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SDCC Marvel Exclusives or How Poor Am I Going To Be This Summer?

Answer……..very poor indeed.

USA Today showed off Hasbro’s Marvel themed SDCC 2014 exclusives and boy-howdy are they amazing. We are getting a box set each for the Marvel Infinite (formally Marvel Universe) and Marvel Legends lines. Just point your eyeballs at these:



That’s a lot of cosmic goodness in one box










Marvel Legends Infinite Series – “The Thanos Imperative”

This box set features Black Bolt, Medusa, Gladiator, Blastaar and Star-Lord. Odd that Blastaar isn’t visible in the box. Perhaps it’s an early mock-up? Or is this the first box set build-a-figure? The box is designed to resemble the Galactus Engine from the “The Thanos Imperative” story line. A new Blackbolt? 6″ Gladiator and Abnett/Lanning Star-Lord? Be still my heart! It took me years to get the old Black Bolt to round out my Illuminati display; now I can upgrade. Star-Lord also brings us closer to a full Guardians roster too. The set has a price point of $99.99.



What an awkward family









Marvel Infinite Series – “The Infinity Gauntlet” 

Inspired by the The Infinity Gauntlet storyline, this set features Nebula, Starfox, Death and Thanos. The Death figure is a standout here, with interchangeable human pieces. Thanos looks to be a reissue, but Starfox and Nebula are first-timers. Best of all, the set comes with a real-life foam Infinity Gauntlet, allowing you to recreate killing half the universe right in your home. Thanks Hasbro! The complete set will sell for $74.99.


Between these two sets and the Prison Suit Doomsday from Mattel, this is going to be a very pricey convention season for me. I can’t attend, so I’ll be hunting for the best possible secondary market price on these. By best “best possible” I of course mean a price that will still allow me to eat and pay my mortgage. Fingers crossed! I love that these amazing sets are using both classic and modern cosmic stories to deliver truly unique figures that wouldn’t otherwise see a release. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check my credit card balance.