Star Trek: Defiant #1 is an excellent debut

Star Trek: Defiant #1

One of the best movies to come from Marvel in recent years, is Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie tapped into something beautiful about its main character but also why people love the genius of Taiki Waititi. The villain, was something both tragic and yet relatable. His purpose and what drove him made viewers look at him with empathy than a straight up villain.

As Gorr’s campaign against the Gods, was not taken seriously until Thor became involved. It makes you wonder why one would rebel against those who they once worshipped. As faith is intense, and one’s own belief system will make them do things where that would otherwise not do, which why the ire of the world is so transfixed on religious zealots. In the debut issue of Star Trek: Defiant, Worf gets a ragtag band together to defeat a menace roaming the galaxy.

We find Worf as he takes command of the USS Defiant, with Ambassador Spock , in tow, as his main goal is to stop the clone Kahless II and his dangerous followers, the Red Path Cultwho have laid waste across the galaxy. As we find out Benjamin Sisko had  been tracking them as well , but things get more complicated as Worf finds out his son, Alexander has joined these zealots, which makes his purpose, imperative. As we see how Worf was almost killed, then imprisoned by the Romulans and eventually saved by Spock in the unlikeliest of places. We also catch up with B’Elanna and Tom, as they hear about the Red Path’s exploits, as they have a struggle of conscience of what they should do, but thankfully they are recruited into the fight. As Worf finds out from the Klingon ambassador, D’enok, that the stakes are even higher, as a war may be soon impending where Worf and his crew are the only ones who can stop it. By the issue’s end, Worf uses extraordinary measures to rope in an old friend, one whose abilities can help defeat this new threat.

Overall, Star Trek: Defiant #1 an excellent debut issue which stokes the nostalgia for Star Trek: The Next Generation fans. The story by Cantwell is excellent. The art by the creative team is amazing. Altogether, it’s a story that is a great companion to the last season of Picard.

Story: Christopher Cantwell Art: Angel Unzueta
Color: Marissa Louise Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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