radioactive spider with which she shares a psychic link. Re-read that sentence and remember why we love comics.

SP//dr BAF

In terms of the figure, here’s the piece breakdown.

  • Head – Cloak
  • Torso – Dagger
  • Right Arm – Dardevil
  • Left Arm – Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
  • Right Leg – House of M Spider-Man
  • Left Leg – Elektra
  • The Doctor Octopus from this assortment does not contain a BAF piece.

Man, this figure is great. It’s more poseable than you’d expect and just looks tremendous. It’s begging for a Peni Parker companion figure in the ML scale. I used the House of M Spider-Man in the photos to give you an idea of the sheer size of the robot next to a regular ML figure. I also attempted to have HoM Spidey ride the back, just to give you an idea of that posing (seriously, we need a Peni Parker to go with this).

SP//dr BAF
SP//dr BAF
SP//dr BAF
SP//dr BAF

Sculpting is top notch. Paint apps are strong, although there are a couple of weaker points around the torso. Still, the assembly was smooth, the articulation works great after it’s been fit together, and the head moves well. It’s got personality. I’ve tucked it in a back corner of a Spider-Verse shelf I have where its height allows it to be seen over Anti-Venom and Toxin. I’d recommend picking this one up; it’s a little difficult to get it all together via eBay or even with Amazon, as some of the individual figures are pricey. Big Bad Toy Store is still offering the assortment of 7 boxed for a total of $154.99 plus $4 shipping, which isn’t bad at all, considering.

What do you think? Did you enjoy SP//dr? What other Spider-Man figures and characters do you want out of Legends? Use the comments, and let’s talk. Thanks for reading.

Super-Articulate: Catching Up on DC Multiverse

Let me set the parameters on this one right away. This isn’t an exhaustive look. It’s more of a highlight reel of the past few assortments of DC Multiverse figures. I’ll be checking back in with DC Mutliverse a few times throughout the year; unfortunately, as the DC master license leaves Mattel, the line is on a ticking clock. On the upside, I think that the character selection and sculpts have steadily improved over time; the downside, again, is that Mattel will stop making DC figures after a couple of years filled with some exciting choices.

Presently, a new assortment is making its way to stores; it’s a four-figure wave featuring Batman Beyond, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (in his classic outfit), Kingdom Come Superman, Kid Flash (DC Rebirth), and a Lobo Collect & Connect figure. We don’t have any of those to show yet; as for myself, I only plan on getting the Kid Flash, as I have representations of the other characters that I’m pleased with. And that brings up a salient point. Be a completest if you want, but you’ll be a happier collector if you simply buy what you dig.

So, with our column today, I’m going to go back to a pair of figures from 2017, and several more from throughout 2018. First up is Batwing, which featured in the Batman Exo-Suit/Rookie Wave from Summer of that year. I chose to go all the way back to Batwing because he’s an interesting figure and it’s running fairly inexpensively on eBay. If I’m not interested in a C&C figure for a particular wave, then I’m totally comfortable picking up loose figures online for less rather than paying full price with pieces I don’t want.

At any rate, Batwing is a decent, not spectacular, figure. I’m really glad he was made, particularly because of the key role he plays in the excellent Detective Comics run in Rebirth. I do wish there had been a swappable head for him because I’m certain that not a lot of people outside of the direct readership realize that he’s a member of an underrepresented community. I do like the wing assembly; despite the weight of the thing, the figure is still able to stand, which is a huge plus. Not great, but certainly good.

Wonder Girl from late 2017, however, is excellent. Great sculpt, solid presentation of a character that many have loved since Young Justice, then Teen Titans, then Young Justice on TV. The only bummer was that if you wanted the rest of the Doctor Psycho C&C figure, you had to get a DKIII Wonder Woman. I didn’t care for the story, the design, or the figure, so I passed. But, as for Wonder Girl herself, very well-done. I really like the way that the lasso hangs on the figure, and there’s some fine detail in the hair. She’s looks great next to the Superboy on the shelf.

Batwoman and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz came from the spring/summer 2018 Clayface C&C series, and that’s a great set overall. With that one, DCM went all in on Rebirth. I vastly prefer those to the TV and film figures; in fact, I think that the overabundance of TV, Justice League film, and Dark Knight Returns figures really hurt the line. Some of those figures continue to hang in stores. While the face on Jessica Cruz isn’t the greatest, I’m simply delighted the figure exists at all. I took a picture of the back to show that the costume detail continued on both sides, which is great. The power battery is well-done, the power effects are okay, and it’s generally an agreeable figure. Batwoman is the superior of the two; the extra head is great, but the mask is particularly well-sculpted. It’s kind of shock to consider how few Kate Kane figures there have actually been between DC Direct/Collectibles and Mattel, so we should be glad that we got this one.

The final two I’m looking at come from the DC Rebirth Lex Luthor C&C wave, and those are The Ray and Spoiler, which started dropping in November. This is a generally solid wave, and a strong reminder that DCM was doing their best when they were doing Rebirth. Their plan through 2019 really shows that they were determined to present a strong assemblage of characters from Detective, Justice League, Justice League of America, and the Titans titles, and they were doing pretty damn good job of it. Again, a shame this license is leaving now.

The utter lack of a mass market Spoiler until now has been confounding, but I’m glad she’s here. I’m a little bummed we didn’t get the original look first, but for God’s sake, at least it’s Stephanie! This is a rock-solid figure. Well-designed, well-sculpted, and with nice hood and hair elements, I’m sure it made a lot of fans happy. I wish that she had a little more articulation, but it’s a damn fine addition to Bat-or-teen-hero shelf.

I’ve been a fan of The Ray for years, and I’m glad he’s gotten more a spotlight with the CW Seed animation, the Crisis on Earth-X CW appearance, and his prominent role in Justice League of America. This is a GREAT figure, hands-down. Speaking of hands, it comes with two extras and a “smiley” head; I prefer the serious in this case. But this just another solid, well-sculpted, well-painted figure. I know he’s a little hard to find, but I grabbed one on eBay for less than store price, so I felt pretty good about that. As a matter of act, all of these figures are fairly findable on eBay for decent prices, outside of Jessica Cruz; that one takes more work, but it can still be found in the 20s, despite the fact that some people are pricing Buy It Nows in the $60 range.

At this point, I plan to get Vixen and Rebirth Kid Flash, which are still in release, Katana at year’s end, and several entries in the Killer Croc C&C wave, notably Red Hood and Alfred. Have you been enjoying DC Multiverse? Will you be sad to see it go? What do you want to see before the end of 2019? Thanks for reading, and comment away.

Super-Articulate: Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Part 2

Greetings, Graphic Policy Readers! Today we’re exploring the rest of the Marvel Legends Captain Marvel assortment that’s current in release. Before we cover the other four figures, I want to take care of a couple of points that I should have covered in Part 1.

Plastic Shield

Until I hear a better title or actual technical term, it’s worthy to point out that the packaging is now fitted with a plastic shield overlay that’s presumable meant to make it harder for shoplifters to remove BAF pieces from the box. I took a picture of the Genis-Vell figure specifically to show the shield in action. I think that this is a fine idea, and Hasbro didn’t raise the figure price for the addition.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel plastic shield

Captain Marvel Redux

I realized that I failed to include a packaged picture of the “Gooseless” Captain Marvel figure, so I’ve added that so you can get a good look. Here’s a picture of that figure with the alternate “mohawk helmet” head as well. The one-footed flying pose is courtesy of my son, Kyle, who said that he could get her to stand on one foot. So, well done, kid.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel

The Other Captain Marvel

Again, the straight-up, no BAF Captain Marvel is labelled “Captain Marvel” on the package. Oddly enough, so is this one. Of course, the distinction is that this one comes with a) a BAF piece, and b) Goose. This CM also has a bomber jacket and a different hairstyle. Of all the figures in the assortment, this one is the only sort of bum note. Now, bear in mind, it’s a very well-sculpted figure and Goose is awesome, but, in my mind, Goose could have come with the regular CM and this figure could have been swapped out for a Maria Rambeau or another member of the Kree Starforce. However, I do believe that this figure will be in demand because a) the bomber jacket lock is admittedly cool, and b) Goose.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel


The press materials for the film and the IMDB page continue to play coy with Jude Law’s role, but the figure goes for it. Until I see differently in March, this is definitely Yon-Rogg, antagonist and key figure in Carol’s origin. Initially solicited as Starforce Commander/Leader, the package is indeed labelled “Yon-Rogg.” By any standard (okay, mine), this is a GREAT figure. He’s got just a great sci-fi look between the outfit, the metallic paint ops, and the blaster. You could have peeled this guy right out of the pulps, absent any connection to Marvel, and it would look great. And yet, it’s not the best one in the group.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Yon-Rogg
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Yon-Rogg
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Yon-Rogg
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Yon-Rogg
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Yon-Rogg


Hands down, the best in my opinion is Genis-Vell. The look of the figure comes from the 2003 series by Peter David and ChrisCross, and it’s captured just superbly in Marvel Legends form. The starfield application looks incredibly neat, the armor pieces have a solid finish, and the yellow blaster is great. This is another striking looking figure that just screams classic science-fiction. I’d venture that a few collectors will pick this up simply for the look before even connecting a desire to own the figure to its Marvel history or Captain Marvel grouping. It’s that well-done.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Genis-Vell
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Genis-Vell
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Genis-Vell
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Genis-Vell

Kree Sentry BAF

A Jack Kirby robot? Yes, please. The Kree sentries debuted in Fantastic Four #64 in 1967; since then, they’ve popped up across the Marvel Universe, including a crucial appearance in Annihilation: Conquest, and have shown up in animation and video games, as well. The really BAF captures the Kirby spirit; its presence in this wave was the thing that put me over the top from “interested” to “Yep; I’m buying those.” It’s substantially bigger than the rest of the figures, too, which is a quality that I enjoy (but don’t always require) in a BAF. If you’re going to make a big guy, the BAF is the place to do it.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Kree Sentry Build a Figure
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Kree Sentry Build a Figure
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Kree Sentry Build a Figure
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Kree Sentry Build a Figure

For the record, the BAF piece pack-in dispersal is:

  • Nick Fury – Right Arm
  • Captain Marvel (with Goose) – Left Arm
  • Yon-Rogg – Torso
  • Talos – Left Leg
  • Genis-Vell – Right Leg
  • Grey Gargoyle – Head
  • The “standard” Captain Marvel with extra head and hands does not contain a BAF piece.

What do you think, readers? Do you like these as much as I do? Who has picked these up and wants to talk about it? Sound off in the comments, and thanks for reading.

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Super Articulate: Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Part 1

Greetings, Graphic Policy Readers! It’s good to be back in action figure coverage land; thank you for having me. Today, we’re taking a look at a part of the Marvel Legends Captain Marvel “Kree Sentry” assortment, but first let’s play a bit of catch-up with one exclusive that came out last year.

Marvel Legends Thanos (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

This guy was supposed to be out in spring of 2018, but many people reported him as impossible to find. Frankly, I didn’t find one in the wild and only recently picked it up on eBay. However, prices seem to have come down now with the arrival of the film Thanos BAF from the Avengers assortment, the equivalent Thanos from the Marvel Studios 3-pack, and the re-offering of a Thanos BAF in the “Best of” wave that’s just been shown. For my part, I have the film BAF (it’s great) and the earlier Thanos BAF from a couple of years back; I just wanted to pick this up for the classic comic colors and the comic-style Infinity Gauntlet.

I can see where people might not have been super-excited for this outside of scarcity, but I really like it for the comic feel. The figure comes with an alternate left-hand (for Gauntlet or No Gauntlet action) and two heads (one grim, one smiley; I like the psychotic smiley). My recommendation is that you should try to pick it up if you’re into the original comic story, but you can probably live without it if you’re not a completeist or if you’re mainly into the films.

Marvel Legends Thanos (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
Marvel Legends Thanos (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
Marvel Legends Thanos (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

This makes a nice segue into the Captain Marvel discussion in part because the Captain Marvel wave has two exclusives associated with it. One is a “Binary Captain Marvel” that will be at Wal-Mart, and the other is a “Starforce Captain Marvel” (green costume) for Target. The Wal-Mart exclusive reflects that powered-up aspect of Carol with some energy attachments and paint enhancements. The Target version, however, includes a number of interesting accessories, including a Minn-Erva/Doctor Minerva head and a scarf that allows you to effectively change the character. I’m down for the Target piece because I’m interested in putting as full of a cast as I can on the shelves; this worked for me with the Black Knight, in that I got a second one so that I could part an original helmet version on my Masters of Evil shelf.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Assortment

Today, I’m looking at exactly half of the figures that comprise the assortment. I’m saving the Kree Sentry BAF for the next time. The overall composition of this wave is interesting, as it’s the first time in memory that you get two distinct versions of the same female hero in one grouping. Granted, she’s the title character of the film, but I think it’s a good move on the part of Hasbro.

Captain Marvel

The basic Captain Marvel figure is well done. It includes the increasingly common alternate head and hands; in this case, you either have Carol in her helmet or without. I somewhat prefer without, and that’s partially given to the fact that I display my earlier, comic-based Marvel Legends version with the helmet. Overall, the likeness isn’t bad; it’s a little stronger in the other Captain Marvel figure. However, it’s still a solid figure and the metallic paint op is quite cool.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel

Nick Fury

This one’s going to be quite popular based on the fact that it’s a) young Sam Jackson, and b) it comes with Goose in captive mode. It’s easy to theorize as to what’s up with Goose, but I’m going to save that and just focus on the figures as they are. Honestly, it’s hilarious that “Captive Goose” is sculpted with a raised nape on his neck so that the Fury figure can grasp it. The Fury itself is an incredible likeness. I wish that it came with an additional accessory, but the pistol is fine. It’s another solid figure.

Marvel Legends Nick Fury
Marvel Legends Nick Fury
Marvel Legends Nick Fury
Marvel Legends Nick Fury


Not that there’s anything wrong with the figure itself, but Talos is fairly plain. No accessories past the BAF piece is just a strange choice. It is, however, a well-sculpted figure, and it’s always good to see some classic Marvel aliens making their way into the toy line. Talos marks the fourth Marvel Legends Skrull, if you count Super Skrull from the FF Classics, plus the Skrull from the Kree/Skrull two-pack of yore and Skrull Elektra.

Marvel Legends Talos
Marvel Legends Talos
Marvel Legends Talos
Marvel Legends Talos

Grey Gargoyle

It’s about time. I am ALWAYS down for classic Marvel villains. He’s an interesting choice for a comic-based figure for the wave; I’m guessing that association with Captain Marvel comes from that Avengers cover from issue #191 of the original series. Two things that I like in particular about the Gargoyle are his hilarious facial expression and his crazy feet. This guy is, pun intended, rock solid, and a worthy addition to the broader canon of Marvel bad guys.

Marvel Legends Grey Gargoyle
Marvel Legends Grey Gargoyle
Marvel Legends Grey Gargoyle
Marvel Legends Grey Gargoyle

Next time, I’m going to cover the other three solo figures and the Kree Sentry BAF. Also, I want to hear from you. Who’s picked these up already? What do you think? Do you have requests? Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you soon.